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Has anyone noticed......


New Member
Pokemon from Eggs for me are coming out completely beefy af. I almost want to make the claim that egg hatched pokemon have a higher top end for CP than their wild caught counterparts... Can anyone confirm/deny or have you seen the same trend?


Nohrian Scum
I think the CP of your hatched egg is relatively random, although you certainly do get higher CP hatches with higher trainer levels! At level 15, most of my hatches were around 50%-80% of their CP max

James the Gambler

Battle Casino Brain
I hatched a caterpi that was only 10 CP, but then 3 steps later hatched a Goldeen at 140. Tbh I'd put money on it being completely random.


Metroid Hunter
its practically random like everything else in the game as well as wild because I caught a cp 10 caterpie once and then found a cp 60 another few hours later which the eggs do the same.