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Hateful Smiles

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by dragon_night, May 18, 2008.

  1. dragon_night

    dragon_night Well-Known Member


    Okay, I am glade to say that I actually finished a book! Weee!

    This story is finished (unlike my other ones which I still need to post at>_>), so I'm going to be posting a chapter up once every three/four days. This only has seven chapters, so it it short. A Novelette I believe its called.

    And don't worry, the chapters get longer (but never past 5k words).


    Chapter one*
    Chapter two*
    Chapter three*
    Chapter four*
    Chapter five*
    Chapter six*
    Chapter seven*

    Chapter one​

    It was another day, another thing Ty decided he wanted to change. The Care Bears had to go. Yesterday, it was the Crawlin, who had kept him awake the whole night by hopping around in his bead. That is, before he whisked it, and all the other annoying Crawlin that infested the world. But, as a person of today, you probably don’t know what a Crawlin is. That is what his power was. To change reality at will. So don’t expect to know what a Care Bear is tomorrow.

    Ty’s hands brushed the keyboard of his old 2007 computer, causing tacking sound to accompany the sound of the computers fan. He was planning to shift reality to get him a good 2010 one, so he would have the latest and nonexistent technology for a few years, but the internet usually distracted him from such things.

    The computer screen glowed in the darkness of his room. Enough so, that is was a surprise the teen’s eyes hadn’t dropped dead from the hours of strain it caused them every day. The screen displayed an internet forum based around Role-playing and writing stories.

    He read over his post in a little box at the bottom of the screen, looking for any spelling errors and to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. Satisfied and pressing enter with his pinky, the post he had typed up appeared on screen for the rest of the forum members to see. But overall, the message was directed to one person, who’s username was ‘Frozen Flame’. She was someone who he liked. A lot.

    Posted today at 12:30pm by: Dark Star
    Yeah, I’ve read that one too. I like the ending of it. Totally unexpected, but she left hints about it the whole way through the story. I do agree, that if you were reading between large amounts of time, that the ending would just seem like a stupid thing, but if you read it in less than two weeks, you totally get it.
    As for The Black Rose, I haven’t finished reading it yet, so I couldn’t tell you.​

    Ty waited patiently for Frozen Flame to reply, leaning back on his chair and pushing the keyboard back on the computer desk. Without looking at what he was doing, his hands grazed past the wireless mouse and grabbed a bottle. He took a swig from it and threw it over his shoulder. It was unsure if the bottle actually made it to a trash can, or anything else he threw behind him. That was probably why the room smelled like rotten food.

    His brown eyes caught onto the reply Frozen Flame had made.

    Posted today at 12:31pm by: Frozen Flame
    Hmm. That’s too bad. O well, that book’s well and done with. We need something new to talk about.
    Also, I checked out your profile (stalker me ^^). I didn’t know you liked Tithe too. And I thought I was the only one who read The Andalite Chronicles.
    Too bad for The Black Rose, I really wanted to know if he was going to do it. Guess I’ll have to find the book myself

    Ty’s lips stretched out a silent smile as he leaned forward. He had looked at her profile before, and saw a few things she liked. He picked out from them the things that he also liked and put in on his profile. Frequently he would look at her profile when he was bored and decided to read something she had put up on her favorite list. He always enjoyed the books she liked.

    Posted today at 12:31pm by: Dark Star
    You know, I’ve checked out your profile too (look who stalks the stalker :D). That’s why I picked up Tithe actually. But if you want something new to talk about, how about your story ideas? I’ll give you some of mine. Hell, I need help with this one part I’m writing.​

    It had been a full year since Ty joined the forum, and it had been a full year since he had known Frozen Flame. It had been only in the past month that he found he really liked her. As in, like-liked her. Although, in his mind, girls were all cheating cows who just wanted to play boys. Usually it was the opposite, but it seemed he was some exception.

    But this girl, he didn’t even know how she looked like, yet he found himself attracted to her personality, and dreamt of suddenly meeting her. She wouldn’t know who he was a first, but she would find him after he fell from the sky, out of the blue. They would talk and enjoy themselves, maybe laugh. She would live outside of the city, and have a field for a lawn with a bench swing where they could sit and laugh, and enjoy the view of the field. She would bring out the laptop with wireless internet, and log on to the forum, and he would say, “hey, I’m on that forum too,” and she would be surprised. He would tell her he was Dark Star, and she’d say she was Frozen Flame, and they’d talk about books and read together.

    But, things like that never happen to normal people in reality. Ty of course, wasn’t a normal person. He was a demon.

    Before you get any misconceptions, demons aren’t evil. For the most part. Okay, most demons aren’t evil. Ty himself was a Reality Demon. Remember how he was going to get rid of the Care Bears, and got rid of the Crawlin? Well, that’s his power. Ty can, at will, change almost anything in the world with his powers. Say that he didn’t like Lemmings or a TV show. He could simply change reality so those things didn’t exist. Ever.

    And then there’s almost anything. Reality Demons have limits to their power. They can’t delete people or living things, they can only move them (which is also considered ‘proper deleting’). They can’t bring back the dead. Their powers don’t affect other Reality Demons, physically and mentally (which causes problems when one deletes Lemmings and the other is wondering why there aren’t Lemmings in the world anymore). They can’t control time. They can’t control matter, only change it. And finally, they can’t change feelings, or make someone do things they don’t want to.

    That’s why all Reality Demons aren’t so hot with the ladies, and are miserable at finding a husband.

    One thing to remember, besides Werewolves and the modern-day Vampire, Reality Demons are the newest kind of demon, made so they can keep humans from knowing about all the other demons.

    The computer screen blinked as a new post appeared. Ty leaned forward to read, wanting to savor every word, and thinking of what he would soon do to finally meet her, and see the way she smiled. He would meet her. Soon. After the Care Bears were gone.

    His hand deftly stroked the keyboard, typing up a storm. Frozen Flame replied a minute later, and he typed again, continuing their conversation until the dawn came and light shined through the small holes in Ty’s ragged window coverings. The small cramped room he was in looked as though the definition of ‘clean’ had been slaughtered and was lying limp somewhere under the piles of clothes and books. It was the perfect place for him. Messy.

    Frozen Flame had logged off the forum, giving her good bye and thanking him for the inevitably hard time she’ll have in school today. Ty thanked her for the same thing and logged off as well. He pressed the off button on the monitor and shakingly stood up from his computer chair. Yawning with his eyes glazed with the deprivation of sleep, he recovered a cordless phone from the confines of the dirty laundry and jabbed the numbers on it.

    “Charles High School, this is Ms. Lan,” the phone chirped.

    Ty put on his best sick voice, which nicely complimented with his sleepiness. It was something he was perfect with, since he frequently skipped school with excuses like these. “Uh, this is Ty Moka. I can’t come to school today, I think I caught something.” He didn’t mind school itself, just the people in it. If there was one thing he wanted to get rid of, it was people. Socialization wasn’t his forte.

    “Okay, I’ll let you teachers know. Get better!” the secretary said in a happy tune.

    He scratched his hair, and let if fall loosely around his head as he slowly paced the small room. Half awake, Ty chucked the phone back into the laundry and fell down forward, landing perfectly on the lone single mattress on the floor. Tomorrow he would find her. Tomorrow, she would smile.


    Please leave a reveiw!
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
  2. dragon_night

    dragon_night Well-Known Member

    Please leave a review!

    Chapter two​

    When people have the power to shift reality at will, you’d think they could get information on where people lived in a snap. Computers could be tricky that way. It was like the 2007 model knew it was going to be replaced by something three years newer, and was being all whiney and refusing to let Ty get the information. Something he hadn’t thought about until halfway through the day. He huffed as the forum’s firewall stopped him from tracing Frozen Flame’s IP address. With a snap of his fingers, he tried again, and again the firewall blocked him.

    So, there were things a Reality Demon couldn’t do. Virtual reality sucked, Ty decided. He wondered if there was such a thing as a Virtual Reality Demon, but went back to thinking how to get the information. He could try tracing her through hotmail. No, they probably had a good firewall too. How could he?

    The thought snapped at his head as he found the answer. Just get to the information by pulling it up purely. Tracking won’t do anything.

    He closed his eyes, and focused his power by snapping his finger again. This time, the screen came up with a map with an X in the middle. It was one of the many islands of Hawaii, and she was living somewhere in the middle. The map even circled the public high school she went to, called Princeton High. What more could he of asked for?

    The answer came with excitement in his blood. He could get a picture of her face. One where she was smiling. Happily, he snapped his fingers once more, looking intently at the screen. Line by line, the picture surfaced. The girl was a teenager; the age of Ty. She was smiling, holding up a peace sigh with her fingers. Her long brown hair fell past her shoulders, but not going down too far, and she had a straw hat on to block the sun.

    Ty gave a sweet smile. The girl was cute, and his age. And something about her smile, or was it his knowing it was Frozen Flame, it made him happy. She looked like an angle with that smile on. He could just look at the picture all day, but decided against it. For one, wanting to find her was creepy enough, even though he had no intention of that stuff on his mind, people could take it the wrong way. Looking at her picture all day would be the optimum of creepy. Besides, he wanted to see her smile in real life.

    Turning off the monitor, he strode up to the door of his room. He walked out and locked it behind him with a pair of keys. The hallway he was in was light enough to see, with many other doors around leading to other peoples rooms. He silently said good-bye, and snapped his fingers. The hall’s lights blinked off for a brief moment before turning bright, and slowly they faded out of existence along with the hallway. The world seemed to disappear, and reality twisted and turned until there was nothing.

    In his head, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had forgotten something though, but decided to ignore it.


    Ty didn’t really know what the island was called. In his excitement, he had forgotten. Like it mattered anyway. The reality shift it took to get him here - along with the many he had pulled off getting the info on Frozen Flame - had tired him out. It looked like he wasn’t going to pull another reality shift for a few hours, which made things hard. If he was to find Frozen Flame, he’d need his power. Well, maybe not need it, but it would help a lot.

    So he looked around, lost. He was near a road, with a few houses on the other side with trees on his side. Some birds were chirping in the background, and the faint sound of cars echoed around. This was where the shift had taken him. From the hallway to here.

    A few of the local people ran by in a pack, all wearing the same suits. Ty remembered when he had deleted their organization. Another Reality Demon brought it back, to his dismay. One of the setbacks to being a Reality Demon is the others trying to make the world perfect for themselves and ruining the other demons perfect worlds. So all and all, he just called the pack of runners Lemmings, seeing how they all travel in packs and looked like each other. Although he would never say it to their face, he really did find them annoying.

    One of the Lemmings slowed down in front of Ty until she was running on spot. She was a middle age women, and had her hair in a ponytail. “You lost? Do you need directions?” she asked.

    Ty looked around, and shrugged his shoulders. He felt really uncomfortable in this situation, so he tried not to look at her directly. “Uh, do you know where I could find uh- Princeton High School? I’m uh, new to here so I’m a bit uh, lost.” He started to scratch the back of his neck, trying to look like he wanted to talk to her.

    “Actually, we’re heading just by it now. You can run with us if you like,” she answered.

    “Uh-um thanks.” The women nodded and waited, still running on the spot. It was a moment before Ty realized she was waiting for him to start run. Running with the enemy- how fun.

    It took him a while of running with the Lemmings before they passed by the school. He left the pack without looking back and started walking to the school, noticing the big rock sign in the ground that read: Have a nice weekend, library open till 5:30, science room open till 4:00. Already, all of the classes were out and most of the high school students had left the large building.

    Ty swore at himself as he entered the school. It was Friday, and he had completely forgotten. She was probably out somewhere, and it’d take forever to track her during the weekend.

