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Have a pic that desperately needs critiques, topped off with pencil shavings.


Back in the meantime
They're good. Not perfect, but nonetheless, very good drawings. Pretty much agree with them on the anatomy part but it's a lot better than what I can do. Practice more and you'll be a great artist, I assure you of that.


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These are actually really nice drawings! Also, alot of really great advice has already been given, but I'll try my best to give some of my own!

I think one thing you need to work on is composition. Composition is the arrangement of objects within a piece. With the Alice drawing, what you could have done is instead of placing her and the rabbit in the middle, you could have zoomed on them and move them to one side. This would improve how the piece is composed overall and would give it more focus. There are a TON of tutorials on composition and the rule of thirds if you google them or use deviantArt to search for them. Here's one the pretty brief tutorial on the rule of thirds and explains it pretty well: http://is.gd/1SQ6mj

Also another thing is to definitely work on is your value when shading. I have trouble with this too so don't feel alone! Value is essentially how light or dark a color is. I was taught on a scale of 0-7, 0 being the absolute lightest, and 7 being the darkest. Your shading is goes from about a 0 to 4/5. Definitely try to darken your shading where it needs more shadow, and use it to give more contrast to your foreground in comparison to your background. You can try looking up explanations on color and value, and even if color isn't your strongest field it's still good to read up on it.

I say just go out and do studies on the things you wish to improve on drawing. Find pictures of hands, human figures...ANYTHING, and just draw it! Don't be afraid to find references if you can't quite get something right. It's hard to draw from memory and sometimes you just need to look at real life examples to guide you on what you need to fix. Through practice you will get better, no matter what. Just keep at it!