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Have an idea for a deck but don't have a decklist? Click here!


*Credit goes to Nidoprince for the idea and first post*


Since a lot of threads have been coming up to request a decklist or ideas, and they really have no place here in the forums, I decided a thread should be made for that. So if you have an idea for a deck, but don't have a decklist, post it here.

Posts for ideas should not be too vague like...

I want a water deck.

I could list a million ideas for that, and nobody wants to do that, so you would be ignored.

I want a modified water deck

Better, but still vague...

I want a modified Water deck with Floatzel and Blastoise in it. I'm just starting the TCG and my collection isn't all that big, but I have all the Floatzel (Not Floatzel GL Lv. X) and a Blastoise from SW.

It should be at least that long and good. Right there I know what to actually post, and I know what this person has so I don't go on rambling about Floatzel GL Lv. X.

Repliers shouldn't be vague either. At least give a deck base. For example, I'll make a bad reply to the Water deck idea above.

Sounds like a good deck. Good luck!

Right there I'd know you posted that just for the post count. A good post reply would be:

Mabye you should try *Insert decklist and strategy here*


Maybe you should add *Insert Pokemon lines here*

Alright, with that out of the way, feel free to post any deck ideas.



Well-Known Member
Yay, it's up. Thanks again SkittyOnWailord. Anyway, to kick this thread off, I'm going to post my idea for 2 fun deck, but I only have a few things down with both. This one's more of a fun deck, even though it has potential to be competitive, I don't know what gaps it might have. It's going to be a Nidoking/queen deck, since those are my favorite Pokemon and I know it should have BTS to speed things up for Nidoking SW's attack. I'm only going to use Nidoking SW since it's better than RR Nidoking. For Nidoqueen, I like both since they both help the deck. I'm obviously going to have 4 Nidoqueen in this deck, so what combo should I use? I think 4-?-4 with 2 of each is the best since I can attack with Nidoking for free for it's first attack, then for only 2 Psychic for it's second attack. My question is, what should the Nidoking line be, and what about the other Pokemon?


PTCG player person
/me yawns, and I'm bored, so...

Pokemon: 28 (This is why Royalty fails as a deck)
2 Nidoqueen RR
2 Nidoqueen MT
3 Nidoking RR
3 Nidorina either
2 Nidorino (I dunno wut they do)
4 Nidoran (f) MT
3 Nidoran (m) (I dunno wut they do)
2 Claydol GE
2 Baltoy BE
1 Uxie LA
1 Unown [G] GE
3 Spiritomb AR (;F Slow deck needs this)

Trainers: 21
4 Roseanne's Research
4 Bebe's Search
2 Moonlight Stadium
1 Expert Belt
1 Luxury Ball
1 Night Maintenance
8 more trainers

Energy: 11
4 Call Energy
7 of a mix of Psychic/Fighting, 'cuz I dunno the Nido lines... =\




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This deck only needs Psychic, Nidoking SW and Nidoqueen RR are both Psychic. And yes this has way too many Pokemon. I think mabye Nidoking should be toned down to 2-1-2. And why the RR Nidoking? The whole point of 4 Nidoqueen is for the SW Nidoking. Anyway, thanks for the help.


PTCG player person
/me checks the SW Nidoking...

Meh. It's better than the RR one, but the RR one hits Luxray, so use one. =\ Keep the lines like they are, 'cuz Spiritomb should just be abused to set everything up. xP Even then, Claydol's a big fail as drawpower... One legitimately open bench space FTL. THEN you have to set up another Nidoking... That's why this deck phailz



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Man, that's a downer. But as much as I hate to admit it, you're right. But I want this to be a fun deck (That's why I chose my favorites), so it doesn't have to be totally awesome, but good enough. If I think of a way to completely reshape this, I'll post it. Thanks for your help!


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I was thinking about a Rotom deck...I thought mabye you could start with Fan Rotom, try and attatch a DCE, flip a heads with it's first attack and mabye win the game if the opponent only has one Pokemon in play. Mabye you could pair it with another Pokemon that also returns benched Pokemon to the hand/deck. And then the rest of the way you can use other combos with the different Rotom. What can they do, and what can I do to help the combo?