    In his thinking, Ty didn’t see where he was going until he crashed into someone digging around in their locker. He gasped and started picking up the textbooks and papers that had fallen on to the black and white tiled floor. “O, um Sorry about that. Didn’t see where I was going.”

    The teen he had ran into shrugged his shoulders, grabbing the textbooks and paper from Ty’s hands and shoving them back into his locker. “No worries, this bothersome stuff happens all the time.” The boy’s slivery hair spicks seemed to make nice little Eiffel towers on his head. The boy sniffed the air and tilted his head. “Are you one of ‘em Reality Demons?” he asked, raising his eyebrow.

    Shock overcame Ty, but he quickly recovered. “How do you know?”

    The boy gave a halfhearted grunt. “’Cause, you Reality Demons all smell like you own the world,” he said venomously. He shoved another textbook into his locker, only this time more violent. “So what, you goin’ to take my ability to live in the sun now are you? Oh no, getting scientists ta put a dammed chip in my head wasn’t enough for ya, was it?”

    Ty didn’t know what to say. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I-I was just passing by.”

    “What? Lookin’ for somethin’ else to change to make you world easier? Well let me tell you, demon ta demon. The whole demon community hates all your guts. You’re nothing but a bunch of wankers who work for themselves.” He pulled out a leather jacket, slammed the green locker door as hard as he could and walked away through the hallway, hitting against a pop machine along the way.

    Ty quickly caught up to him, stepping in front of him so he couldn’t walk away. He honestly didn’t know why he did it, but something seemed to intimidate him about letting the boy go. “Wait, my name’s Ty. Do you think I can do something for you? Because I don’t think all of us are bad, it’s just-”

    The boy grabbed the cuff of Ty’s shirt and pulled him close until his face was an inch from his. The top of the boy’s forehead seemed to pulse until his face became muscular, where muscular shouldn’t be. The only places not subject to the transformation on his face were his cheeks, chin and lips. His teeth grew pointy, with two longer than the others and his eyes looked cat-like and evil. “A filthy Reality Demon, help a Vampire? My my, you must be daft then. What do you really want Reality Demon?” His voice seemed to growl in a poisonous attitude, and it sounded like the muscles affected they way he talked.

    “Well, you see I’m looking for this girl that I like and-”

    The boy shoved Ty back, releasing him from his grip. The muscles on his face died down, showing his regular face again. “OoOoo- Reality Demon’s trying to find his love,” he said mockingly. “Yet something tells me you just want her for somethin’ else.”

    “NO!” Ty’s face turned flush red. “I just want to talk to her, and make her smile!”

    “Well well, you’re just a bucket full of firsts aren’t ya.” The boy chuckled and shook his head. “My name’s Will then, and I want you to get rid of the flippin’ chip in my head.” He tapped his head with his finger to show him where the chip was.

    Ty was still a bit flushed, but calmed down. “What’s a chip doing in your head?”

    “I’ll tell ya why! Just ‘cuase I somehow have the ability to be in sunlight, those wankers decided to put a chip in my head so I can’t attack people!” He leaned down, still tapping his head. “Now get the dammed thing out already!”

    And then, the limitations to being a Reality Demon sunk in. “I’m sorry Will, but I can’t do that. I can’t change the way you think, so I can’t take the chip away,” Ty explained. “Is there anything else I can do?”

    Will looked up angered and pushed past Ty. “Then you’re flippin’ useless!” Before Ty could catch up again, he had left. Some of the kids still at the school were looking at him and talking. Apparently, none of them saw Will’s face when he went Vampire.


    The meeting with the Vampire was eerie, but it wasn’t why Ty was there anyway. Although, in a way, he was right. Reality Demons just change anything they want to make their lives comfortable. Ty couldn’t help but use his power though, so he would just have to live with being selfish. No use in denying it.

    He had long sense giving up trying to find Frozen Flame. Instead, the allure of the internet beckoned him into a local internet café. Computers lined the walls and a center square. Ty had decided to use one in a corner where there weren’t many people. He deftly accessed the forum and did his usual business, checking the Role-playing threads and posting as his character. Last on his list, and the more important was the section in which he was talking to Frozen Flame. She had posted, along with a few other people on the thread.

    Posted yesterday at 5:41am by: Frozen Flame
    Alright, just spent a whole night talking DS, and writing your name that way reminds me of my Nintendo DS >o<
    Okay, well, I’ll thank you for making my school day sleep-filled, it’s going to suck.

    Posted yesterday at 5:44am by: Dark Star
    Well, I guess I’ll have to call you FF (if you want me to). Reminds me of Final Fantasy. Anyway, nice to get a nickname. Have to call myself that to save typing time.
    PS: Yeah, school will suck for me too, unless I can ‘accidently’ sleep in ;)

    Posted yesterday at 12: 56pm by: Holly
    Wow. I’m gone for twelve hours and this thread’s up fifty posts. Dang you for making me read that much >8(
    Something I notice is how much you too think alike. It’s creepy in that fun way, like mind readers. And wasn’t this thread for how flat characters were? I think we drifted from the subject.

    Posted today at 4:32pm by: Frozen Flame
    Hmm, DS, you weren’t on yesterday. Don’t tell me you’ve died? 0_0 Well, I’ll morn later, I’m at the library, I’m sure you’ll understand.
    Ah, Holly’s back. Good… wait? Alike? *Reads posts* Hmm, I think this is one of those things where if I met DS, we’d both be like, Whoa! Are you a mirror?​

    Ty’s lips slid across his face at the comment. He could imagine seeing her and himself, looking like mimes with an invisible window between him and her. His fingers seemed to whip the keyboard as his thoughts were projected into words. He pressed return, and the post was sent.

    Posted Today at 4:44pm by: Dark Star
    Sup Holly, good to see you’re off grounding. As for the mirror thing, I could totally imagine that. Great minds think alike!
    O ya, sorry for not being on yesterday (at least, after dawn), the overnight chat seemed to take it out of me. But I don’t think I could do that again, my internet has been compromised for the moment.​

    Ty looked more closely at the posts above out of boredom. According to the time at the corner of the computer, it was 4:45. He scanned up to Frozen Flame’s post and it said she had posted it at 4:32, and she said was in the library. What if she was still there? The chair skidded back as he stood up, turning the computer off. His mission now was to find the local library, and quick. It might close before five. He left money at the computer for the time used, and was out the door.

    His demon power was still a bit weak, so even if he wanted to, he couldn’t locate the library and shift to it. He couldn’t use too much of his power, or else he’d become useless for a few days. A phone both came into his vision once he was out of the café. The phonebook was yanked out greedily and he searched for any libraries. After a minute of flipping through the L section, he found that there wasn’t any library’s in close enough distance. So where could she be?

    It clicked in his head. The sign at the school had said the library was open until 5:30. Already, he found his legs carrying him to the school. He passed more groups of runners –aka, Lemmings- and more or less whizzing past them while they exchanged looks and raised eyebrows. By the time he gotten to the school, it was already 5:15. He raced through the hallways, trying to figure out where the library could be, following signs that often contradicted what the other had said. He was running so fast, he hadn’t noticed a person in the hallway until he crashed into the students leather jacket and fell flat on his face.

    The leather jacket Ty had hit into belonged to the Vampire. Will.

    “Well for crafts sacks, you can’t just leave, can ya? Oh no, that would leave Will alone to be happy.” Again, Will’s voice was venomous along with the look he gave Ty. “What do you want with me!?”

    “Do you know where the library is?” Ty quickly asked, jumping up.

    Will rolled his eyes, looking at the ceiling as if to ask god why he was mentally killing him. “Go that way ya daft idiot. First turn left, you can’t miss it.” He pointed down the hall.

    Ty nodded to him, said “Thank you,” and speedily ran in that direction.

    He came to the library doors in a sliding stop. A clock above the library said it was 5:23. Seven minutes. He snuck in and looked around. Besides the librarian, who was giving him a dirty look, there was only one other person in the library. She was half hidden by one of the many large bookshelves. It took him a moment to stop looking and walk up to her.

    At first she didn’t notice, and was fiddling with a few books, her long brown hair brushing the book’s covers.

    All the carefully planned out conversations he had prepared earlier seemed to slip his mind as he waited. His mind came up a blank. It didn’t look like she was going to talk to him, let alone notice him. She was focused on the books, opening one and reading while still standing. Another thing to add to the list of how he liked her: the way she continued reading, and was so intent on it.

    Maybe he should ask which book she’s reading. Or should he just say hi, I’m new to the school. What kind of person was she in reality, instead of the virtual? He decided to introduce himself.

    “Uh, umm. Hey, uh…” He couldn’t think of what to say.

    She turned around, half startled, and put down the book. Ty noticed she had her straw hat on, just like the picture. “Yes?”

    Ty’s brain was racking for what to say. He couldn’t stall now, as much as it worked out for characters in books, this was reality, the kind he couldn’t change. “I’m uh, coming to this school.” His mind drew a blank again, unable to say anything.

    She tilted her head, puffing her lips as if to think. “Really, funny you’re here around five. Do you need directions?” she asked sweetly.

    Right, why would he be there at five? “Umm,” he bit his lip. “I was just wondering what kind of classes are here. Um, the reason I was late here is my plane took down… umm.”

    Frozen Flame smiled. “Is English you’re second language, or was the plane flight that bad?” she asked kindly and without mockery.

    A bell rang in the distance. “The library’s closed,” called the librarian in an annoyed voice. Had it been seven minutes already? Ty cursed in his head. His first impression lost.

    “Well, if you need directions to the office, follow the signs. I guess I’ll see you after you transfer.” Frozen Flame said, putting back books. “Sorry I can’t talk longer, but I’m the librarians assistant.”

    Ty just said the first words that came to his head. “Um, thanks. I like you too, I’ll see you later.” Once the impact of what he just said hit, his face turned even more red than before and he ran out of there, not wanting to see her reaction.

    He made it out of the library, and leaned head-first against the wall, hitting his head once or twice before it started hurting too much. Twisting around, he noticed the clock above the library doors read 5:26.

    He then and there deduced the librarian was an evil Hate Demon, somehow against him. Or a mean old hag. Or both.

    A familiar chuckle echoed in the hallway. Will leaned near the library door where Ty hadn’t noticed him before. Will shook his head back and forth as he chuckled. “You are completely daft. Tryin’ to talk to a girl like that, not even gettin’ her name and all.” He bounced his back off the wall and walked toward Ty, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Man, your full of it alright, but I guess you aren’t the evil little Reality Demon I thought.”

    Ty looked at him in horror. Not only had he messed up the conversation with Frozen Flame, the vampire heard and was giving him pity about it. The world could have ended right then and there; he could do it too. How was he going to explain that to Frozen Flame? Would she think he was the weird foreign white guy? He slumped from the wall and started to walk slowly to the office where the main entrance was.

    Will gave another chuckle, and placed his arm around Ty’s neck in a friendly manner, making him walk faster. “Well well, friends with a Reality Demon in love. Have you heard of the Care Bears? If there’s one thing that I hate more than a cross and stakes, it’s the flippin’ daft Care Bears.”

    Ah, yes. That’s what he had forgotten.
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  3. dragon_night

    dragon_night Well-Known Member

    Please leave a review!

    Chapter three​

    Kill them all. Kill them all. Attack them. He hated them. He killed them. He hated them. They died.

    Blood ran through his fingers as he slammed his fists down harder and harder on the unmoving body. He hated them. He hated them. One of them laid further away, his chest pulled out and rib cage hollowed. Others had no heads, no legs; nothing but a torso filled with blood. He hated the way they bled. He didn’t bleed. They were nothing but a mess.

