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Hate me?

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by JimmyKudo, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. JimmyKudo

    JimmyKudo Guest

    Because I'm a Digimon fan. :D
  2. Electrobulb

    Electrobulb NOT A LIGHTBULB!

    Digimons ok.Anyway,welcome and read the rules or i will eat you.
  3. Prelude

    Prelude Prelude

  4. Eszett

    Eszett one love

    Salutations to the forums, JimmyKudo! I am vested with the authority to approve of your sig when you get one, but don't be afraid to ask me any questions about the system (click my username and select Send a Private Message... or something to that effect).

    Also, if you don't like how the forum looks, you can quickly change the skin by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and altering the selector at the left-hand side until you find one you like. Enjoy your stay here! :D
  5. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    And I am too. D:

    But welcome to SPPf, JimmyKudo! Be sure to read the rules or the mods shall bite, and have no mercy on you if you decide to get on their bad side!

    But, if you stay on their good side, have fun and enjoy yourself here at SPPf. Along with Eszett, you may PM me whenever you have questions too.. or just to chat or something. :)
  6. I won't hate you. D:
    Yes welcome to SPPF and enjoy your stay here.
    PM me for anything if you want. Most newbies don't. :<
  7. welcome, nnor, bienvenue, bienvenidos, wilkomen
    ^all the languages i can say welcome in, lol. pm me if u ever need a buddy
  8. zeppelin

    zeppelin echospace obsessive

    why should people hate you because of your likings?
  9. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    welcome, have fun, and don't spam
  10. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Most people here like Pokemon and some like Digimon as well. I like it but only the first two seasons.

    What's your username from? Because Kudo is the last name of the character my username came from. XD

    Anyways, hi and welcome to SPPf! ^_^

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