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Have a LOT of pokemon for trade! All Legit!


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Well, I have a large amount of pokemon for trade, and i'm just letting people know. So, without further ado, my list.

Bulbasaur ;001; Charmander ;004; Squirtle ;007;
Chikorita ;152; Cyndaquil ;155; Totodile ;158;
Treecko ;252; Torchic ;255; Mudkip ;258;
Turtwig ;387; Chimchar ;390; Piplup ;393;

Pidgey ;016; Cubone ;104; Magnemite ;081;
Nosepass ;299;

Omanyte ;138; Aerodactyl ;142; Lileep ;345;

Poké Radar
Tauros ;128; Larvitar ;246; Ralts ;280;
Aron ;304; Keckleon ;352; Duskull ;355;
Snorunt ;361;

GBA Game Inserted
Growlithe ;058; Gligar ;207; Tediursa ;216; Elekid ;239; Magby ;240;
Sableye ;302; Seviper ;336;

Mansion Pokémon
Eevee ;133; Porygon ;137; Cleffa ;173;

Lv 100 Modest Tentacruel
Lv 100 Japanese Serious Gallade

Doduo(or evo), Voltorb(or evo), Farfetch'd,
Krabby(or evo), Lickitung(or evo),Tangela(or evo),
Caterpie (or evos), Ekans (or evo), Weedle (or evos),
Sandshrew (or evo), Vulpix(or evo)

Phanpy(or evo), Dunsparce, Snubull(or evo),
Drowzee(or evo), Delibird, Swinub(or evos),
Natu(or evo), Corsola,
Surskit(or evo), Smoochum(or evo),Gligar(or evo),
Shuckle, Teddiursa (or evo),

Zigzagoon, Absol, Spoink(or evo),
Skitty(or evo), Makuhita(or evo), Beldum(or evo),
Electrike(or evo), Slakoth(or evo), Seedot(or evos),
Mawile, Zangoose, Solrock,
Lotad (or evos), Lunatone,
Any legends, any shinies

*Note: all pokemon may be required to breed pokemon/pokemon may be in japanese

New Rule: please don't go like: "I will give you these 4 pokemon you can pick from my list of 1,000 (lol @ exaggeration)" please say (for example) "i have a skitty and would like a totodile" or " i have [insert specific names of pokemon here] and would like [insert specific names of pokemon here that is = to first amount]"
i would like you to say what you have, and what you want. i don't want to pick from a list of what you have (am i making myself clear here?)
EDIT: i am no longer trading my shinies
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Does Magby come with his item and would you trade Ghastly for a nonshiney?
3 of the following for Totodile, Pidgey, and Magby, or I'll give you 5 of the following if I can also get Magby's evolution item if you have it:

Doduo, Cubone, Phanpy, Dunsparce, Snubull, Absol, Spoink, Delibird, Swinub, Voltorb, Farfetch'd, Skitty, Natu, Makuhita, Spinda, Beldum, Corsola, Lickitung, Electrike, Slakoth, Seedot, Lotad, Lunatone, Gligar, Teddiursa, Sandshrew, Vulpix


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For Gastly: Manaphy / Shiny Lombre?


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@SenjiMakoto no, the item costs extra. i won't trade it for a nonshiny unless its about 3 legendaries
@Ice&DarkPwn i'll think about it. (i may need to clone)
Will answer others later, logging off now
Chikorita for a Growthe?
Totodile for an Electrike?
I can give you any of the following: Phanpy, Dunsparce, Snubull, Spoink, drowzee, swinub, smoochum, farfetch'd, skitty, krabby, natu, beldum, likitung, slakoth, and gligar.

All I want in return is your elekid(with electrizer if possible) and magby(with it's item too). I kinda... also want eevee, porygon, and magnemite, but those can wait afterwards I guess... o:


a t l a n t i s
I have Zigzagoon, Cubone [with Earthquake and False Swipe LV1], Snubull, Absol, Drowzee, Delibird, Swinub, Farfetch'd, Natu, Krabby, Spinda, Corsola, Surskit, Smoochum, Lickitung, Electrike, Zangoose, Solrock, Lotad [or Ludicolo]Sandshrew, all level 1.

I need Totodile, Squirtle, Tauros, and Nosepass.


I have...

I'm interested in your Pidgey, Nosepass,
Snorunt, Elekid, Magby, and Seviper.
Which do you think are fair trades? =]


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@Wolfblade: sure, i'll PM you with the details
@Blastoise333: i will give you a magby+evo item, pidgey and totodile for
Beldum, Lickitung, Gligar
@Cuddles: Will trade pidgey, nosepass, snorunt, elekid, magby, and seviper for: Absol, Surskit, Dunsparce, makuhita, smoochum, zangoose, natu

please request specifically from now on. will answer other requests soonly

Poke gal

I've got a snubble what can I get for that.


Legend Tamer

Mightyena - lv18 - nicknamed sparkle

Golbat - lv33


Manectric - lv100

Celebi - lv3 (Hacked)

Sceptile - lv100 (Hacked)

Aggron - lv100

Marowak - lv80

Shieldon - lv20 - Untouched

Anorith - lv20 - Untouched

Scizor - lv52

Magnezone - lv31

Aipom with shadow ball - lv1 3 avaliable!

Trecko - lv1

Ralts - lv1 - 3 male and 1 female

Squirtle - lv1 - 3 avaliable

Teddiursa - lv1 - 2 avaliable

Croagunk - lv1 - 4 avaliable

Chikorita - lv1 - 2 avaliable

Houndour - lv1 - 4avaliable

Phione - lv1

Togepi - lv1

Spiritomb - lv1 - 2 avaliable

I want rayquaza


Well-Known Member
@numel master: sure just let me breed, i'll let you know when i'm ready (would you mind an egg?)
@BradMaster: sorry, i don't want any of those
@Poke gal: take your pic (no shinies)
@ everyone else: please make your offers specific
Hmm.. I guess you didn't see my post or something...
Well, I have: Phanpy, Dunsparce, Snubull, Spoink, drowzee, swinub, smoochum, farfetch'd, skitty, krabby, natu, beldum, likitung, slakoth, and gligar.

And i'm interested in your elekid and magby. With the evo items if possible. I can give you 4 of my pokemon for those two with the items if you want.. :D


ill give you gligar ursaring and regiice for shiny rayquaza they all will have masterballs