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Has the animation improved or become cheaper?


Well-Known Member
To me, the animation has improved. It looks brighter, attacks like Swift look amazing, and character designs look better.


</3 Kid
I reckon it's gotten better, it's nice to see Pokemon still going strong :)


Dark lord of Sith
Of course it has imrpoved. It wouldn't be still airing otherwise. And the art itself is getting better, too.


Man of Mystery
I think the animation has become way better. I like the sleek cleanness of the art and the addition of CG makes the action and environments look really good.

Viridian's Yellow

Mmm~♪ Hmm~♪
better with the 3-d attacks


I’m Back...
Yes,the animation is better.The Dp looks like the best animation ever in the show.


gone gently
I agree pretty much with S.Suikun. All the "improvements" feel more like new and flashy for the sake of new and flashy. They may be doing things in an improved and updated way, but whether it's better or not depends on who's watching.

The first thing I can think of that I like better now than in the beginning is the character design. As someone said, most of the older seasons' characters were extremely pointy, and their pupils were exaggeratedly eliptical.

For the most part, though, I prefer the older seasons' visuals to current ones. When everything is too bright and too vivid and too CGI-y, it becomes more a dull pain to watch than when it's all hand-done and artsy. To me, anyway.


a girl who dreams (:
the animation has definitely improved.

you can even tell by just watching an episode from the first series and watching an episode from current series.
the attacks look amazing (bubblebeam, whirpool, swift, etc.). the characters and the pokemon don't look like hand-done sketches and drawings, they move more fluidly and smoothly now.
everything looks so bright and awesome.

but, as people have stated before, I think it's more of keeping up with technology than improvement.