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Haunted Life: Last Resort

Discussion in 'Games' started by Dracoste, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Dracoste

    Dracoste Dracode telepateeeh!


    How Haunted Life: Last Resort (season 2) works:
    This season the contestants are locked up in a fabulous resort, that happens to be in a mansion. Every contestant starts out with 20 Sanity Points, or SP for short. We try to make one challenge a week. After every challenge each contestant will lose SP based on the events. You will lose 2 SP for the best answer, 3 SP for the okay answer and 4 SP for the worst answer. Each contestant will be given Rainbow coins of DOOM after the challenge. You will receive 5 coins for the perfect answer, 3 for the okay answer and 1 coin for the worst answer. We decide the right answer as soon as we make up the challenge so there is no way of cheating.

    Rules of Haunted Life:
    • All the SPPF rules apply here too.
    • Listen to me (Dracoste and Codeyokoo), we are the boss!
    • If you run out of SP you have two posts left to say farewell!
    • It’s fine to post here, but no spam and not too much RP’ing.
    • If you want to see some changes in your character, pm Dracoste.
    • Send the answer of the challenge to the one who posted the challenge in a PM!

    Your Grumpy Host and Fabulous Co-Host
    :541:Host(Dracoste) Lethe: Spix’ fun loving, go-happy, partying cousin... If we were in an alternate dimension. This grumpy goes through the day like it’s Monday. It’s that she loves to see the pain in the eyes of people, otherwise she wouldn’t even dare to get close to people like you.
    ;094;Co-Host(Codeyokoo) Giovanni: Owner of the ultra fabulous mansion/resort. Loves coffee as much as he is fabulous. He fabulously rhymes his way into live. His red cape flows through the cold wind of the resort with fabulousness. In case you haven’t noticed, you won’t find a more fabulous person than him.

    Every big mansion has their servants, and Giovanni's mansion isn't an exception.
    ;200;Baknie Vilvan - The mansion's chef cook.
    :608:Lumiere - The mansion's truck driver. He that takes food from the nearby village towards the mansion.

    1. :628:Robbie - Ruby XIII - 16 SP - 10 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    2. :584:Coco & Cece - Monster Guy - 5 SP – 5.5 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    3. ;292;Cio Licen - InfernalBlaze - 8 SP - 12 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    4. ;195;Doug - Sir DJ - 4 SP - 16.5 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    5. :547:Ferrin - Ferrin - 1 SP - 16 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    6. ;181;Lucas Matthew Nazzorelli - Azran Flame - 5 SP - 21 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    7. ;134;Melinda - dinosaurus - 17 SP – 5.5 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    8. ;300;Kat - Ponymon - 20 SP - 17 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    9. ;253;Sir Henry - Billy Mays - 10 SP - 3 Rainbow coins of DOOM
    10. ;215;Addie - Elysian - 14 SP - 7 Rainbow coins of DOOM

    Dead Meat
    ;106;Wilt - GaladeofSpades - Food poisoned. Currently in hospital. He will get bettter. Hopefully. One day. Maybe (Ran out of SP)
    ;327;Travis - Digipoke - Knocked unconscious by Melinda.(Ran out of SP)

    Use of machines:
    In the spa there are different rooms and some of them have special machines in it. Each room or machine will have a different effect and to use the machine, or enter the room it will cost a certain amount of coins.


    Here you can enjoy the relaxing scent of special aromatherapy oil which restores 5 SP and costs 10 Rainbow coins of DOOM.

    Sawsbuck Coffee House:
    A shop where you can just sit down and have a nice cup of coffee to forget about all your sorrows. You drink a cup of coffee for 15 Rainbow coins of DOOM and gain 10 SP. Giovanni likes to hang out here so there’s a change you get a bonus. We will flip a coin and if it is heads you will get a 5 SP bonus, if it is tails you will just get 10 SP.

    Robotic Massage:
    You will be treated by a manly manbot that is famous for its massages. His name is Alfonse. There is a small change of 90% that he will break every bone in your body but it will have an effect: You will be immune to SP drops and being a victim of the other machines. This effect will last for 3 challenges. This treatment will cost 20 Rainbow coins of DOOM.


    Dehydration Chamber:
    You choose someone to go into the dehydration room, or sauna, that sounds less scary. There is a 50% chance of barbecuing the person. By barbecuing that person he loses 2 SP and the SP will be magically transported to you. There is also a 50% chance that the sauna room will be filled with sleeping gas, the person will fall to sleep in the sauna and you will be able to steal 3 Rainbow coins of DOOM from his/her pocket. The answer will be decided by flipping a coin: heads is losing SP and tails is losing the coins. It will cost you 5 Rainbow coins of DOOM to use this feature.