    Out of the pack, only one was alive. His clothes were drenched in the blood of his companions, and his face was full of fear. He pulled his body as fast as he could, trying to get up but failing.

    The killer stood up in the darkness, thinking of a painful way to kill the survivor. He could do anything. Almost anything for a painful death. Skin him, or gouge out each of his bones, and cracking each of them as they come out? The choice was gruesome. Both would be done.

    The survivor looked back at his soon-to-be killer, and tried to beg for him to stop. He wouldn’t.


    There had to be a way to get rid of that moment. Saying ‘I like you too,’ to a person who thinks she met him only a few moments ago. He could just tell her that he was Dark Star, but then what would she think of him online? He just had to make her see his personality before she knew he was Dark Star, or else that first impression of a dope will be all she knows and thinks of him. It was the ultimatum of suck; not being able to change that moment at all. Total suck-fest.

    Ty rolled over on his simple one mattress bed. His hand connected with cold hard stone, and he suddenly remembered where he was. Will’s place. In a graveyard, inside one of the rock tombs complete with a roman undertone structure. In the middle was an island coffin, tightly closed shut. Most vampires would sleep there during the day. Will was an exception. He had what seemed to be a master bed from Britain, along with curtains, silk and everything. Apparently that was the only thing he could sleep in. Freaking weird one he was. And with Ty in addition, what else could be added to the mix?

    Ty yawned loudly, rubbing his eyes- not wanting to get up. It was the utmost thing he wanted to change in the world but couldn’t. Monday. School. After doing nothing but being on forums -role-playing- and having Will laugh at him for two days, he had to get up and go to school. School wasn’t the problem. It was the getting up and meeting people he didn’t know, who wanted to talking to him that he wanted to change. Let school start at noon for Monday. Kill the kids somehow.

    But would the other Reality Demons let it happen?


    He wondered why he was so angry at school all of a sudden, but his thoughts was disturbed as Will’s voice hollered from somewhere in the tomb. “Oi, Reality Demon! You don’t want to be late for school do ya? The girl isn’t gonna’ wait if you come late!”

    Ty had a feeling the last part was going to catch on, and be sung every morning. It made him question the reason why he decided to stay with the Vampire. He had a horrible snore that kept him awake half the night.

    With a strenuous effort, he managed to lift himself from the mattress and stand up. A sluggish snap of his fingers caused the shirt and pants on him to become instantly clean, and his hair to go back to normal. To his dismay, a cup of coffee and two waffles stacked with what looked like chocolate was on a plate, was waiting for him to on top of the coffin. It had been a wonder where exactly Will had gotten the appliances to make things like this, or even where he kept them and where he had gotten the electricity.

    Will appeared out from a door that was pouring out misty water vapor. He was shirtless, with black pants on. Following through some kind of ritualistic routine, his hands used a towel to dry his hair while he walked to the other side of the room without looking and slipped on a shirt. “Reality Demon, make my hair its usual,” he commanded, fitting on his leather jacket.

    Ty sighed and snapped his fingers, making Will gain back his ‘attack of the million Eiffel towers’ spiked hair. “Thanks for the breakfast Will,” he muttered, taking a bit out of the waffle-which.

    “Ha! I need to feed my servants sometime, right?”

    Ty thought of a smart comment, and decided against saying, ‘Awww, Will’s being nice and covering it up, that’s cute’. However, that would just get him kicked out of a good sleeping spot (if provided with earplugs). Anyway, it’d be mean to say that. If only Will was considerate of other’s feelings too. Pity.

    “So, how exactly are you goin’ to get this girls attention anyhow? Or find a way to talk to her,” Will asked out of boredom. He walked over and took the cup of coffee from the coffin and gulped it down, ignoring that it was meant for Ty.

    “I hadn’t thought of it…” Ty had only thought about conversation starters the whole weekend, and various mind simulations. This time he made sure to include simulations where things would screw up, so he could find a way to fix it. But then, after all the hard work into thinking about the conversations, he had started to wonder if he was trying to find a solution to the unsolvable. Love never had answers. Unless it was in books or Shojou manga. And the more he thought about it, the more weird and stalker-ish it became.

    That was the one thing he needed to avoid. Being a stalker.

    “Well, if you want to talk to her, try getting in her classes. Eventually they’ll be a project that’ll make you two talk,” Will offered. It was one of the only things he had said that actually made sense.

    “Alright, I’ll do that.” Ty shrugged. “I don’t want to try and meet her in the halls and have a repeat of last time.”

    Will walked out through the tomb door, not waiting for Ty to follow. “Come on, you don’t want ta be late for your first day, now do you?”

    Ty followed out quickly into the sunlit graveyard and found Will exiting through the gates. They way Will could be in sunlight had been something that Ty thought about and wondered in the nights he couldn’t think of anything else (which were the nights Will’s snoring had blasted out). A Vampire in sunlight. And he said Ty was a bucketful of firsts.


    The day went by without Frozen Flame at class. At any of them. She was off on some field trip for the library club.

    Ty had made it so he was in every one of her classes, thanks to Will who knows how to use the computer system at school. The whole virtual reality thing was starting to become a nuisance to Ty, the way it refused to work the way he wanted it to. The worst part of the day (second to Frozen Flame not being there) was the teacher in every class made him stand up and introduce himself to the whole class. For an antisocial demon, it was worse than any hell dimension you could place him in. Will even tried to get him to talk to one of his friends, and had said “She might hate you, being a Vengeance Demon, but I think she’ll get over it.” Ty did not want to meet someone who would hate him again.

    And the whole day, all he wanted to do was get back to the internet café and chat with Frozen Flame and the others. When he finally got there, and captured his spot in the corner, he checked the threads.

    Posted yesterday at 9:23pm by: Dark Star
    Okay, I can see her doing that, but if Cane dose want to get her with that much hatred, we need to give him a reason to. We don’t want him to be flat(if you remember the original meaning of this thread).

    Posted yesterday at 9: 40pm by: Frozen Flame
    Well, we could start with back-story of him having a mental disorder. It could fit in with him throwing out all of his wife’s stuff a few chapters back. What do you think Holly?

    Posted yesterday as 9:42pm by: Dark Star
    Well, yes we could, but he still had a reason for throwing out his wife’s stuff.

    Posted yesterday at 10:05pm by: Holly
    Okay, I think you’ve both got the reasons down, as DS said. I just want to start writing this stuff. Planning a story is fine, but not when we never get to writing!

    Posted today at 1:54am by: Frozen Flame
    Hmm, I guess we don’t want to start planning something that might not be fun to write. Ok, Holly, you can do the first chapter and I’ll do the second. DS, you’re up third, and then we go for another go around.
    Ps: If you want to Holly, you could do a prologue, but not like last time. Make it something far after or far before the first chapter k’.​

    He found it amusing how much the original thread, which was about whether or not characters from books are too flat, changed into three people writing a story together. There wasn’t anything he could post there without spamming, so he checked around the other threads for anything interesting. He went to the General section and found a thread that caught his eye.

    What’s your ‘one and only’?​

    He clicked on it immediately, hoping Frozen Flame posted. Then he could find out how to act around her. He read the original post, telling people to describe their perfect person. Before he started to scroll down the screen, he thought for a moment, questioning himself.

    What the heck was he doing? Finding out how to act near a girl he barely knew in reality. Why should he change the way he acts? So he doesn’t screw up like last time. Shouldn’t she like him for him? Yes. Then why change? So she can find out later the real him. And when she doesn’t like the real him? Act fake the rest of your life? Remember how curiosity killed the cat? Who said it was the cat who was curious? He could end up hurting her feelings if she knew what he was doing, but he just had to know.

    Already, his hand was pressing the scroll button as he deftly scanned for any signs of Frozen Flame anywhere. She was near the bottom of the page, after about thirty or so posts down.

    Posted today at 1:32am by: Frozen Flame
    Hmm, the perfect man for me? I’d agree with Malaka, someone who could save me from trouble, but isn’t so social. It’s a bit greedy of me, but I can get pretty jealous \o/. Someone who could hang with my friends, but not become too friendly with them (or at least, not too friendly too soon).
    Hmm, I don’t know. Smart. Open minded. Not afraid to tell me the truth, and never lie’s unless there’s a surprise for me. Strong, but not with muscles so big that they can’t scratch their own butt (not that I want them to). And a nice job that reels in the money while I try to write my stories and make money. And patient. Need that for a writer ;D​

    Ty read it repeatedly, trying to depict on which qualities he had, that she liked. He was smart. He wasn’t social. He was patient. Kind of. He wouldn’t mind telling her the truth, not matter how unwanted it was. He could bring in the money with a snap of his hands too. Maybe he was perfect for her. If he could get past the whole meeting her part, he’d be fine.


    The next day, Ty had woken up to Will singing, “The girl isn’t gonna’ wait if you come late!” It meant, another day, another attempt at talking to Frozen Flame. He had decided that night, during Will’s snore-fest, that he’d think of something to say off the spot when he met her. If it was true she liked the qualities he thought he had, then she should like him for him. The only thing he had thought about to say was an excuse for saying “I like you too,” to her.

    Both him and Will walked to school, talking about things they both wanted to be rid of in the world. Walking on the sidewalk, as more ‘power walker’ Lemmings ran by, they found more and more in common between themselves.

    “Lemmings? You call ‘em Lemmings?! Bloody hell, I think you just found the perfect name for the little buggers!” Will chuckled and more of them ran by on the other side of the road. He pointed at them and snickered. “Ya know, I’ve always imagined stickin’ my foot out as one of ‘em came running by. That’s if they haven’t killed themselves by tripping of a cliff.” He snapped his fingers in a moment of eureka. “By devil, the best power in the world would be the power to trip people, just by snappin’ your finger. I could watch two cars zoom by, and BOOM, trip one car and make it smash into the other.”

    Ty couldn’t help but to smile at the image of tripping one of the Lemmings and making them crash into the other runs like a chain reaction. It was something nice to think of to soothe his anxiety of talking to Frozen Flame.

    A girl’s voice came up from behind Will and Ty, heavy footsteps complimenting the call. “Hey, Will! You should see this guy I just slaughtered. One of those classic L-O-L moments. Oh ya, and I brought ya some of his blood too!” Ty and Will turned to see the teen run up, pulling out a water bottle filled with crimson liquid from her purse. Her blond hair fluffed as she halted in front of the two, tossing Will the blood-filled water bottle.

    “Hey Mal. What’s up?” Will asked mundanely. He took a swig from the bottle, savoring the taste. Ty suddenly hoped that this girl wasn’t the one he had talked about to him before. That would go bad.

    “Okay, there’s this guy named Chad right? Well, I got some girl to wish that he could feel the pain his words do to others, so I- hey, who this guy?” she asked, raising her eyebrow at Ty and placing her hands on her hips in an authority like manner. “He smells like he owns the world.”

    Will put his arm on Ty’s shoulder to lean on as he took another swig of the blood. “This guy’s Ty. He’s the Reality Demon I told ya about.” He saw her giving Ty the same venomous look he had giving him. “Ah, don’t worry. He’s not like one of ‘em stuck up snobs. He pretty fun ta be around once he starts talking.” He pushed off Ty’s shoulder and pushed him forward. “Ty, this is Malaka, I call her Mal for short.” He looked at Mal. “Mal, this is Ty, he hates talking to new people.” Way to break the ice. Mal looked at him as it trying to decide if he was worth talking to. Both didn’t start talking, so Will continued. “O ya, get this. He’s trying to woo a girl and by devil, you should’ve saw him trying ta talk to her. It was the flippin’ funniest thing I ever saw.”

