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Haunter VS Kadabra (024)


It was very funny to see how Haunter ascaped from Ash all the time
And how he was trying to crash TR...


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This is my favrorite episode from this season. (James and his fishing net)


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Just watched this again. And boy did I both love it and get cheesed off.

What I loved?

Everything about Sabrina herself.

What cheesed me off?

One of Ash's at the very least FOUR not even earned badges.

First Badge: Beaten by Brock twice. Pikachu was even KO'd in the second fight.

Second Badge: Was down 1-0, even if Pidgeotto was winning against Starmie, that'd still be a draw.

Third Badge: First Badge he won- but in such a BS way- ZOMG, Raichu ran out of electricity... It used one darn Thunderbolt in the fight. Not to mention the lulzy "pikachu is speedy". This I can give him though...

Fourth Badge: Sabrina's dad is NOT the judge. Not to mention the hilarious "it's not battling you, so it's allowed"- so if I kept jumping in front of a trainer waving a flag so they couldn't see what was going on or something like that, no one would complain?

Fifth Badge: He's down to his last mon, and is at a loss as to what to do since Gloom would own anything he's got. Enter Rocket Ex Machina!

Sixth Badge: Loses vs Koga's Venomoth- then the match gets CONTINUED- not a new Match, and he wins against the other mon. That's a draw. And somehow he's considered the winner? WTF?

Seventh Badge: No complaints.

Eighth Badge: Technically, he didn't even defeat the mons, just zap them and they ran off in panic. Seriously? Giovanni, the final gym leader, the Team Rocket boss' own Pokemon... ran off because they got zapped? WTF?


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I didn't like this episode as much as the 1st Saffron gym battle. I laughed so hard when Jessie was trying so hard not to laugh at Haunter's comedy act, and then burst out laughing hysterically.



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My favourite part of this episode was when Sabrina's dad showed Ash the picture, and Ash said, "You must be a photographer!" XD
The part at the end with Team Rocket being covered in cement was funny, too.

When Misty and Brock were turned to dolls, I thought they were going to be stuck like that forever the first time I saw this episode. :p
I also never thought it would show Sabrina laughing - even today I still find that to be very out of character for her.

Oh well, at least the episode ended happily.
(But does anyone else find it disturbing that Sabrina's mom doesn't look that much older than her? O__o)


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I love how Haunter is not serious about anything. But I think TR should of died when they fell of the building. Good to see Sabrina become normal again9/10


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I really like Sabrina I wonder what came of her after her change in personality here. Ash and his win I thought was pretty cool he barely had to do anything. I hated how dense he was though, even my 9 year old self could figure out that was Sabrina's dad before he had to say anything.


I liked this episode, probably just because I loved the first gym match. It would have been nice if Ash kept his Haunter.
One thing I didn't like is the way that Ash gets the Gym Badge. After Sabrina was so pro previously, it would have been nice to see an actual battle. Although the way she battled, I don't think Ash could ever have beaten her. D:


I liked Ash questioning whether or not he deserved the badge. I liked this episode as well and my favorite part was Jessie trying not to laugh at Haunter.


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I liked the way that Haunter makes Jessie and Sabrina laugh in this episode. It is a bit annoying to see Ash get yet another badge without actually winning a Pokémon battle properly. That's 3/4 now that I don't think he actually deserved...
Ash got his badge way too easily, he didn't deserve them. Haunter was a liar and a traitor, going with Ash and then screwing him up, then getting him the badge. Kadabra laughed because of Haunter, who was not battling. Is that fair or not? I think it's questionable...


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I was so surprised Haunter couldn't even help Ash ugh then he comes later in the end when Ash needed him in the beginning.
I was so surprised Haunter couldn't even help Ash ugh then he comes later in the end when Ash needed him in the beginning.

True! When Haunter kept following Ash, I expected Haunter to help Ash, and not forsake him when Ash really needed Haunter. Haunter should've been drawn with a big trollface! Then Ash would've known Haunter wasn't seriously planning to help him!


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This episode had one of my favourite Team Rocket gags ever. Jessie trying not to crack to Haunter was hilarious. The gun and bomb were quite surprising to see in this day and age too.


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I agree entirely with the fact that this was probably Ash least deserved badge out of the entire Kanto saga. Although I did just enjoy Haunter presence during this episode. That Pokémon was just full of lolz.