    Hazard Zone:
    You release a (harmless) virus on a contestant of your choice. We don’t have any doctors in the mansion and the nearest doctor is 35 miles away. However we do have a special room for if someone gets unwell: the Hazard Zone. We will send the person in that room, he may not and can’t leave the room. That is because the staff keeps losing keys. The person can’t gain any coins, or lose/gain SP. This will last one challenge. The cost of this feature is 4 Rainbow coins of DOOM.

    Rainbow coin magnet... OF DOOM:
    You choose one of the contestants and destroy 3 Rainbow coins of DOOM, but it will cost you 3 Rainbow Coins of DOOM to use the magnet... OF DOOM. This will last for one challenge.

    Extra machine info:
    • You can buy multiple items at once, as long you have the tokens to afford them.
    • If you think the price of an item should be different, send me a PM why to change the price and the suggestion for the new price.
    • It's allowed to buy Defensive Machines for other contestants. They are, however, allowed to refuse your kind gift.

    Bonus Round
    We all understand that an elimination can be stressful. So that’s why that we have decided that we will move every remaining contestant will go to the basement of the Resort: Lethe’s Basement O’ Funn. Here it is possible to regain some of your lost SP.
    Best answer: plus 4 SP; Alright answer: plus 3 SP; Worst answer: plus 2 SP.

    Chance of Opportunity
    Around every 5 challenges (Excluding the Bonus Round) there will be Chance of Opportunity. The contestants are given 3 options. However, unlike the normal challenges, each option has a percentage of succeeding. The percentage of success depends on the reward you can receive. RNG decides if the option will work. So it's even possible that no option may succeed. No matter if the option fails, or which difficulty, the contestants always lose 2SP.

    Extra Info
    When you don't answer in time, your choice will be selected randomly and you will only receive half of the coins you would originally get. As for the Bonus Round, you will get nothing.
    Last edited: May 29, 2013
  2. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Name: Robbie

    Species(Please include the smiley): Braviary :628:

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Robbie is a man of logic, and self-proclaimed genius. He takes sarcasm literally, will spew random facts, and believes he's smarter than any other pokemon. If he's told to explain something from the beginning, he literally starts with where it all started. One day he was caught in a landslide of potatoes, he still doesn't know how it happened, and was stuck in the hospital for a month. Since that day he has feared potatoes.

    Fears: Being wrong, illogical questions or statements (Ex. Saying you ate a whole half of a pizza, A WHOLE HALF; Or why you park in the driveway and drive in the parkway, ect. ect.), potatoes.

    Attacks: Sky Drop, Superpower, U-Turn, Heat Wave.
  3. GalladeofSpades

    GalladeofSpades Imaginative 24/7

    Name: Wilt
    Species(Please include the smiley): ;106;
    Gender: Male
    Bio: This guy is so nice, it gives you diabetes. No, really. He pretty much apologizes for everything he does, asks if everything is okay (Is that okay?) and can not say no, under any circumstances. He will do ANYTHING for someone else, without second thought. He also likes playing basketball. A lot.
    Fears: Hurting someone's feelings, non-round balls (THAT MUST SOUND VERY WRONG) and Santa Claus. The reason why is a mystery.
    Attacks: Close Combat, High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick and Bounce.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Coco & Cece
    Species: :584:

    Gender: Female

    Bio: Coco was once a cheerful Vanillish. Then she evolved and Cece appeared.
    Coco is the happy-go-lucky, social, nice head. She generally enjoys meeting new people and making new friends, and always puts others needs ahead of her own. Coco, is the one without the straw.
    Cece, is the opposite. She's a pessimistic, antisocial beeyotch. She only looks out for herself, and doesn't give a damn about anyone else. As you can imagine, the two heads fight a lot. One thing they both agree on, they can't stand being mistaken for an Ice Cream cone. Cece also dislikes having a straw in her head.

    Coco: Mean People
    Cece: Overly nice people
    Both: Fire, getting eaten.

    Attacks: Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Automize, Hidden Power [Ground]
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012
  5. Dracoste

    Dracoste Dracode telepateeeh!