    Ty started to dislike Will the more he talked. The anger made him want to slap him. He shrugged it off, wondering where the sudden burst of anger came from and looked at his feet. “Um, yeah. I’m Ty. Nice to meet you. You, umm, have blood on your shirt,” he mentioned.

    Mal looked down at her green tank top to discover there was blood, and it was abundant. “Shoot. Dad’s gonna kill me if he finds out. I mean, W-T-F? I had my coat on when he was gushing the stuff out!”

    “Um, if you want, I can clean it,” Ty offered.

    Mal looked at him suspiciously. “Alright, make it clean, but if you make my shirt disappear, I’ll make Will wish you would always be naked for the rest of your life, no matter what.”

    Ty wondered what the comment at the end meant, but continued to snap his fingers. In an instant, the tank top was back to its original green. Mal smiled. “Hmm, looks like you aren’t like the usual Reality Demon.” She shrugged, and continued her story about the boy named Chad as all three walked to school.

    Mal was actually a Vengeance Demon. Ty knew of a few of them, but never really met one before. The sole purpose of a Vengeance Demon is to get wishes from people who need vengeance, and put their wishes into play. A simple wish like “I wish he knew how much his words hurt,” could make a Vengeance Demon make every mean word coming out of the targets mouth turn into a physical whip that would attack the target.

    And now, Ty knew two Demon’s already. He wonder how many more lived on the island.


    During the whole day, Ty’s heart was pumping. There she was, Frozen Flame, talking among her friends, sitting in class and learning. During the whole morning, he waited for her to talk to him. Maybe she talk to him now, no later- no she’s just walking past him. The whole thing was killing him. He had changed the black board to a white board and back to keep calm. Every time she laughed or smiled at something, he smiled too, while trying to look inconspicuous and not have other people talk to him.

    And then, lunch break.

    Will and Mal were talking together outside. Will had set himself up on a hood of a rock garbage can, letting one leg dangle carelessly over. Mal had her arms crossed, and she looked angry as she talked. Will seemed laid back and calm, shrugging his shoulders to her. They both stopped talking at soon as a brown-haired girl walked by with a straw hat on. She was caring a hefty load of books with her and was having trouble.

    Mal looked at Will, her face changing so looked like she was half-zombie, half-human. She gave him a growl and walked away with a huff, changing her face back to normal as the brown-haired girl walked by. Will gave Mal a destitute and angry look and hopped down from his garbage can in front of the brown-haired girl. A few words slipped his mouth and the girl nodded and moved half of the books she carried into his hands. She smiled sweetly at him and continued walking with him following close behind.

    Ty though, was far away from the scene, eating lunch Will had made him. He took a bite from the sandwich, and slurped from a juice box while he contemplated where Frozen Flame could be. Mal walked by the bench he sat on, and without asking, sat down and took his sandwich, angrily chomping it in her mouth. Ty looked in surprise at the sandwich thief. She looked ******. Like she was about to attack someone. He wondered if he should ask if she was okay, but she started talking first.

    “You know, my whole life if centered around hating boys and making them pay. And then, when I actually like a boy, he just shrugs his shoulders and says he’ll think about! O-M-G, does he need to think about it to know? Or is he special with a capital I-N for idiot-nutcase?” She took another hate-filled bite from the sandwich and took the juice from Ty’s hands to slurp.

    “Uhh, who are you talking about?” Ty asked, slightly angry his food had been stolen. “I might be able to help.”

    “Fine, wish that the sun started affecting him. Go on, do it,” she demanded.

    “Wait, Will? You like him?” This was news to Ty. Will the heartless, had someone liking him. Then again, he had only known Will for four days, and Mal for a few hours.

    “Yes Will! Who else?” Mal spat. “Now wish.”

    “Um, what if you worked out your problem differently… I mean, Will’s a guy, so his feelings are buried somewhere in his heartless Vampire… wait, do Vampires have souls?” He pondered for a moment, but decided to continue. “Anyway, being a guy means it’s harder for him to show feelings besides being mean and a –how’s it go?… wanker. So give him time, he’s different from a girl like you, and he probably hasn’t thought more of you then a friend, since you give off the ‘I hate boy’s’ vibe. And he probably thought that, since you’re a Vengeance Demon directed to kill guy’s, you probably weren’t interested. So now he had the chance to be interested, if you get what I mean.” He stopped and took a breath, surprised at how chatty he had just become.

    Mal was just as surprised. “Gee, I didn’t know you could say more than a few words. Is ‘I wish’ in your vocabulary?” Apparently, she had gained Will’s sense of humor.

    Ty thought for a moment. “I wish you and Will can get over you’re problems like normal people.”

    Mal sighed and chomped down on the last piece of the sandwich. “Okay, I get the message. I’m just so angry at him right now!”

    “Anger’s a pretty bad emotion. Do something while you’re angry, and you’ll probably regret it. I read at least a hundred books where the characters get angry and kill someone, or hurt them, and in some they kill themselves out of regret,” Ty explained, groping to get his juice box back.

    Mal pulled the juice away and sucked the last of it out. “Meh, I’ve seen people regret wishes, but I’ve never regretted anything.”

    “Lucky you,” Ty hissed unnaturally.

    For the first time today, Mal laughed. With a wide grin on her face, she said, “Will was right, your first impressions are totally wrong. You should try talking to everyone like that, as long as you don’t sound like a smarty-fart. Hehe, smarty-fart.” She crunched the juice box and threw it into a rock trashcan nearby and stretched her arms afterward. “Well, can you make me some Coke? Diet preferred,” she asked.

    Reluctantly, Ty snapped his fingers and a bottle of diet Pepsi appeared on the bench. Mal grabbed and took a swig. “Well, I’ll think about giving him time to think. And you better not tell him I told you, or else I’ll make you wish I hadn’t got someone to wish- er, you won’t like, ‘kay.” She stood up from the bench and walked off in a far less angry mood, leaving Ty alone again.

    He didn’t mind being alone. After all, no one in his old school talked to him or even acknowledged his existence unless they wanted to use him, like so many girls used to. It where he got his low opinion of girls. He started to think about snapping a laptop for him to check the forums, because he forgot to check them in the morning.

    Then she came.

    Her brown hair was flipping on the ends as she walked, and she held a book against her blue t-shirted chest. It took him a moment to realize Frozen Flame was walking toward him. Panic stricken, he quickly thought of why she wanted to talk. Did she remember their chat in the library? What? What?!

    “Hey,” she said to him. “Will said you wanted to talk to me.”

    He then felt a sudden hate for Will. More than usual.
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    Chapter four​

    It was spreading. The hate was coming; she could feel it. It had been a wise choice to pick the boy; the Hate Demon could tell. The first bulge was good. The slaughter. Then, as if it had popped, it subsided with only some hate here and there. But it only needed to boil. Only needed to be cooked to come.

    That’s why it was spreading. Slowly, but she could feel it accelerating in growth. Come Thursday - or better yet, Friday, there would be enough Hate from him to fill her for a human lifetime. And so she smiled, and placed back a pile of books into their shelves.


    “So, why are you in a tree watching Ty?” Mal asked, looking up at the great oak tree beside the school. She had her hands on her hips, waiting for an answer.

    Will’s head popped out from the tree, causing leaves to scatter. “I just got the girl he liked to talk to him. I want ta see somethin’ funny,” he explained. “You should come up. Last time he tried talking, I almost laughed my head off.” More leaves rustled as his head disappeared into the tree’s top bush.

    Mal raiser her eyebrow, still ticked off by the stupid shrug he gave her as an answer before. She looked back to the bench she had left only a moment ago. Taking a sip of her diet Pepsi, she watched with interest as a brown haired girl walked toward Ty. Her ears twitched a little as her Vengeance Demon hearing picked up.

    “Hey, Will said you wanted to talk to me,” the girl said, smiling sweetly. Ty seemed to be at a loss to say anything, and just sat on the bench looking at her dumbfounded.

    Mal leaned against the tree for a more comfortable stance. “Are you trying to make her think he’s weird?” she asked.

    Will answered back from the tree. “No, I’m trying to help the guy. I had him in Math and English this morning and he didn’t even drop her a note. He just looked at her the whole time. Flippin’ freaky that was. Now be quiet, this will go either funny, or good. I win both ways.”

    “Good to see you’re still an evil Vampire with that chip.” The chip that made him sweet in his own way. Maybe Ty was right about him.


    Ty managed to stutter out a few words that they both missed, and the girl replied, “Ty eh? Are you sure you’re all right? You seem a bit tongue tied.”

    “Unm, well… Maybe not, but I think the asthma is dwindling. Um, haven’t had it start since I was six,” Ty lied. Both Mal and Will could tell, even though they had no idea what he was talking about. “I’m not too sure why Will called you over, but I think it’s so you could show me around the uh, school. I had a hard time trying to find the library before I gave up.”

    The girl gave a sweet giggle. “Well, I still get lost around the school too, but I have the library’s location drilled to my head. I think it’s the one place I spend more time at than in class. After school, I could get you there if you’d like.” With that, she toddled along her way to the school.

    Mal heard Will giving a small “Score!” up in the tree. She wondered about the way Ty acted around the girl, as if she was some demon of stuttering. Not a lot did she see a boy act like this to the opposite sex. Boy would usually be all confident and pushy, while Ty was just about the opposite and then some. Not to mention the fact he was a Reality Demon, who usually got everything that he wanted. In her heart though, she hoped that he wasn’t just trying to get her for the challenge. He was actually cool to hang around. Free Pepsi here and an automatic shirt cleaner. What more could you ask form a friend, besides the ability to hold a conversation?

    Will managed to jump out of the tree and land on his feet with perfection next to Mal. They both watched the brown-haired girl leave Ty to go off with her friends (which only consisted of a single large girl with big circle classes). Will gave a chuckle- one that was more happy then the usual. “Well well, looks like our boy’s got a date to the library with the brunet. Shall we help him prepare mentally, or laugh our butts off at how much of a daft idiot he looked like?”

    “You know, for a boy, and a Reality Demon at that, I think he’s okay. I say we do both,” Mal answered with a smirk.

    “Excellent. Time is of the essence, let’s go.”


    Asthma? What kind of excuse was that? Asthma!? Really. Ty was never sick in his life. Not once did he cough, unless on purpose, and he only faked being sick to get out of school. Moreover, how could it possibly cause stuttering? Frozen Flame must’ve been being kind and pretended to believe him. And worse was, he would have talked to her after school alone, and he probably would mess up and said another ‘I like you to,’ and then she would think he was a real freak.

    That is, if she had shown up.

    Ty had spent the whole time after school waiting for her at the bench with a flower in hand (curtsey of Mal and Will), realizing that he didn’t really say where they would meet for her to show him the library. He stayed there for a few hours until it was six and starting to get dark out. Unsatisfied that she wouldn’t show, and knowing the library was surly closed, he left to the computer café –which was less populated then before- and logged on to the forum. To his dismay, nothing new had been posted besides the beginning chapter of the story he was tri-authoring. He was just about too mad at what he had done to read, but did anyway.

    Posted today at 3:10pm by: Holly
    Okay, so I won’t do a prologue like I had planned… or did I? Meh, I did one of them flash forwards like FF (I’m calling you that now ;3) said. Tada!(I warn you, its short):


    His fingers trembled. His heart ached. His hair full of blood. His fists painted in crimson.

    And there she laid. Peaceful, dead. Bloody and smashed.

    And he had done it. Full of rage from what she had done to him, he ended her -hoping to end his pain. It had only caused more. She was with him. She should not have been with that man. That man was evil, and he had to save her. She only loved that man, but she should have loved him. If she loved him, this wouldn’t have happened.

