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Has the Bike become a totally pointless item?


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And in B&W I prefer running, I just use the Bike to make eggs hatch


It may not have the generic use it had in previous games, but it still has a purpose. For some, it's just a mean of travel over the region, for others, it's just to make a quick trip to a certain location (Pokemon Center for example), and for other people, such as myself, it's used to help with breeding. So, nah, the bike isn't really useless. =)


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bahaha i've never thought about it.

it's odd thinking about how ghetto packed those bags must be.
especially when i have 60 some odd ultra balls in preparation for an incoming legendary battle.

its the bag from Harry Potter that can contain anything

and the bike is very useful. In White all i do is press Y twice and vrooom, i can speed around faster


The bike in HG/SS was pretty useless, why?
-You can't walk with your pokemon
-You can tap the Running Shoes Button on the touch screen if you don't like holding B
-The Running Shoes offer fast movement INSIDE buildings which the Bike can't
It's very useful except for HG/SS


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I think it's usefulness depends on personal preference really. For me, I feel far more comfortable using the running shoes. I only use the bike when playing HG, and even then not too much. It's biggest use is hatching eggs on cycling road.


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It is certainly useful, though people do raise a good point in terms of HG/SS. I don't like how long it takes to get the Bike in BW.


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The initial use for the bike in Generation I was for faster transportation, which has now been replaced with the running shoes slightly making it useless except for the Biking Road and the beams in Gen III.

I still find the Acro Bike amazing.


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The bike has a use in HGSS nobody mentioned...

Keeps Ho-oh in the pokeball so that you don't have to see teh ugliness.


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Well, the bike is not only faster then running shoes, but doesn't attract wild pokemon(Though it may seem like it because you go through patches of grass at a faster rate.
The bike has a use in HGSS nobody mentioned...

Keeps Ho-oh in the pokeball so that you don't have to see teh ugliness.
It's not ugly on thanksgiving. It looks tasty then(Mmmh, turky).
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Well, it helps you go faster, sorry if you would prefer to walk/run everywhere, and would you prefer to hatch eggs on foot?


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I still use my bike all the time when I can, but now with the running shoes it is a more selective process. I'll use the bike when navigating towns or some other place without grass or I am going straight, but with running shoes I am in grass and want to keep control, or I am trying to slow down on purpose when I'm looking for something or other.


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I never understood the bike in crystal, but in the third generation, i thought of it useless in firered. emerald was decent with the mach bike, being faster. Running was just as fast, however, in firered/leafgreen. In Gen 4, I never had D/P/Pt but it was very nice in heartgold. fifth generation it is super fast!


in 3rd gen or diamond for me, i always use bikes. besides hatching eggs faster, for diamond, it helps me charge up the vs seeker faster.

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I dont really understand why its "useless". I always want to go faster to speed up traveling. I do notice that in BW the bike might be too fast. I often have way too much trouble trying to get in a door because its too quick. but its doing its job i guess.

remember in 3rd gen when you couldnt run indoors? not that was a slow pain


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You never had to hold B in HG/SS.

But I never used my Bike in that one anyways, since I preferred running with my Pokemon. :|


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I love my bike and is used by me mostly for:

egg hatching...duh
riding next to grass to see rustle spots, then use a repel and get to it without worry.
makes wild pokemon appear faster when I'm catching all of them in an area.
getting to a particular area within a region alot faster, like giant chasm