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Has the Bike become a totally pointless item?


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The bike is useful for hatching eggs, but other than that, I prefer running (at least in BW). Everytime I ride the bike in BW, I find it really difficult to move just one step. Everytime I tap the control pad, I move two steps. I have to press it *really* lightly if I want to move just one, which makes my thumb feel really strained. So, I run most of the time. ;)

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wonder how long it'll take for them to remove the bike and make a HM that means you get on to your pokemon to go every where?
I dOnt like holding b, so bike is useful

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I dOnt like holding b, so bike is useful

It does make you wonder why they changed that in BW when you didnt even need to hold down B in HGSS

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It does make you wonder why they changed that in BW when you didnt even need to hold down B in HGSS

Could be do to the fact that maybe there were two different team working on both game or it could be due the fact that Black and White wasn't touch screen heavy as HeartGold and SoulSilver.

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The bike... I still don't see how it fits in tiny little bag. Even if it's like, foldable.

I agree. Even if it was foldable, the metal would be rather heavy for a ten year old to carry around. I guess the new heros are older than ten, but still.

Then again, when has pokemon ever made sense?

On topic, I love the bike. It's alot better than just holding B constantly. Like a lot of people have mentioned, it makes egg hatching a lot faster.


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It's definitely faster. I love using my bike on bridges in B/W. But it's actually a little annoying when you're just exploring, because it's so sensitive. I like, spin in circles trying to grab the Pokeball I missed by one step, and especially since I have to press the Y button twice and I often press the wrong button and open up my Dowsing Machine.

But in terms of getting to places quickly? I like my bike. It's just somewhat annoying. I could live without my bike, I'm just so used to getting it out and traveling that I do it.
the bike is faster than running (i thought) but not but much


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hmmm good point actually lol. although in HGSS you didn't need to hold B for the running shoes.

I just find I don't use the bike like I did in Gen I and II

Yet i think in B/W (I may be wrong i dont own a copy of either ) :( they removed the non holding down for shoes. I like bike more but i dont like the bike themes on the games anymore they just sound cheesey o_O so i hardly use it anymore,i mean yeah i could mute the DSi but.. :p
ARE YOU KIDDING ME SON? I use the bike and so much, I barely walk 4 steps an hour, It really is the best way to get around quickly without flying.


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They should put something like "Bike Races" in the next game. Like on the Biking Route in Hoenn that times you. And it could be part of the Battle Frontier.


It's true that the bike is faster than the running shoes. But in some ways it's simply too fast for my liking. I use the running shoes a lot more since holding the B button is rather second nature to me now. I like the medium pace.


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Yes, in HG&SS u couldnt be with ur pokemon if u use it


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In S/R/E D/P/Pt there where better items to select


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-Works to go at a higher speed than running?

-As a tool for breeders?

Then, it's still useful.

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you know this is actually an excellent point, because so far in black and white, i find that i've only used the bike once so far and that was to cross that really large bridge.

otherwise, i find it to be a very pointless item at the moment. my reasoning is because there has been an emphasis put on your character stepping in very particular spots.

in diamond, pearl, and platinum, we had the pokeradar which we used to step in particular spots for the prospect of "rare" pokemon.

in black and white, we have the rustling grass, or the dust clouds, or even the flying shadows, that requires us to step in a particular spot for the prospect of a rare pokemon or even an item. if you happen to enter an encounter before you reach that spot, then your chance has been lost until the next appearance.

also in the desert area, there are "safe zones" where wild pokemon do not tread. so while you are training, you are usually very mindful of where the safe zone is in case you need to make a hasty retreat.

i think the days are gone where you could just randomly ride your bike in circles until either your eggs hatches or you enter an encounter. i think the games are making us more mindful of our steps which is also why i believe that there has been an influx of pokemon healers in pokemon black and white if noone else had noticed that.

i find myself thinking more thoughts like "how far can i make it into this forest before i have to tend to their injuries".

and to the people who say the bike is better because you don't need to hold the b button down...personally, i have never even noticed that i'm holding the b button down half the time. the same way i don't notice that i still am presing a+b and down everytime i throw a pokeball.

don't get me wrong, i like the bike, but as this topic has pointed out, i do believe the item has become rather obsolete.

also on a side note, the bike is actually the reason i used my masterball on rayquaza... because i thought it was such a pain in the rear trying to get to the top of the tower, that once i got to the top, i made sure i was never making that journey again. so the bike can be a bit annoying as well.
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