PTCG player person
Ew. Rotom. If you can afford them all, then it's something you should be selling. ;o Basically, retreat a bunch, heal a bunch, and it should work. xP



Well-Known Member
I was thinking to use it as a fun deck (like the other deck I posted), to show off how many Rotom I have :p Only currently I only have 3 XD But yea, I was thinking it'd be awesome to switch out for Wash Rotom and keep healing and then start fresh. Also, I know a Rotom deck would really be a good disruption deck with Wash, Mow, and Fan Rotom especially.

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
I've got this idea....but I don't know what to put in to it.
MUST be modified & be able to beat Lady Gaga (& I DO NOT WANT TO NET DECK)


Well-Known Member
Net Deck? Anyway, you could use Dugtrio PL. If you noticed (Which you probably have) Lady Gaga relies on free retreat and Warp Point, Poketurn, etc. And since it does rely on those, you'll need Cyrus's Initiative as well. Last but not least, a Relicanth SV and a Fighting energy. Being able to take away a tool would be a great advantage, but you also have a type advantage.


PTCG player person
You mean a Rotom deck? Ew. It's not gonna beat LuxChomp. If it's not, run Paparazzi (LuxChomp with Donphan)

Those random techs (and the Initiative) won't work xP They heal the damage that the Dugtrio does by PokeTurning or using GarchompCX's Power. Relicanth could work, but it'll die real soon after =\



Well-Known Member
Of course it's not gonna beat Luxchomp, it's a fun deck.

How are they 'random'? You don't win the game with Relicanth, you disrupt, stall, do damage, retreat, and take advantage. Most Luxchomp counters depend on the deck anyway.


I have an Idea for a deck! Not original but i need a decklist. (I HATE MY NAME=Kidcanada=FAILAGE) The deck is BlazekenToxiChomp(SP). The Idea is to do 80 for one with Blazeken FB lvX. Then when it's knocked out,I would use a toxicroak g (promo) to do 60 right there. Garchomp is there for Healing,but can snipe too. So here's what I want the deck to do: Do 80 with Blaze ,keep it alive with Chomp, When Blaze does die, use Croak for revenge (no pun intended) So yeah...I'll be using this deck on redshark (just need to figure out how to play against other people) so any card is available. I'd like this to be modified too.
Posts for ideas should not be too vague like...

That specific enough for you? :) Also,is a dusknoir line ok? Probably not though. Think item evo dusknoir line 1-1-1 item evos,no candys or BTS. o_O


PTCG player person
That's basically the deck that got second in Illinois Regionals. It's good. Just look around for similar lists. And...a stage 2 evo in an SP deck? No.



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Im thinking of a 3 starter deck. Im thinking of using The evolution lines of Meganuim, Torterra and Ferligator,swampert or Blastoise. I'm also considering having a Ho-oh legend in there. So far i have 5 chikorita, 2 Bayleaf, 1 Meganium and the bottom half of ho-oh legend. (lol pulled from first booster ever:)) I also have a handful of trainer/supporter cards and such. Any thoughts on how many of each to use and maybe some water/grass types to fill in a little bit more?


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That might be too slow. 3 Stage 2 lines is always too much. Always go for maximum 2 WITH Spiritomb, Rare Candy, BTS, etc. Could be a good fun deck. But make sure it actually has a strategy...


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I thought that it MIGHT be, but if i turns out to be i can drop it to a 2-3 stage with a 2 stage. If i made it work it'd be pretty epic though.
Grass Deck improvements

I'll post what i've got, but this deck needs serious work.


3 treecko- 2 grovyle- 1 sceptile DP Stormfront

4 weedles (with speed evolution) - 2 kakuna (1 PL rising rival 2 HS unleashed) -3 Beedrils (2 unleashed HS, 1 PL rising rivals)

3 Cherubi- 3 Cherrim (2 HS unleashed 1 DP stormfront)

2 Turtwig GL (with overgrow and giga drain)

2 Tangela- 1 Tangrowth (DP Stormfront)


1 lux ball
2 bebe's search
1 dawn stadium
1 cynthia's feelings
3 professor elm's training method
1 rare candy
1 life herb
2 prof oak's new theory

21 grass

I am aware this deck needs TONS of work, so please just be constructive. Let me know what i definitely need to do to improve this please, it'll be greatly appreciated.