    Mon 1010, the application is missing something: the fears.
  6. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    Name: Cio Licen
    Species(Please include the smiley): Shedinja ;292;
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Cio is a complete mute. This means he isn't just incapable of talking, he's completely incapable of producing any kind of sound at all. So he communicates by writing what he wants to say on his seemingly infinite stock of white cardboard sheets with a marker.
    Due to his difficulty communicating he dislikes being in the center of attention, preferring to work from the sidelines. Though a bit of a loner he is deadly afraid of true loneliness, and as such desperatly tries to make friends with anybody he can get his hands on. Though he will stop at about two or three friends.
    Cio is also a very determined person and has no problem sacrificing himself to achieve his goal if the situation calls for it. When really desperate he'll use his "strongest move" (which is really Final Gambit but he belives it to be strong since he faints from using it). He's not really the guy for strategy diplomacy, instead he tries to overpower his resistance with brute force.
    He also loves dancing, doing it not so much though. But he absolutely adores watching it.
    When he's not doing anything he somehow seems to make a very soft *shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin*-like sound even though there are no detectable soundwaves or psychic energy. The explanation for this has yet to be found.
    Fears: Losing his marker, being alone, anything super effective, stomach fluids (as Gastro Acid cancels out abilies), stage fright (he has stage fright, he is't afraid of it i.e. it's kinda hard to speech with cardbord)
    Attacks: Shadow Sneak, X-scissor, Giga Drain, Final Gambit
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I just added it. :p
  8. Well you so said people from last season can enter......so can Doug!

    Name: Doug
    Species: Quagsire ;195;
    Gender: male
    Bio: Doug often speaks very slowly, and often forgets what word he is saying while he is saying it. Doug is a party animal and loves to go out with his trademark lamp. Doug had a very troubling childhood in what he refers to as the "ooooooold country", Doug's mamma often made Doug soup, Doug likes soup. Doug is also a momma's boy and keeps a picture of her at all times. Despite seeming extremely stupid Doug has a very intelligent mind which most others could not understand. Doug likes to dance.
    Fears: Magnets, Miley Cyrus, commitment, and the number 73.
    Attacks: Slam, Mud Bomb, Muddy Water, Yawn
  9. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    Name: Ferrin (i like this name)
    Species(Please include the smiley): Whimsicott :547:

    Bio: Whimsicott was born in pinwheel forest and lived in cloud form with other cottonees. he can be very talkative when desperately trying to be friends with cottonees because he felt safer in a group.if he wasn't,he would stay quiet and nervous for fear of bugs and birds hearing him. hes worried that if hes alone something bad will happen and has lived in fear,the forest is crawling with dangerous bugs and poison types. after finding a peculiar stone the color of the sun in the forest,he examined it and evolved.then learned powerful moves from mysterious machines,tms,a few days later.he has become full of mischief with his newfound power,no longer fears being alone because he's confident with power,unless there are birds around,which scares him.he loves playing pranks by moving furniture and leaving balls of cotton around.whimsicott lives in nuvema town right now and is obsessed with having tea and crumpets(his two favorite music is called tea and crumpets and paradise on e)or playing lotro,or visiting his forest to protect the cottons.if Whimsicott gets angry,he'll use hurricane,,yeah,,he loses control and his accuracy.it is rare for Whimsicott to get angry

    Fears: stays away from any sewaddles or venipedes,he has a fear of poison and bug types. he has Ornithophobia too,a fear of birds. this is because a pidove had carried him away and tried to take all his cotton*shudders* he might keep his distance from the host, who is a swadloon. this reason too:

    Attacks:psychic, Shadow ball, Giga drain, Hurricane
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2012
  10. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Name: Lucas (full name is Lucas Matthew Nazzorelli)

    Species (Please include the smiley): ;181; Ampharos

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Lucas is a person who you'd describe as a British gentleman and is someone who is almost always polite and pleasant. He has a very stiff upper lip (metaphorically, of course), and even when things get rather pear-shaped for him - which happens often - he almost always keeps his calm. He can also be quite the snarker sometimes, and has a good sense of humour, though he isn't one to crack jokes often. His astounding intelligence and analytic mind is what made him a renowned detective, and has a reputation for being a genius amongst the police force as well as the public. However, his calm composure can collapse if he is confronted by his biggest fears, or if anyone dares to harm any of his loved ones - though he normally eschews violence, he will defy the laws of physics if required to get his revenge.

    Fears: Small enclosed spaces, earthquakes, silence, coffee, nuts, death

    Attacks: Discharge, Light Screen, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch (which works by lighting his tail with fire)

    Other (I know this wasn't in the SU Form but still): Lucas is very much a tea lover. He is also allergic to nuts, and to a lesser extent, cocoa.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  11. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Name: Travis

    Species(Please include the smiley): ;327;

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Travis the Spinda is a master thief, capable of stealing beards and even clothes while people are wearing them, that's how good he is. He was on an unbroadcasted season of PDI, but the television company pulled the cord when one of the contestants lost a foot in an accidental bear trap fiasco. And now he is here for some reason, maybe to steal stuff, maybe to get laid, who knows, anything could happen.

    Fears: Being sent to prison, not getting laid ever, clowns. The number 31.