    The door behind him creaks, the lights turn on in the large room. That man walks into the room. That man sees what he had done to her. That man who didn’t returned her feelings; only then did he feel for her. That man tells the women’s killer, he tells him, “Why Cane? I told you I didn’t love her. I tried to stay away. Why Cane?”

    He looks into a large window, away from that man and into the storming night. Cane grits his teeth. “The pain didn’t end, but it will when you die. I will make you bleed.”

    Okay, this had better be the shortest chapter. 186 words will never do unless it’s in a prologue. :3 Holly out!​


    Posted today at 6:15 by: Malaka
    You know, I think I’ve met my perfect man actually. But one thing I’d like to add on to my last post, I would want him to actually love me. I tried to ask him out, then he just shrugged and didn’t answer. OMG! So yeah, he better like me, cause I’ll do unthinkable things to him if doesn’t. *Scoffs* He said he’ll think about it too. Do you need to think if you love someone? Or is that how boys work?
    Hehe, FF likes the same people I do eh. Your name reminds me of someone I think.
    Anyway, Malaka out.

    Mal pressed enter, allowing the post to go back to the thread, “What’s your ‘one and only’”. Satisfied, and not wanting to do anything else, she logged off the computer and stood up from the island of computers, leaving money behind to pay for her time. For her, the only access to the internet was by the computer café, and she was already told not to enter it by her father. She never listened to him, not for anything outside of the house anyway. Inside the house, he could watch over her, and being such a high and mighty Vengeance Demon, she would never misbehave there.

    On her way out, she noticed someone in the corner of the café. Not by sight, but from the smell of how he ruled the world, with the undertone of complete and insulting failure. From that, she could already tell that his date didn’t go as planned.

    She walked over to the corner and tapped on his back. Ty nearly had a heart attack, and jumped of his set. Mal stood over him with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. “I’m guessing you date with what’s-her-face didn’t go over well,” she commented.

    Ty scrambled up and back onto the chair. “Uh, well. She didn’t show up, we didn’t real say where to meet.”

    “That’s gotta suck.”


    Mal walked up to his computer, and sat down next to him on the chair, pushing him over until she was sitting on most of it, almost knocking him off. “Hm. You know, I go on these forums too. And here I was thinking you were looking up naked girls.” She smirked as she said this and scrolled through the thread he was on. Ty didn’t even bother to respond, and she continued to talk. “Hm. That’s funny. Here you are, looking for this girl off this forum, and instead you meet me. I think that’s ironic. Must suck for you. Wait, you write stories? And it’s not where the main character is god and can do anything huh? You are a bucket full of surprises.”

    Ty sighed in defeat. “Can I just have my computer back? I’m not really in the mood.”

    “Neither are us women, yet you guys still try to make yourselves manly in front of us. Not all of us want your attention you know. Hell, some just want to L-O-L at you when you try to get them. Now wouldn’t that suck if that girl you like was like that.”

    “I’d hate to see how Will would be like if he was a girl then.”

    Mal pretty much snorted from her mouth she couldn’t contain her laughter. Once she calmed down she stood off the set, allowing Ty to reclaim it. “R-O-F-L-M-A-O Ty, honestly, if you managed to talk to people more, you’d seriously have more friends.”

    “So I’ve been told…” Ty grumbled, and started clicking around on the computer again.

    Mal smiled and scuffled his hair, speaking to him in a high-pitched voice, loud enough for everyone in the café to hear. “Awww, you’re just the cutest little social misfit, aren’t you? HEY, EVERYONE IN THIS CAFÉ, TALK TO THIS KID. HE’S FUNNY.”

    Ty looked at her as if she had just killed a litter of kittens. She scuffled his hair again before skipping out the door into the night, smiling all that way.


    It had taken Ty a total of four seconds to leave the computer café. In that small four seconds, everyone watched him, and a few kids pointed and laughed. He decided he wouldn’t go there again, and instead snapped a laptop for himself with wireless internet and hid in a tree. He sat down on a large branch that was big enough to hold his weight, and far enough from the ground so no one would see. The sun had settled by then, leaving his face to be illuminated by the screen of his sleek new laptop. He cheeked the forum again, and it showed that there wasn’t any posts in his areas of choice. Nothing again. He decided to go to the chat rooms that belonged to the forums and looked around for anyone to talk to.

    It may have been weird for a social misfit to want to talk to anyone, but it seemed as though he was nothing but a bucket full of surprises. But he just wanted to talk to someone.

    Then his eyes caught onto Frozen Flame’s name. For a moment his heart fluttered. It was rare to see her inside a chat room.

    With nothing to stop him, he started a private chat with her, away from the eyes of anyone else in the main chat room.

    DS: Hey FF. What’s up?

    It only took her a moment to answer back.

    FF: Hey. The sky? No, wait, clouds! Actually I can’t tell. Too dark where I’m at. You?

    DS: Another day, another day of suck.

    FF: That’s got to suck.

    DS: About a day’s worth, if I remember.

    FF: Lol… Hey, I’ve got a question for you.

    DS: K, Shoot.

    FF: Bang bang! 007.

    DS: Funny.

    FF: :D. Anyway, you’re a guy right?

    DS: Yep.

    FF: Then I need some advice for this guy at school.

    As soon as Ty read it, his heart almost jumped out from his chest. Could she be talking about him? Could she like him? Could she want him? The possibilities fluttered through his heart. Finally, he might be able to talk to her and see her smile for him.

    DS: Some guy you like?

    FF:… ummm, yeah. It’s kind of embarrassing.

    DS: Well, go on. Not like I’ll laugh.

    FF: Well, there’s this guy I met, and during lunch I think I might have fallen for him… I think. I don’t know, he just keeps going through my mind.

    It was definitely him. Ty could believe it, even through the stuttering, she liked him. But, like-liked him? That was a bit new. It was something he hadn’t thought about. What if they fell in love instead of being friends? He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it.

    But then, what if it didn’t work out? No. There wasn’t time to think about that now, he just had to talk, then think about it later. Maybe he could just keep as one of those, ‘I’d like to be friends first’, then he could go on from there. No. Back to the chat.

    DS: Well, you said there was a question.

    FF: Um, yeah. Well, I don’t know how to approach him, because he’s just about always with this girl and this other guy, and I don’t think they like me that much. The girl seems to point her nose up at me every time I walk by.

    There was no doubt in Ty’s mind that it was him now. But he couldn’t understand why Mal would stick her nose up at her. He’d have to talk to her about that.

    DS: Um, well. Apart from the obvious waiting until he’s alone, you could meet him outside of school. Like, a computer café or at his home.

    FF: Maybe, but I have a hard time saying that I like him. I can talk to him and ask him questions, but I can’t ask if he wants to go out with me.

    DS: Well, maybe just hang around him. Maybe become friends with him for a while. He could even ask you out before you ask him.

    FF: I don’t think I’d know what to say if he asked me out first, but I think a yes would come up if I hadn’t turned too red.

    DS: Well, tada, boy problem solved.

    FF: Hmm. You got any problems I might be able to help with. O, wait, never mind, I have to get off. Talk to you later.

    Now he had time to think. He could ask her out first, as soon as he saw her. No, that wouldn’t work. She’d be suspicious. No, no. It’d work. Then he could see her smile. He could even make some chocolates and ask. She’d smile if he gave her chocolates. She might even be head over heels.

    Wait. There are millions of good scenarios, but he’d need to think of what would happen when things went wrong. What if she was too stuttered out and didn’t say yes, or if she even wanted to be friends first? No, he wouldn’t mind either of those things. What could go wrong?

    He continued to think about the possibilities. He couldn’t wait until the next day. Maybe he would finally see her smile. Everything would be good and well when she smiled.

    And he would finally have what he really wanted.


    The dance club blasted with noise. It was so loud that it made the stomachs of everyone inside to vibrate and grumble to the beat. A large disco ball hung from the ceiling, shining its scattered light on everything below. A rainbow of light scattered on the many that danced and partied. On a stage, a green human like demon sang out tunes while the resident demons cheered him on and dance. Many of the demons inside here was a variety of colors, and some looked like snot while others looked almost human. Vampires, Vengeance Demons, Werewolves, Piginis, Enchanters and even Hate Demon’s that took the form of just about anything from schools. The club was open to every type of demon imaginable.

    It was the type of club that Will hated more than Reality Demons.

    He pushed past dancers until he made it to a bar table with what looked like a half-pig, half-human demon serving drinks. He sat down on one of the spinning chairs and ordered a drink called ‘The Blood Sucker’. There he sipped from his drink with a mild face on, spinning the chair around so he could face the dancers and the stage. For a second he thought he could see the school librarian, but ignored it. A belch escaped him, and he leaned on the bar table, looking up at the roof.

    He wondered. Mal actually liked him, and he didn’t know what to do about it. He liked her to, but he never liked her past being a friend. Doing that would have just got his head blown off. She never showed interest toward him besides being his friend. He had shown interest in her, a few years before, and she nearly killed him for it. Girls just couldn’t stay on one decision could they?

    Drowned in his thoughts, he was pulled out when a finger jabbed his stomach. Calmly he looked over his belly to see Mal with a tomfoolery look on her face. He raised an eyebrow. “I thought your dad never let you come to places like this?”

    She smirked, taking a set beside him. “He’s off on a trip right now, so I’m good for a few weeks. Why are you here? I thought you hated crowds.”

    “Nah. I just come here to think and be a jerk to people.”

    “How nice of you.” Mal hopped back off the seat and stood in front of Will. “So, are you going to date me?”

    “Are you going to kill me if I say no?”

    “Someone else might wish it.”

    “Well well, I’m thinkin’ I might say yes then. What then?”

    She smiled and hung her arms around his shoulders, letting go after a moment. Through the loud notice of the music, she yelled out, “WHOO, I’VE GOTTA ETERNAL TEENAGE BOYFRIEND!”

    “Right, shut up,” Will said.

    From behind him, the pig-like bartender taped him on the shoulder. He spun around on the chair to face the demon and raised an eyebrow.

    “So, you’re a Vampire eh?” the demon asked.

    “And what of it?” he shot back.

    The bartender looked insulted for a moment, but continued to talk. “I’ll let you on in a little secret. Sometime this Friday there’s going to be a big massacre with a whole group of people dead. There are a bunch of psychics that predicted it. So if you want to suck on some dead stuff, or convert some of them, then you’ve got your heads up.”

    Will though about it for a moment. It’d be nice to get some blood that hasn’t been in a container for a change. He shrugged at the bartender. “Okay, now go away.” The bartender scoffed at him and went away to some paying customers. Will turned around on the chair again to face Mal. “So, people dead. Sound’s lovely.”

    Mal chuckled. “I wonder how gruesome it’ll be.”

    “You’re in too happy of a mood”

    “Well, you should have been there to see what I did to Ty.”


    “The girl isn’t gonna’ wait if you come late!” Will chirped out, sitting beside Ty on the usual bench near the school. The wind started to pick up time from time, whishing the trees, but other than that, it was quite.

    Ty leaned his head onto his hand, watching Will make fun of him. Another day of suck. Of course, it wouldn’t be sucky at all. He waited patiently for Frozen Flame to talk to him. He knew she would soon, but he couldn’t stay patient. It was eating him up inside.

    “Right, um Will,” Ty said. He decided patience would come later. Now was the time to find Frozen Flame, and the only way to do that was to get Will away from him.

    “Oi, are you in need of my service?” Will asked, jumping from the bench and sarcastically bowing down to him. “What is it that you need master?”

    Ty raised an eyebrow. Will was usually never this happy to be sarcastic. Or at least, not happy enough to keep it up. He wondered why he was so happy -but it didn’t matter. Somehow though, that made him hatful. Why should Will be happy? It was only himself who should be happy, not Will. “Go away,” he hissed.

