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Have an idea for a deck but don't have a decklist? Click here!

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by SkittyOnWailord, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    To answer basically all of the above answers, If your having a problem against yveltal with virizion genesect, mega manectric is shutting it down (2 energy for 110, lets you put 2 basic energy from the discard onto a benched pokemon, x2 is 220 to yveltal, and it has a tool to bypass it's use's), I could also be realistic (and maybe rude, though I don't mean to be) and say that your probably not good with vir/gen if you lose to yveltal/garbo considering it dominates in that kind of format, and pyroar and charizard do not guarantee victory over vir/gen that and seismetoad/garbo

    Lucario/machamp isn't really that great and doesn't have that great of a support synergy but if I had to make a skeleton on the spot

    3-4 lucario EX
    4-2-4 machamp
    2 mewtwo

    4 strong energy
    4 fighting energy
    4 DCE

    4 korrina
    4 juniper
    4 N
    2 colress
    1 profs letter
    3 muscle band
    1 fighting stadium (donphan is popular and makes it into top 8 at various tournaments quite frequently atm, laser/bank is a better option though because then they can't use it against you, otherwise ultra ball, computer search and juniper seem like the best options in getting rid of it for matchups like that)
    2 lysandre

    @abdulmuhsee, the trainer and supporter section directly above this is the same in pretty much a majority of tier and rogue deck lists, with the exception with a few cards that differ from deck to deck to make up synergy and deck engine requirements, If you want to get a better understanding I suggest looking at forums, and recent regional videos from this past October giving you insight into deck strategy, plays, etc
  2. abdulmuhsee

    abdulmuhsee Well-Known Member

    So this is what I came up with, and I have zero recent experience to tell me if the ratios are right. Also, I'm struggling to see how using pokemon that require multiple stages are worthwhile if evolving doesn't heal them when most one-stage pokemon are almost as strong without wasting additional card space for evolutions in the deck:

    8 psychic energy
    5 grass energy
    3 double-colorless energy
    4 Sabrina's Slowpoke
    3 Slowbro (Fossil)
    1 Dark Slowbro
    2 Jigglypuff (Jungle)
    2 Wigglytuff (Jungle)
    3 Pinsir (Jungle)
    1 Mr. Mime (Jungle)
    1 Ditto (Fossil)
    4 Energy Search
    2 Energy Retrieval
    3 Bill
    2 Misty's Wrath
    1 Secret Mission
    4 Energy Removal
    4 Super Energy Removal
    3 Potion
    1 Super Potion
    1 Switch
    1 Master Ball
    1 Computer Search
  3. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Are you trying to use base set to fossil? GC in here its hard to tell, um, it doesn't seem terribly consistent, and what I posted above works the same way, the best engine I found from base set to GC

    Scyther is better then pinser, free retreat, faster to setup due to 3 colourless for attack any energy works so you don't need grass at all

    4 prof oak
    2 bill (reduced to 2 because you want to mill yourself for better combos/deck thinning strategy, though you don't want to actually mill yourself)
    4 computer search (ignore ace spec rule obviously, pokemon search mainly)
    4 sabrinas gaze
    (^quite literally a better engine then what we have for our format but not far off either in structure)
    2 or 3-4 recycle (justification is different atm, amazing back then, everything tech wise becomes 3-7 pokeballs, 3-7 plus power, etc then prof oak and bill makes it better)
    3-4 switch
    3 plus power
    2-3 gust of wind
    (plus format techs I can't quite recall atm)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
  4. abdulmuhsee

    abdulmuhsee Well-Known Member

    Yes, gym challenge was the newest set to come out before Pokemon became taboo in school and I stopped playing, so I'd like a deck from that era.

    I can see that Prof. Oak is substantially better than Bill after looking it up, but why is Sabrina's Gaze better than the other card drawing options I have?

    So besides the different trainers and what-not, is my pokemon/energy ratio good? Are there too many/not enough evolutions? What is the point of wasting valuable deck real-estate with evolutions of basic pokemon when evolving doesn't heal any damage or make for a substantially stronger pokemon than one-stagers?
  5. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Sabrina's gaze is like N but substantially better (much better), there will be times when just drawing cards is not enough adding in a re-shuffle mechanic into the deck allows you to switch cards up w/o having to worry about milling yourself to get the card you need if all you have is draw cards, also it gives re-draw options w/o milling yourself down and or getting rid of cards that you can use later.

    Stage evolutions are/were substantially better tech and attack options (blastoise, gyarados is a pretty good deck), thought hitmonchan, electabuzz, magmar and scyther were pretty much the best choices for any deck due to how easy it is to play the card, Pokemon breeder though made getting evos out fairly broken.

    energy is not bad, pokemon is not bad either, though the pokemon lines don't really seem to focus on heavy strategy between the listed cards and or offer heavy hitters that cover weakness for the slowbro.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
  6. abdulmuhsee

    abdulmuhsee Well-Known Member

    The strategy is essentially to use Slowbro as a damage counter sponge for Mr. Mime; he can wall their heavy hitters while the small attacks can be transferred to Slowbro on the bench if needed.