    Attacks: Thief, Superpower, Shell Smash, Explosion.
  12. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    me to (if i dont just kick me out XD)
    Name: Mr.E
    Species(Please include the smiley): gallade ;475;
    Gender: male
    Bio: hates being wrong. is logical in his decisions. loyal to friends. annoying to those that are not. loves a good mystery. he will never leave a mystery unsolved, and is quick to assist a damsel in disrtess. seems wierd to those that dont know him (but those that do know him know that there ia a method to his madness) he is a gentleman(in a nutshell).
    he is a master in several areas: psycology, deduction, and etiquette.
    Fears: hates heights, Is afraid of being wrong. Hates spiders and similar bugs. is NOT afraid of ghosts. is also afraid of snakes and almost anything sharp.
    Attacks(Max. 4): hypnosis, focus punch, drain punch, psyco cut
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    :584: (Coco) *Giggles* So many boys. xD

    :584: (Cece) They all look like jerks to me. -_-

    :584: (Coco) Cece, be nice! Were gonna be living together in a fancy resort for weeks! We should try to make some friends.

    :584: (Cece) Friends, bah! Who needs them. They only betray you in the end. They always do. -_-

    :584: (Coco) You're the reason I regret evolving, you know that?

    Coco and Cece are the only females so far. xD
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012
  14. dinosaurus

    dinosaurus Cool Story, Broselia

    Name: Melinda

    Species(Please include the smiley): ;134;

    Gender: Female

    Bio: Melinda was born into luxury and is a lady of love.. that is, love of herself. She is obsessed with her appearance and is used to not doing any work, bats her eyelashes in hopes of getting what she wants and likes to play dirty (i won't actually cheat if that's somehow possible lol). She doesn't make friends easily, and is particularly jealous of other women.

    Fears: Getting a bad haircut, plaid and stripes, missing the latest fashions. Also spiders.

    Attacks(Max. 4): Bite, Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam, Iron Tail
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  15. codeyokoo

    codeyokoo The not so special

    Ferrin, please put your fears after the "Fears:", this makes easier for me and Dracoste to find the data of your character.
  16. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    Name: Cathalahay
    Species(Please include the smiley): ;164;
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Cathalahay is a not an ordinary noctowl. Unlike other ones he was raised by an Xatu he has a heightened mind and awareness of what was, is, and shall be. After he left his adopted mother he lived in the forest. Unfortunately he came across poachers. They had steel type pokemon leading to the deep cause of his fears. He is solitary, ingenuous, and will likely ignore others concentrating on things in his mind not to be understood by us.
    Fears: poachers and steel types
    Attacks(Max. 4): Zen headbutt, reflect, magic coat, foresight
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
  17. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Fuuuuuuuuu I just missed out :( I was waiting for ages for another RP game
  18. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    The SU's still up for another week, you know.
  19. Armando Payne

    Armando Payne Well-Known Member

    If I can join then

    Name: Xander

    Species(Please include the smiley): Durant :632:

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Named after the Buffy The Vampire Slayer character, yet shares barely any similarities with him. Xander prefers cold damp moist land, he's practically impossible to kill, but if he's your friend then he'll protect you from thick and thin. He was brought up in a family of 12 but due to Durant tradition he and his siblings had to fight for survival by the age of 1, by age 2 he only had 4 siblings and his father left, by age 3 he was the only one, he's now 17. He's always quiet, always thinking unless if faced with action, then he's either incredibly jovial or incredibly serious. He knows how to survive but if he grows to like you, he will be incredibly jovial and polite. But before he does, he does have a tendency of shunning you and if he doesn't like you but you're friends with one of his friends then he'll be more likely to leave you to fend for yourself or offer you up to be a lamb to the slaughter.

    Fears: Fire, he has a severe allergic reaction to it. If he's put on fire for more then 5 seconds then he'll melt from the inside out.

    Attacks(Max. 4): Dig, Guillotine, Endure, X Scissor
  20. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Oh right. Once again I misread the rules for something.

    Name: Kat
    Species(Please include the smiley): ;300; Skitty
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Kat loves to party, and will use every excuse she has to hold one. She likes singing, normally quite cheesy songs. Well known for her laughter, Kat strives to make new friends, and simply can't not be anyone's friend. She tends to be generally random, and it is hard to tell what she is trying to achieve, but when she does do what she was trying to do, it helps in a way. She almost always bounces along instead of walking, filled with lots of energy. She is sometimes very hyper, and sometimes talks too fast for anyone to understand.
    Fears: Bugs, not being someone's friend, the dark, not being able to talk.
    Attacks(Max. 4): Uproar, Fury Swipes, Sing, Quick Attack
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012

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