    “At once!” Will moved his arms out like he was superman and started to run toward the school. “Up, up anyway!” he yelled as he jumped ten feet in the air to the top of the school, landing down with perfection.

    Ty started to wonder how Will lived like that, and not be caught by people. Surely someone would have noticed the stuff he does. Then again, with Mal being a Vengeance Demon, it was probably easy to silence them. It made him sound like a hypocrite, using Mal to get what he wants.

    He didn’t want to think about. He was too angry at him for no reason.

    Instead, he stood from the bench and started to head to the library. Through all the complex signs, it took him almost the rest of lunch break to find it. When he got there, he was angry and hateful at the stupid sign system. Stupid school, making him walk all around because they couldn’t get their signs right.

    There was few people in the hall around the open library’s doors, but no sign that anyone could be in there besides Frozen Flame. Somewhere in his mind, he knew she’d be in there. If she loved to read, then why shouldn’t she. It looked like no one would disturb her with the lack of people walking in.

    Without another thought, Ty walked through the library doors and past the (evil) librarians desk. The (evil) librarian looked at him with a scowl when he passed by, and he thoughtfully returned it. Something he wouldn’t normally do, but today was special. Today he had confidence he would finally get her. Or else.

    He looked past many of the wooden shelves in the library and after a minute of looking, he found of Frozen Flame’s friends. She was sitting at a mahogany table reading with her glasses on. She was a bit overweight, and some of her sagged down from the chair. Cautiously, he walked over to her and waited for her to notice him. She didn’t. Instead, she continued reading.

    Great. He had to make the first move.

    “Excuse me.”

    She looked up with a lackluster look. “Yes?” she asked dully.

    Ty coughed in his throat. “Do you know where you’re friend is? The one with the long brown hair and a straw hat.”

    The girl looked insulted and scoffed, taking off her glasses. “What do you want with her? Are you going to start calling her library-girl, or are you going to call me Liberella like the rest of you preps?”

    “Could you please tell me where she is?!” Ty yelled.

    “Fine then, you’ve got one guess to give her name and I’ll tell you. Do you know her name?” she spat.

    Ty almost answered, Frozen Flame, but stopped. What was he going to do now? That was the one thing he forgot to get. Her real name. He started cursing in his head and bit his lip. “Alright then, you got me. I don’t know her name. Sorry for wasting your time,” he hissed. He didn’t want to be rude to Frozen Flame’s friends, as much as he wanted to call the girl ‘Liberella’. Before he started to reconsider that thought, he left the library with another scowl from the librarian.

    He quickly found the boy’s bathroom near the library, and headed into one of the stalls, slamming the dull green door as he entered. He placed the top down on the toilet and sat, ignoring all the graffiti on the stall walls. With a snap of his fingers, he conjured his power to find Frozen Flame. It took about a minute, since it works faster with a real name instead of an alias, but he managed to locater her. A semi-holographic image of the school appeared in front of him, showing a red dot on the roof. That’s where Frozen Flame was. It was a weird place to be, unless she went there to get away from everyone else to read.

    Ty grinned. Perfect. No one around up there, and the sight should be beautiful. Perfect place to make her smile. Without a second thought, his fingers snapped and the bathroom stall around him shifted into darkness. A vibrating feeling went through Ty’s body and in a moment, he was on the outside roof.

    It was high enough to see the ocean past some of the houses. From this height, it was clear he was on one of the Hawaiian Islands. He looked around, taking in the breeze. The teleport had placed him behind a large concrete vent. Happily, he stepped around the vent and quickly spotted the long brown hair and straw hat. There was Frozen Flame, standing and looking at something. Ty’s eyes quickly followed her vision.

    Standing in front of her was Will, a solemn look on his face. He shook his head, saying something to her.

    Frozen Flame looked at Will pleadingly. “Please Will, I really like you, and-and-” Her eyes started to water, and she clenched a book to her chest.

    Ty was fuming. Why was Will here? And what was he doing to Frozen Flame!? How could he do that? Ty didn’t care. Something was going on, and he clenched his fists so hard that his nails started to make him bleed.

    Will shook his head again, this time with a smile. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

    Frozen Flame clenched the book to her chest tighter and tighter, looking down. Ty was really angry at this point, losing all conmen sense. She was crying. She should be happy. What was Will doing to her? “Pl-Please. J-just-just a kiss.” She sniffed loudly. “I-I want to know how it feels. Please! I know it’s selfish of me, but I might never know how it feels like and-and I don’t think- I…” She stopped and looked back up at him with tears in her eyes. “Please. Just one kiss. It-it won’t d-do any harm will it?” Ty put the pieces together in his head. Will didn’t date Mal because he was with Frozen Flame. Will was the one she was talking to him about in the chat room. Will was after her all along, and was just trying to get a laugh.

    Will had to die. And Ty would stop at nothing. He watched, contempt growing and growing. Hate him. Hate him.

    Will gave a sigh and scratched at his head. “You know, curiosity killed the cat.”

    “Please. Um. They never sa-said it was the cat who was curious. Please!” She was trying to hold herself back, but the tears started to flow on her face. Ty was going to kill Will in his anger, at the way he made her cry like that.

    Will chuckled and sighed, looking her in the face. “Fine then, but it’s only one kiss. You don’t tell anyone okay.”

    She nodded quickly.
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    Okay, another chapter, another one without review ;_;

    Please leave one.

    Chapter five​

    Mal wanted to kill him. She also wanted to kill her. She wanted to kill the messenger. Heck, she just wanted to kill something in a completely unnecessary way.

    At the same time, she wasn’t sure. She watched the tape Ty had given her over and over again in her room. At first, she asked how he even got the recording. He scornfully told her it was straight from his memory. It played over and over on the TV buried under thousands of stuffed animals.

    A torso of a Ken doll was snapped in half as soon as she saw Will and the brunet kissing in the video. It was the kind of kiss she had always envisioned with him. She wasn’t so sure if she liked him that way to see her kissing him.

    On the plus side, crying girls get to him. That meant he had a sweet side.

    On the negative side that Ty had pointed out for her, he was cheating on her and mooching on the girl that he wanted to date. Betrayal by crying seduction wasn’t on her perfect man’s list.

    Ty had told her to just go ahead and kill Will in the most painful way, even giving wishes on slowly burning him alive. She didn’t cast the wishes. She knew she was angry, and as Ty said before, anger only made you do things you regret. Unfortunately, Ty suddenly turned into a hypocrite. What she was afraid of was that he’d do something stupid that, even with his Reality Demon power, he couldn’t change.

    “I don’t care Mal! I wish he was dead! I wish he was dead! I wish that what he did to others was felt tenfold on him! Do it Mal! You can’t not do a wish! Do it now!” Ty had yelled at her, not holding back his voice. It was enough to scare her. Nothing but anger and hate- not even bothering to think clearly.

    The argument lasted for a while until Ty left, slamming the door and making as much violent noise as he could. It was a good thing Mal’s father was gone, or else Ty would have been screaming in pain.

    It had left Mal more time to think in her pink bedroom.

    Her final decision was that she’d calmly talk to Will about it. Over the phone so she wouldn’t start to strangle him. She rolled over on her pink sheeted bed, and grabbed the cordless phone, deftly dialing the number to Will’s cell phone. On the other side of the line, she heard his voice. “Oi.”

    “We need to talk about you kissing other women that other people are after, because Ty’s so messed up he’s not thinking straight anymore and I’m about your **** size short of killing you. Your **** size being an O-M-G of one inch!”


    Ty paced around, stomping every inch of the way on the hard concrete. He looked over the roof of the school for no apparent reason, seeing the small amount of kids walking around and went back to his stomping.

    Okay, he needed a plan to break up Will and Frozen Flame. He had to do it calmly and in a way that Frozen Flame won’t hate him for it. No. Calm was gone. Will had decided that the minute he kissed her. But, how to make Frozen Flame like him? That was a completely different matter. One he would address soon. For now, Will would have to pay. The tape he showed Mal didn’t work. She wouldn’t do anything. He would have to solve this on his own. What could he do with his Reality Demon powers to a Vampire?

    He couldn’t delete him, but he could move him. No, he’d come back. He couldn’t control time to stop the kiss from happening, and he couldn’t change the feelings of Will or Frozen Flame, or make them do things they don’t want to. Why did the Reality Demon’s have to be so limited in their power?! He could have solved the problem six days ago if the limitations hadn’t limited him. But, the only way to bypass the limitations was to sacrifice a Reality Demon, which usually meant that the Reality Demon bypassing the law would die shortly after.

    Okay. What to do? Send Will away somewhere where he would die… Garlic field? No. Lava pit. Too easy to get out of. A spike pit. Yes! One spike the heart would kill him! Yes. That would work.

    Ty waited on the roof, still stomping around in circles. School would start soon, and then he could get Will while he was in class. It would be perfect. After, he’d find a way to make Frozen Flame to like him. Then everything would be good. There would be one less Vampire in the world, and one more love story to tell.

    If only Frozen Flame wasn’t curious to kiss Will. She would have ended up kissing Ty instead.


    Will walked along the sidewalk to school; cell phone perched up to his ear. “Well, I’m sorry. She was practically begging! I couldn’t just let her keep cryin’ like that. If you saw-”

    Mal yelled at him through the cell, cutting him off. “I did see Will, why do you think I’m so angry right now!”

    Will was taken aback for a second, a scowl on his face. “What? Now you’re spying on me? Let me tell you something, if you saw the look on that poor girls face, I’m sure even you would have kissed her! Okay, I’m sorry. What do you want me to do about it?”

    “I want you to get down on your knees and beg.”

    “Fine with me! I’ll see you after school!” Will cursed loudly, snapping the cell phone shut and shoving it into his pocket. He started to question kissing the girl. Maybe he should’ve just let her cry and go away. Maybe he shouldn’t have helped her carry those books two days before.

    He ran his fingers through his loose white hair. Ty hadn’t showed up at his tomb, and he hadn’t seen him since the lunch break the day before. That meant his spiky hair had to be loose, falling just past his ears. He had a feeling that people would start calling him elf boy. They’d get a hair full of spit balls if they did.

    Will passed a few packs of runners, or Lemmings as he started calling them. By the time he had made it to school, the bell had already ringed and class had already started. He had Social first, so it didn’t matter if he was late or even came at all. They wouldn’t notice. Sluggishly, he entered through the main doors of the school and walked to his locker. Instead of opening it, he turned and leaned against it, allowing himself to slide down until he was sitting on the tiled floor. He released a long sigh and looked at the ceiling.

    “What am I gonna do now?” he asked himself.

    “Die.” He looked down to see Ty standing over him, looking ******.

    Will raised an eyebrow. “Nice joke, but I’m sure if I told what happened, you’d kill me for real.” He chuckled. “It’s just some stuff between me and Mal.”

    “Then die.” Ty rose his hand up and started to snap his fingers.

    Will already could tell what he was about to do, and he wouldn’t let him do it without a fight. He rolled to the side and jumped behind Ty, landing less then gracefully. His locker door disappeared, papers and textbooks fell out and scatter on the ground. “What the bloody heck man?” Will shouted. Was that a joke, or did Ty know?

    Ty turned around and snapped his fingers again. This time, Will’s leather coat disappeared as he jumped out of the way. He looked at Ty in shock as he landed on a wall, staying there like a spider on all four and opening his mouth to object until Ty snapped his fingers again at him again. Will jumped again, and Ty snapped more and more, using both hands now.