    Some of the others, like Wigglytuff/Pinsir are just because I like them. At the end of the day, it's a fun deck to play some kids with; I just want it to be as good as possible within its confines.

    Of course, if I see a bunch of those 'EX' cards that seem essentially unbeatable, I'll be royally screwed regardless.
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    ^you haven't seen recent regionals reports from this past October, donphan rules with an iron fist, This current format is 50/50 ruled by EX's.

    If your idea is to use slowbro as a succubus off dmg might as well run pokemon centre to get rid of it faster. Sure you may want to make a deck that is more focused on fun then type matchup, but if you don't consider it and those kids do (which they usually do) the game turns out to be pretty lopsided in there favor and becomes a slaughter opposed of fun. Having a good deck either consistency wise or type advantage wise makes a matchup more fair for you and your opponent regardless of there deck's build, because it almost teaches them how to be better players.

    At one of the leagues I go to there is a lot of kids, and I play 2010 decks like arceus, GG, luxchomp and jumpluff and win most of the time (even against "those EX cards") but they do come close or win, having a deck that covers it's corners consistency wise ensures that you have a deck that can make the game last and become more enjoyable for the opponent in general, and in general I end up trying to teach them to be better players so they could possibly win future tournaments.

    But if you don't like what I posted for deck structure I highly encourage testing to see what you find works better.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
  8. abdulmuhsee

    abdulmuhsee Well-Known Member

    I'm totally fine with the trainer structure of the deck you posted; what I mean is, there is not a single pokemon from the original sets that can stand up to the power creep that has happened since then. Unless I pack my deck with Ditto and copy their pokemon, which seems a bit lame.

    Regardless of what pokemon I choose from the original sets, their basic pokemon will likely be able to do 100+ damage for a few energy and have 150+ HP without having to evolve anything. It's just a matter of cards now being drastically more powerful than they used to be.
  9. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    ^you can say the same thing about hoenn and DP set cards, more so hoenn (150hp pokemon that deal 70+ dmg), though you can still probably win against Ex's if you have the better deck.
  10. NeptuneCloyster

    NeptuneCloyster Squadallah

    I want to make a deck revolving around auroruses ice wall ability, maybe pairing it with stormy sea and ludicolo's alpha recovery, what would be the best way to achieve this? Seems like a lot of trainer cards to set up both a fossil line and a 2-stave evo line? What would be the best way to achieve this?
  11. craigprime

    craigprime X&Y Supporter

    With the reveal of the new Sky Field in Roaring Winds set, I'm wondering if this would extend another chance to the admittedly useless Round.
    Meloetta EX, Palpitoads, Seismitoads...Explouds?

    Sky Field gives Meloetta's Round damage a potential of 270 damage...and if you used Exploud for some reason, 450.
    The biggest problem, of course, would be filling the bench.
  12. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    @Neptune cloyster, 1 week to set release, I bet I can type this skeleton

    2-1-4 ludicolo
    2-2 aurorus
    2 exeggcute (propagation)
    2 shaymin EX

    4 acro bike
    4 VS seeker
    4 battle compressor
    3 trainers mail
    2 archies ace in hole

    Mind you this is a skeleton version, you only need 1 fossil researcher in the deck battle compressor/vs seeker combo makes it playable at any given moment, ultra ball to thin out the hand, exeggcute controls what you lose out of your hand thinning your way down to a vs seeker which trainers mail helps to get if you don't have it in hand (you can also choose to fail the search if you like and throw it out of your hand vs seeker archies turn 1 ludicolo or aurorus.

    @Craigprime you could use the above engine with seismetoads in the deck, the biggest issue is you lose sky field it takes awhile to get meloettas back because losing seismetoad is a harder issue to deal with.
  13. ktjane82

    ktjane82 New Member

    I am new to Pokemon tcg but not tcg's themselves or Pokemon. I want to make a deck based around my favourite Pokemon. It doesn't need to be tournament level competitive or anything as I will only be playing with friends and family and I really don't want to spend a huge amount on cards (my main tcg I think the most I have been willing to spend on a card was around £15 as a guide) now I have laid all that out I would like some ideas for a fairy and thunder deck the on
    Y things I it really must have is my 2 favourite Pokemon, Dedenne and sylvion. I know both are fairy types and could go in a fairy only deck if the general consensus is it would be better but many of my other favourite Pokemon are electric types and I remember reading somewhere that 2 type decks were generally the way to go and I see that most theme decks (trial deck type things) are based on 2 different types.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
  14. I want to make a deck revolving around the Delta Species pokemon with the eeveelutions as main pokemon is there a way to achieve this?
  15. tobypokemon

    tobypokemon New Member

    I think that flareon and houndoom would go good together with blacksmith because mega houndoom has you discard two fire energy that you can put on flareon to do more damage. I don't know what else to put in the deck? Would battle compressors be good?
  16. MewDragon

    MewDragon Member

    I'm still in the middle of updating an old Team Rocket deck from a couple seasons ago. I called it Team Rocket as it had mostly dark and water types with a bunch of annoying trainer cards that took off energy and discarded cards and such.

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