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Harry Potter [warning, might contain spoilers]


So, as far as I can see there isn't a Harry Potter thread here yet [if I'm wrong feel free to point me in the right direction, though] and I just have to change this.

The new movie is upon us and will be playing soon. The movie series is vastly different from the books, there's no real denying that. But which do you prefer? Which did you get into first? Or, more fitting as the movie is so close; are you going to a midnight showing? If not when are you planning to go? What book to movie scene adaptation are you most looking forward to? Who are you going with? Are you dressing up? [Come on, you know you want to. xD] Let's just talk about the upcoming movie and the series in general, such as favourite book/movie, favourite characters, etc~

For me, I'm going with a friend and my girlfriend tomorrow night for the midnight showing, and we're dressing up. My friend as Luna, me as Hermione and my girlfriend as Snape [no, we don't ship it; it's just who she happens to be being haha]. We have a few other friends [a Harry, a Ron and a Lucius] we'll be seeing it with another time, as they can't make it to the midnight showing. I know it's a cop out, but I can't think of one particular scene I'm looking forward to, though the early scene with the polyjuice potion should be fun. [Really though, if I listed what I'm most looking forward to I would list everything. xD If I kept going I'd end up rambling and making this tl;dr so I'll let some other people chime in and then chat it up with all of you.]

Also, spoilers are fair game, so if you haven't read the books and don't know what's going to happen tread carefully~


I'm so looking forward to the first part of Deathly Hallows! I'm going to the midnight showing of it since I just can't wait to see this film. I was planning to go dressed up as a character from the series (Luna) but not too many of my friends were on board with that idea so I've just sort of decided to go without a crazy costume. I heard a while back that the first part ends with Harry and his friends getting captured by the Snatchers, then I heard it ends with Voldemort taking Dumbledore's wand from his grave; does anyone know for sure where it will end? I'm dying to know :3

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I'm really looking forward to this loved to books and other movie parts so I will love this :)


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I've heard like three different things, but when someone sees the movie can someone tell me where the movie cuts off?

It cuts off when Dobby dies and Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and gets the Elder Wand.

I know some people going at midnight. I wish I could. I'm trying to find a way to go sometime this week, but it's sold out everywhere.


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my friend already saw it (its already playing in europe)
he said its awesome and im dying to see it!


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I'm really upset that I can't go for midnight tonight, I am definately going for part 2 since it's during the summer and there's no school.


It cuts off when Dobby dies and Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and gets the Elder Wand.

Ah, so that's how part 1 of Deathly Hallows ends; thanks for the information. There were tons of rumors running around earlier this year so I wasn't sure where the film would end. I really like how they've split the seventh book into two parts since it lets them keep a lot of the material from the book in the film adaptation. I also love how so many of the older actors have returned to reprise their roles.


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It cuts off when Dobby dies and Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and gets the Elder Wand.

I know some people going at midnight. I wish I could. I'm trying to find a way to go sometime this week, but it's sold out everywhere.

Ok thanks.

I'm so busy with college papers and getting work ready for Black Friday that the earliest I'll be able to see this movie is Black Friday :(

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I went to the Midnight showing, and words can not describe what I saw.


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I went to the Midnight showing, and words can not describe what I saw.

Seconding this. It was good, but then there were a few things that were over the top. Like the -- oh ****; spoilers:

Ok, WHAT THE HELL was with the Harry Hermione nude make-out sesh? That was just excessive, as was Ron going on and on about his cheesy "I heard Hermione call for me" speech. The Harry/Hermione dance was also a little much; I guess they're trying to cater to fans of Harry/Hermione getting together, although we all know that's not going to end well for them. Also everyone who died came into the scene like 2 minutes before they were going to die, it was like "Hey, here's this character, now get ready for them to die". Loved George (?) Walking in on Harry and Ginny, the Wedding (was exactly how i pictured it when I read the book), and Dobby. That house elf is a champ.

I'm going to add one final quote from the movie: "10 inches, Elm. It's nothing to brag about, but..."
Is typing gibberish enough to sufficiently express my feelings about this movie?

I saw it at midnight last night, in a theater reserved just for students of my university (the tickets for this showing sold out in 31seconds...)

I called that ending point though, because really, on the books, it seemed like the best place to stop...

There were a lot more awkward, random scenes in this movie, but I guess it's because there was a lot more down time with the characters just chilling in a tent. However, it didn't make the movie any less great. Although I feel like it was missing something but I suppose that's what happens when its only portraying half the book.

Also, Dobby is a true hero among heroes.


I went to see the film last night for the midnight release and I regret not having gone in a costume. There were tons of hardcore Harry Potter fans there this time, which wasn't the case when HBP was released. There were people with masks, wigs, fake wands, and even a few with fake Quidditch brooms. I really missed out on that but oh well. As for the movie; I loved it! It adhered quite closely to the book and that's always a plus for me. The characters got a lot more time to shine since they were out of their comfort zone most of the time. A lot of good characters died though, which was still sad to see ;_;


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Me and 29 other people are going to see it on Sunday. We're all going in costume, I'm dressing up as Severus as people say I look quite like him.


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Saw it today with a couple of friends and we all loved it. I thought it adapted the book pretty well and I love that they kept a lot of the book's dialogue, not to mention that the special effects were brilliant.
The scenes at the Ministry of Magic and Malfoy Manor were probably my favorite. Bellatrix torturing Hermione was incredibly intense.
And liked the way they did the "Tale of the Three Brothers" bit.

My main complaint was, however:
The lack of any of Dumbledore's back-story. These were probably some of my favorite parts of the book, and including "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore" felt like they were dangling it in front of us, but failing to deliver it.
Oh, and the whole Harry and Hermione dance thing. I understand it was trying to cheer Hermione up (if not just give some HarryxHermione bait), but it was really random and didn't fit.

But overall it was excellent and I think I just might go see it a second time soon.
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Why even look forward to this when all the best parts are in the second one? You can't have a movie tell a story with only a beginning and a middle! Tsk tsk, filmmakers!


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****!! i am extremely excited for HP7. i couldn't get tickets for tonight's premiering so I'm going on Sunday but i don't think I can wait that long. I seriously hope it's good, which i know it will be!

btw, screw twilight. HP is better! (just thought I'd share that.)


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Saw it yesterday with my friends, it was absolutely epic. Loved it - it stayed quite true to the book but adapted it in it's own special way. It dragged a bit at times but it was still fantastic.

I cried when Dobby died, it was really sad!
I must see it at least a second time, although part 2 will probably be slightly more epic.
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