    Luckily for Will, Vampires had superior agility to humans, and managed to dodge every snap from Ty, even if the landings were off a bit. By the time Ty stopped, just about all the locker doors in the hallway were gone, along with anything that was on the walls and the lights on the ceiling. Without the lights, it was too dark for Ty to attack anymore.

    Will crouched down, taking a break and breathing heavily, his loose hair falling in his eyes. “Oi Ty, let me explain! Whatever Mal said to you was true, but you should have seen the girl crying! My god Ty, honestly, there’s a better way to do this then fighting!”

    Ty focused on Will’s voice, and snapped in that direction. He could hear the Vampire jumping out of the way. “No Will. You knew I liked her, and you didn’t even mention me to her. You just wanted her for yourself, didn’t you?! One girl isn’t enough for you? What about people how don’t have anyone to love, or smile at them Will!? What then!?”

    Will shouted back, anger in his voice. “Have you gone daft!? I did mention you to her! I even told you how good a flippin’ friend you were, and that you had a crush on her! It was one kiss to make her shut up! I don’t even have any bloody interest in her!”

    Ty’s voice was silent, but enough for Will to hear. “Will, you’re a Vampire. You don’t care about feelings. You’re evil. Why should I listen to you? You hurt Mal, and you hurt me more then something as evil as you could comprehend. So die.” Two snaps happened simultaneously, sounding like one. Will jumped out of the way, leaving another locker door to disappear behind him. It just so happened that Ty had perfectly predicted where Will would jump, allowing the second unnoticed snap to conjure him away as soon as he landed down.

    The dark hallway Will was in twisted and warped until he found that gravity had made him start falling, his arms swinging around in surprise. Beside him was a locker door, falling at the same speed. He looked around in a panic. He was falling into a canyon, with the sun beating down. What made his un-beating heart jump in his stomach was the millions of spikes down below that looked as though they had been place there unnaturally. Many locker doors had at least ten of the rocks stabbed into them, giving Will a pretty good idea of how he would look like if one of the spikes happened to miss his heart and keep him alive. By the look of it, the spikes wouldn’t miss his heart at all. He was going to die.

    The full impact of the situation hit on full blow as more wind streaked through his hair. For the first time in his life, Will was scared. He wouldn’t see Mal again. He wouldn’t see the sun again. He wouldn’t drink blood or kill bugs for fun. He was going to die.

    He hoped that this was all a joke, and it would end immediately, and Mal and Ty only did it to teach him a lesson. Ty only looked murderous to teach him a lesson. It was all a joke. Please let it be a joke.

    A loud curse escaped his lips as he fell faster and faster to his death, waiting to be brought back.


    Ty had used too much of his power’s taking care of Will. His heart was pounding, almost leaping out from his chest. Adrenaline pulsed through his body, and he could barely walk without running.

    He ran out of the school and to the graveyard where Will’s tomb was, without looking back. He had to think now. The next day, Friday, he would regain his powers, and then he’d find a way to get her. Frozen Flame would be his. No one else would have her. Not even her fat Liberella friend. She would only be his. His. His only. No one else’s.


    Mal stomped her way through the graveyard and to Will’s tomb. And she thought she was angry before; now she wasn’t even keeping her face human. It looked like all the skin on her face had been torn off, leaving the muscles a purple color. Her eyes had converted to a magenta color along with the transformation.

    Her foot came into contact with the tomb’s rock door, knocking it down and creating a painful echo inside. She trudged in and looked around, letting the afternoon sun outside light up the tomb.

    “Alright Will, come out before I make you come out!” she yelled.

    Ty walked out from the shadows, carrying his laptop with him. His eyes looked like they had been stressed immensely and he hadn’t sleep in a while. Almost like he was crazy. “Will isn’t here right now. Can I take a message?” he asked. She could hear from his voice something was wrong.

    “Um, yeah. Where’s Will? The demon said he’d come to my house and bow to me!” Mal yelled.

    Ty nodded. “I’ll tell him that when he comes back. Go away now.”

    Mal huffed and walked in further, letting her face revert to a human look. She looked around and put her hands on her hips. After Will’s ‘bow of a thousand times’, she had planned to come to talk to Ty, but she might was well do it now and start with some small talk. “So, why the heck are all the windows in this place closed? You can barely see in here.”

    Ty gave a stuttered laugh. “Leave now Mal. Leave now.”

    Now she could tell something was up. Laughing wasn’t included in Ty’s vocabulary. “I’m not going to leave Ty. I need to talk to you about that video you gave me and how angry you were. I can tell something’s up, so just talk to me, okay. I’d hate to see you and my free diet Pepsi’s leaving me.”

    “Yes yes, I’m good now. Leave.”

    Mal sighed and walked to the center coffin. She turned around and hopped onto it, sitting down. “Okay Ty, how about this. Stop being creepy and then I’ll leave. Come on, sit here and tell me what you’re up to.” She patted her hand on the coffin, showing him a spot to sit next to her. Ty walked to the coffin and sat down, opening the laptop in his hands. She leaned over his shoulder to see what he was doing.

    The screen came on, and illuminated their faces. The forum that they both went on appeared, and Ty typed and clicked around until he came to the thread called, “What’s your ‘one and only’?” Mal recognized the thread. She had posted a few times in it before, all regarding Will. Ty scrolled down until he pointed out a post to her.

    Posted today at 1:32am by: Frozen Flame
    Hmm, the perfect man for me? I’d agree with Malaka, someone who could save me from trouble, but isn’t so social. It’s a bit greedy of me, but I can get pretty jealous \o/. But someone who could hang with my friends, but not become too friendly with them (or at least, not too friendly too soon).

    Hmm, I don’t know. Smart. Open minded. Not afraid to tell me the truth, and never lie’s unless there’s a surprise for me. Strong, but not with muscles so big they can’t scratch their own butt (not that I want them to). And a nice job that reels in the money while I try to write my stories to make money. And patient. Need that for a writer ;D​

    She had to read the post again in her head. There was her name, Malaka, the one she used as a username. This post was one she had even responded to a while back. Then it clicked in her head. Frozen Flame was the girl Ty liked, and that was her username. It was something she had ignored before, but now it all made sense. “Wow. Small world we live in huh?”

    Ty smiled, pointing at the post again. “You see the second sentence. Someone who could save me from trouble but isn’t social. Can’t you see. She wants me, not Will. I can save her from something. Fake a car accident then come in and save her. I could do it, and then she’d love me. That’s all I need. Then I win. Then Will will lose. No. Will has already lost. I will get her you see. You see. Nothing will stop me. Not one person or thing.”

    Mal jumped down from the coffin, her face reverting back into muscles. Already her rage had resurfaced, and she slammed her hands on her hips. “How could you!?” she yelled. “I thought you actually like her! She’s not some challenge that you have to overcome! What the heck happened to you?! I thought you actually wanted her for her!” She was a Vengeance Demon, so not even a sword through her heart would kill or faze her, but Ty had just hurt her more then she thought he could.

    Ty lifted the laptop above his head and smashed it down in front of Mal as hard as he could. Pieces flew everywhere, and dust clouded near the wreaked computer. He slammed both fists on the coffin, leaving cracks on both sides. “How could I?! It’s you! You’re a Vengeance Demon! Your whole life is centered around making boys pay, yet you couldn’t make Will pay, could you!? You’re a sorry excuse for a Vengeance Demon, Malaka!”

    Mal gritted her teeth. Her instincts told her something was wrong. Anger. That’s what was in him. This wasn’t the normal Ty. “What’s happened to you Ty!? Who did this to you!?”

    “You’re annoying.” Ty raised his hand and let his fingers snap loosely.

    Around her, the world disappeared, turning blank and dead. In a moment, she found herself in a canyon, falling. Below her, she could see the thousands of spikes, heading for her. Lockers, books and dust clutter the rock. She frowned upon seeing this. It was going to hurt a lot.

    But not as much as Ty had hurt her.
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    Okay, a warning, because this is where it gets a bit graphic. Huraa, here's the climax. Please leave constructive criticism.

    Chapter six​

    Malaka slowly opened her eyes, revealing the beige tent around her. Carpets with ancient designs hung from metal bars here and there. There were a few desks, covered with shamanic potions and mixtures. More of the tent came into view as she fully awoke.

    She tried to move, but in an instant, pain shot through her body. She could feel each and every place where the rock spikes had penetrated her. It stung and burned at the same time, almost making her want to scream in anguish.

    Ty. Why did he do that to her? What had caused him to go all commando? Where was she, and how did she get from a pit of spikes to here?

    The sound of hollow wood stick clattering against each other pulled her back into reality. Through the entrance of the tent, a scruffy-haired man, no less than twenty, walked in. He was clothed in a grey robe, which was ruffled near the bottom. He walked next to Mal’s bed, bending down so he was closer to her eye level.

    “Hello, demon. It would seem that you have fallen from a great height into a spiky pit,” he said mundanely.

    Mal tried to move again, hating that she looked so weak in front of a male.

    The man took some of his shamanic supplies from a desk and poured them into a bowl. He shook the bowl, and started to tilt it into Mal’s mouth, feed it to her. “Don’t worry about this, it will help heal you,” he said.

    Mal was hesitant at first, but quickly welcomed the water down her throat, already feeling the healing properties as it slithered. It felt as though she hadn’t had anything to drink for days, and only now did she get water.

    The man yawned and placed his supplies back on the desk. “I’ve looked into your past, just to tell you. I know what’s been happening with your friend, the Reality Demon.”

    Mal’s eyes widened. She tried to move again, but the pain stopped her. She muffled out words as best she could. “Moht he phuk go oo no?”

    “Don’t worry, I know how to help you, and why your friend has been acting the way he has.”


    It was Friday. There was no, “The girl isn’t gonna’ wait if you come late!” There wasn’t any Will, any Malaka. Only Ty. He had a mission. Nothing would stop him. He leaned back in the front seat of an old blue car, contemplating rescuing her. The car would roll down the street, and head for Frozen Flame while she was walking. He would jump from nowhere and stop the car, or drag her out of the way. Then she would love and kiss him. Everything would be fine then. Yes, everything.

    The distant ring of the school bell alerted Ty’s senses, bringing him out of his own head to reality. It would happen soon. It was 3:30. Only two hours until she came out and he would save her from the car. Outside, packs of Lemmings ran around the block.


    The Hate Demon waited patiently behind her desk, tapping her old fingernails on the wood. The one thing she waited for would be coming soon. The boy she had picked was a good choice for her. He had plenty of hating in him, even if it took a few days for the it to spread fully in his body. He was much better than the Vengeance Demon by far. Unlike her, the boy wouldn’t be persuaded not to hate by his own words.

    The librarian looked at the only girl in the school library. She was the cause. Too bad; she would have to end after the year of loyalty she had given to her, but the self-hatred he would get from the boy would fill her up for a lifetime. She looked down at her wristwatch. The time showed it was 5:30. It was time for it to happen. She called out, ringing her snap-out-of-reading bell. “Alright, the library’s closed!”

    A girl with long brown hair stood up, placing a book back into the shelf. With a long sigh, she left. “Okay, I’ll see you on Monday,” she told the librarian as she left.

    “I’ll see you in hell,” the demon said under her voice.


    The Lemmings ran past the blue vehicle, the sunshine reflecting off the car. It was empty. Far away from the car, Ty stood near the school, waiting for her to come out. She did. In her hands was a book that she held tightly, her hair flipping and slightly covering the cover. Her walk was clumsy, but not enough to trip her. She walked out from the school doors, past the concrete walk way and to the edge of the sidewalk, looking both ways before she crossed the street.

    Ty followed behind, snapping his fingers behind his back. The blue car, far away and out of sight, started to move slowly and silently.

