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Have a card game idea, but need advice.


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Ever since I learned about KeyForge, I have been convinced that this is the future of semi collectible card games. The UDG idea is really cool. If you don't know, Keyforge does not have packs, but instead has decks that are randomized in contents, name, and card back graphics. You can't mix cards from separate decks due to the unique card backs generated for each deck.

My idea is for a card game utilizing a chess board, but my main issue is how to balance distinct movements. If they moved exactly like chess pieces, I might be able to just compare chess piece values, but these cards would have attack, defense, and a movement speed as well as a movement style. For example: If a card says Bishop 3, than it means it can move like a bishop for up to 3 spaces. I just don't know how I would balance such a game's power curve. Which one is better: Bishop 4 or Rook 2? I just don't know how to quantify these things to keep the game balanced...

Any ideas?