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Has the Bike become a totally pointless item?


Justified Trope
I always use the bike if I need to get from a route to a city in a jip.


Justified Trope
How do you hate the bike music? All of the bike themes sound good.


Ocarina of Calm
No, for one reason- egg hatching. Otherwise yes. I liked the way they did it in hoenn best.


I didn't use the bike so much in Soul Silver where you could set auto run, but I've found more use for it in Black since I've gotten back into breeding egg moves.


Beware! Land Shark!
I use it all the time. But flying is still the best method of traveling


The Heartless Hero
I am impatient! I use the bike!


Everyday Im Shufflin
Bikes made bridges in Black and White seem like nothing. I mean if i ran across SkyArrow bridge or something, it would take me a while since my B button doesnt work all the time


Always used in Gen I and II because there were no running shoes. I use it for hatching eggs aswell. I hate the new bike music, so inferior to Gen I


In School
I don't see why it's pointless. For one, it still makes you go places faster than the running shoes, and two, I use it to help hatch eggs. Just imagine using the b button for a couple-thousand steps.


UU/NU Trainer
what I want to know the most is when you went to the bike shop, before you were given one, why do the bikes cost like 99999999999


I'm a Fan, Man!
because that way you won't buy it and also it will force you to actually go to Vermillion town to get it.:579:


The Joffrey Master
Well, I know that as a kid I LOVED to cruse around on that thing and kids probably still love that today, thats why it sticks around.