    Frozen Flame made it to the sidewalk, opening a book as soon as she was past the curb. Lemmings ran by, obscuring Ty’s view for a moment. They left, and she was back into view. Ty could sense the blue car moving faster and faster, still out of sight.

    Ty trailed behind, getting closer and closer. He would get her. He would get her.

    After he was ten meters away from Frozen Flame, she came.

    Mal. Standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and pure anger on her face. “You need to stop now Ty. Your anger is being-”

    Ty saw her flicker out of reality, and he walked through her, knowing she was just a projection. She phased out of reality for a longer moment and turned to see his back to her.

    “Survived the Vampire fall eh? I hope it hurt. I hope it hurt,” he said. He snapped his fingers again, and her body misted, and disappeared.

    A moment later, the projection of Mal appeared in front of him again, blocking his view of Frozen Flame. “Don’t do this Ty! There’s a Hate Demon doing this to you! Even ask Will. I can’t stop you, but he’s still there.”

    Ty still walked, smirking and chuckling. “Don’t you see? He was an evil Vampire, and I sent him to the Vampire pit. He’s gone now. He’s gone now.” He continued to mutter the phrase over and over again. The car was now in view at the horizon, turning a corner to face Ty and still gaining speed. Frozen Flame was still reading her book while he was half a block away from her. She was still walking down the sidewalk happily, ignorant of the car.

    The projection of Mal seemed frozen as she came to terms with what he had just said. “No. No. No no no no no no no no!” She turned around and flew to Frozen Flame, trying to warn her. Before she could, Ty snapped his fingers and the projection disappeared again. Again he snapped his fingers again and again, making the blue car moving faster and faster. He started to run, figuring that by the time he got to her, she would notice the car.

    Beside the moving car, a pack of runners ran on the sidewalk, some waving to people out on their front porches who hadn’t seen what was going on. The Lemmings noticed the lack of a person in the front seat, and the leader quickly ran faster, speeding up until he was moving faster than the car. Ty noticed this, and snapped his fingers, causing the runner to trip. Good old evil Will, giving him the idea. Using his power to trip people by snapping his fingers, he knocked all the Lemmings down onto the sidewalk. By that time, he was behind Frozen Flame, and the car was moving at least fifty miles an hour.

    This was it. As soon as the car was in range, he would push her out of the way and take the hit. It wouldn’t hurt him at all if he snapped his fingers and made himself invincible. Then she would love him. She would be his.

    However, it seemed as though there more Lemmings then the ones he had tripped. More of them came running from behind Ty as they too noticed the car without a driver heading for Frozen Flame, passing through the lanes on a direct course. One even tried to stop Ty from going into the cars path. The stupid fool.

    Ty snapped both hands and all of the runners fell down at once. This time, Frozen Flame looked up from her book and turned around to see what the noise was. She gasped and tried to help one of the Lemmings up as the car came speeding. The Lemming on the ground tried to move her out of the way by anchoring his body, but Ty snapped his fingers again, causing him to slide away from her. No one but Ty would save her.

    The noise from the car’s motor caught Frozen Flame’s attention and she spun around as the car came barrelling closer and closer to her. Too close to her. It was driving over the runners, at one moment it was off the ground from the Lemming speed-bumps. She held her book to her chest tightly, paralyzed from fear. Ty jumped forward, ready to push her aside. He was going to save her; she was going be his. Nothing else had went through his mind then to see her smile.

    She screamed as the car made contact; a dull thud sounded with her body and the car.

    Her legs slammed under bumper, her head slamming against the hood. Her glasses were crunched into her face and eyes. The book she held broke carried the impact of the car into her ribs cracking and breaking most of them. She stopped screaming.

    The car continued to speed over more of the Lemmings, driving into the grass near the sidewalk.

    A loud crash of metal and wood seemed to mute all other sound. The car had slammed into a large oak tree, with the innocent girl as its cushion.
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    Well gee, I've posted most of the story and I've got no reviews 0.o

    Does this happen to everyone? Cause it happens to me on every forum, except for the one I originally posted this... Uhg... Well, if any mods are reading, this is the final chapter, so it’s complete and can be placed in the competed fic section...

    Anywho, reviews and critique a welcomed! (Like, plot critique, and things like that would be loved <3)

    Chapter seven​

    The news of the girl’s death spread throughout the island. The reports showed that a total of five runners died from being run over by a car, and the girl had made it six deaths. Ten runners were placed into the hospital for serious injuries, while only three had minor or no injuries. Out of that three, two were just people who landed wrong when they ‘inexplicable’ tripped. The last one wasn’t a runner at all. He was a boy, who ‘didn’t’ see the car coming until it was too late.

    He was the one that was hurt the most.

    A newspaper said that the car didn’t belong to anyone, and there was no evidence that it was owned or that it was even running at the time of the crash.

    A week after the accident, the boy that hadn’t been hurt, knocked on the dead girl’s family door and begged for forgiveness. The parents allowed him in, and sat him down, saying that it wasn’t his fault. He had almost saved her, so it wasn’t like he was the one that put her in danger.

    Those very words were like a knife scrapping against a deep scab, and plunging in.

    He asked if he could go to the funeral, only two days ahead. They said yes and he left, still begging for their forgiveness.

    On a completely different note, the newspaper reported that the school librarian of Princeton high left inexplicably for reasons unknown. On another page, it stated that a girl named Malaka Curo returned to the island with many scars that looked like she had been stabbed repeatedly. And then, the newspaper contained no other information that would interest the public, and it was thrown out.

    Mal though, she didn’t go to school. She didn’t want people to ask about her wounds. Instead, as soon as she got back to the island, she marched into the graveyard and broke into a tomb by kicking the door down. A boy lay on the cold concrete ground, begging at her feet.

    “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I didn’t meant it I didn’t it just happened and I don’t know why I just felt so angry and I wanted to have her so bad and I was sure she wanted me and I was so sure and she needed me and I was supposed to save her and you told me to stop but I didn’t and now she’s dead and so is Will I killed Will so he’s gone and he was good he wasn’t bad he was good Mal I’m so sorry I have to go to her funeral I have to go I have to go I need to because it was my fault and I didn’t listen to you so it was my fault I wanted to kill something I Wanted HER I WISH I WAS DEAD I WANTED HER KILL ME PLEASE BEFORE I KILL I WANTED HER-” The more Ty babbled, the less he made sense. Mal could see him, begging on the ground before her, hitting his head against the floor in his own anguish.

    She wanted him to keep hitting himself until he bled to death. Until she had vented her anger; but she had to control it. She had to help Ty. Even if Will was gone, she knew that he wouldn’t want her to kill Ty. It was the Hate Demon, creating and feeding off Ty’s hate -and hers as well- that had caused it to happen.

    Mal bent down until she was at Ty’s level and grabbed his shoulders as he continued to speak relentlessly. She yelled to get his attention and to make him hear through his own voice. “Ty! Get a hold of yourself! It wasn’t you, it was a Hate Demon! It wasn’t your fault! Do you know why you’re not angry and don’t want to kill people anymore? She’s gone now. You have to get a hold of yourself. I forgive you for now, but I won’t if you continue on like this.”

    Tears fell from Ty’s face onto the concrete ground. “I’ll find a way to fix this, I-I will! You’ll see Will, and he’ll be happy, and she’ll be alive, and all those runners that I hate will be back. Once I save up all the power, I’ll save them. I’ll heal you and what the rock’s did and everything will be okay. Please, let me make it okay.”


    Sarah Kalma. That was her name. All she had been to him was Frozen Flame. He had wanted her, and had killed her without even knowing her name. After all that had happened, he only knew her name from reading it off her tombstone.

    After the funeral, Mal had talked to him. He brushed her off. Ty didn’t want to talk to anyone. He was a killer, and should be treated so. There was no excuse. He didn’t stop when he could. He killed her.

    Sarah Kalma’s tombstone was pocking from the fresh ground. The sky was clouded, but not raining. Ty was holding flowers in his hands and wearing a black suit. He threw the flowers lightly down; to rest with the many others the family had placed there, covering the brown lump in the grass.

    His mind reeled with his life, the ups and down, remembering them for the final time.

    Then Mal came, wearing her usual school clothes. “So, are you less crazy now?” she asked.

    “I-I’m-I’m thinking clearer now. I know what I’m going to do,” he answered.

    She gave a sigh. “You going to try and bring Will and this girl back?”

    He nodded. “By breaking the limits and killing myself. I should be able to get them back.”

    Mal raised her hand and smacked him across the cheek. “No! Ty, if you do that, then it’ll be another thing that’s dead! Come on! I’m a freaking Vengeance Demon who could kill another Vengeance Demon to do the exact same thing, but do you know why I don’t?”

    Ty looked at her with questioning eyes, holding the slap mark on his face.

    She continued. “Because killing another demon is wrong. Sure, kill a few humans and who cares, they have enough populating the world, but killing my own kind is murder, and if you kill yourself then that’s murder too. No matter how much I miss Will, I got over it and I’m not going to start killing for him.”


    “No buts. And anyway, for all we know, Will made it out okay. I’m sure there was enough locker doors to save him somehow… Now, remember what you told me? Anger only makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and you’d end up regretting it.”


    “Okay, next sentence out of your mouth will be, I wish I couldn’t use my powers until I won’t abuse them.”

    “I could save them! I don’t care if its murder, I’ve already killed everyone, don’t you see!” He couldn’t get the scene from his head, of the way she died. The way she still looked peaceful, pinned to the tree and bleeding. Anything would have been better than seeing her die. Seeing an angle like her die; seeing Sarah go.

    Mal let out a sigh and sat down on the grass. “There are better ways. You don’t have to bring anyone back.”

    For the first time in the nine days since Sarah died, Ty went cold and angry. “Then what?! Tell me! What else can I do besides killing people I love?!”

    It took a moment for her to answer in a small voice.

    “You could help people.”

    Ty dropped to his knees, clenching his jaw and letting loose what he was holding back. Tears streamed down his face, blotting the ground beneath him and his breath went rapid. “I get angry, I kill! How can I help people?! Even now, I got angry at you, and all I wanted was to throw you back into the pit. I thought it was easy to control stuff like this, but I just want to do things and kill the runners and attack everyone! I’d only end up killing the people I love, and killing anyone I help, or hurting them!” He could still feel the angry in him. All the hate that was inside him was still leaving waves, and it was killing him. He had to stop it. He had to make things right.

    Then, the slightest touch pulled him out of his own self-hatred. Mal had bent down placing her arms around him, hugging him. “Then you’re going to control it,” she whispered to his ear.

    “A-And what if I can’t?”

    “I know you can. You’re strong Ty.”


    Posted in: Random Flash Fiction​

    Posted ten days ago by: Frozen Flame

    Okay, something random and short ‘cause I was bored >_>. It’s a bit of my life, but mostly just creativity taking over.
    Here’s my random scribble:

    You don’t know me, but I know you. You walk through the halls and never notice me. You wait in class and never see me. You talk to me, but never hear me. I love you. I want to make you smile, and in return, I will smile for you. But you don’t know me.

    I’m curious about you. But then again, they say that curiosity killed the cat, so I might get hurt.

    What if what you say is true. That maybe it wasn’t the cat that was curious, but something else that was, and had killed it? Would that mean I would hurt you? Is there something you’re not telling me?

    I wish for the day I could see you smile. Unfortunately that day won’t come. I saw you hurting me in a way you never realized. I got angry and did something I regret now. It was true. I wanted you so bad that you got hurt. Now you’ll never love me. I was angry, and the anger had been building up all along.

    I love you, but you’ll never love me back.

    What I really want from you now is forgiveness. Forgive me for what I have done, and then I will be happy.

    And I will never hurt you again.

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