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The Piano Man
i think a great fire team would be infernape lvlx an arcanine a magmortar and a charizard but youll need a lot of fire energy


The Piano Man
a great electric would be manectric pikachu ampharos and electrivire but i have only one single lightning thing


Back Again...
Alright, I am looking to modify a Torterra starter pack deck. I want to focus on th offensive and healing powers of the grass pokemon in there, such as torterra.

I have the Typhlosion, Feraligatr, and Meganium HGSS starter decks. I also have an okay selection of booster cards of:
1: Emerald
1: Diamond and Pearl
2: Platinum
1: HGSS Undaunted

I do not have Torterra LVX.
Muck Deck

I was thinking about making a deck around the new Muk card from Undaunted.

It's first attack switches out the defending pokemon with one of your opponent's benched pokemon (Your choice, I think) and then poisons and confuses that new pokemon.

Then it's second attack does an extra 30 damage (80 total) if the defending pokemon has a special condition.

I think this card would be pretty effective if there was a way to keep your opponent's pokemon from switching out. Is there a pokemon whose pokepower keeps pokemon from switching out? Or maybe a stadium card or something?

I was also thinking of using the new Vileplume from Undaunted so that people can't use Trainers like Full Heal or anything to get rid of the special conditions?

By the way, I only got back into the Pokemon TCG this past summer, so the only cards I have access to are the cards from HGSS, Unleashed, and Undaunted.

So if anyone has any ideas about what kind of cards would be effective in this deck, your help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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May Day May Day!
New deck - Gardevoir Lv.X and Palkia Lv.X

I'm building a new deck and I think that ;282; Lv.X and ;484; Lv.X could make a good one. The problem its that I've got only a Palkia and a Gardevoir, both from Platinum. Somebody could help me build that type of deck?


My best friend has two rather mean decks. An all fire deck using the overpowered arcanine and lots of evolution with Charizard and Typlosion.

I can beat that fairly easily with my current Psychic + Fossil Aerodactyl. (We allow all cards)

Anyway the deck I am having difficulties with is his Electric deck. He uses the Manectric + Raichu to make sure he always has energy along with normal types to hurt me for using Psychic cards.

At the moment we are fairly even but I would like to improve my deck to a point where it is almost impossible for him to win.

I don't have the exact cards on me but basically I use switches to play around my pokemon and use Espeon to heal what I switched out. Mostly I do that until I can play around with Muk so as to stop him from attacking while dealing damage. At the moment it becomes a war of attrition and I usually stall him out of deck. The problem is that he is catching on and using things to put cards back in his deck to counter me. So my deck isn't going to beat him for long.

Any advice on a few choice cards that could give me the upper hand without throwing the deck on its head?

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
Jeez, if you knew me in real life I could give you my Moltres Lv 55 and 5 Fire energies. I'm having my eyes on Dragon type cards now.Anyways, you should go with both Fire and Electric, it is a good combination.

Evil Serenade

Possessed Trainer
I was thinking on basing my deck around the mew prime? like a lost deck but as well with cards that knock out opponents cards quickly like Absol G's doom news.
if possible can it have a lot of psychic and darks?

Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
Im new to Pokemon TCG, but Im pretty sure I got the rules down pat from watching some videos on YouTube.
Anyways, for my deck, I hope on doing wither a Grass-Water deck, or a Fighting-lead deck with many mixed types.


New Member
Hi guys,

I'm just having a go at Pkmn TCG since I'm a competitive YGO and MTG player and want to see how this works out!

I'd like to build a control deck that abuses status effects like Confusion, Sleep, Paralysis and also a lot of bench control - Roar-like effects that manipulate their active Pokémon into being one without energy or low on HP already.

I'd also like a deck that generates a lot of card advantage and can search the deck for what I need, effectively making it a toolbox for different scenarios.

I like the Recon structure deck, that's competitive format legal right? It doesn't look bad and looks like it could generate a lot of draw power through Ninetails and the energy returner card, while providing control through Snubulls' Roar, Meganium's 30-damage sleeper attack and also has a lot of game-winning beatsticks such as Magmortar.

How much would it cost to build the most competitive control deck doing well at the moment?


Kanto Region Champ
@ultralisk, if you want to understand the game further, top deck's and the like, consider checking out the pokebeach forum's as a majority of the player's play league/competitive (you're not going to get that kind of help here), the top competitve deck in the catagory is called luxchomp which would cost you upwards of 200-300 dollar's (for complete replication from zero cards and not one of the worlds silver back cards)(the link is for something else but use's the basic outline of the deck). Also the deck you listed would not make it in the top contending catagory, I do apologize.

@Dark sharpedo, Fighting-lead? and a water/grass, I tryed using leafeon from rising rivals and vaporeon from majestic dawn (with some shaymin from unleashed) made a rather fast and effective heal and deal deck.

@Evil Serenade, mew prime, well there's a working combo using rhyperior lvx, using see off one turn and lost link the next turn, it's rather effective, here's a deck list for that.
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Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
@Dark sharpedo, Fighting-lead? and a water/grass, I tryed using leafeon from rising rivals and vaporeon from majestic dawn (with some shaymin from unleashed) made a rather fast and effective heal and deal deck.

Well, I did complete my Water-Grass deck, GyaraSaur.
holo Gyarados, which is pretty valuable..... also, have a Venusaur, witch such a great amouunt of HP, is great to have as well


New Member
I'm a new player that wants to build a modified competitive deck that takes full advantage of undaunted's umbreon's moonlight fang. I just love its effect, very disruptive. Can someone suggest me viable partners for umbreon. There is a deck that has uses Scizor prime but the last thing I want to do is netdeck someone else's list for my first deck.


New Member
build me a new deck please

i'm building a new pokemon deck and i need help. I don't really mind what cards r in it (but i want it to be an SP deck).
my lv X's:
giratina ;487-o;
palkia g ;484;
absol g ;359;
infernape 4 ;392;
thanks 4 ur help in advance.


Kanto Region Champ
Ira, well to be honest the combination of these four cards would not make a very effective deck, you'd probably have to nerf giratina, or just use the poke power: let loose giratina as tech only. My best suggestion is to run giratina and infernape as tech, palkia GX usually make's up it's own engine which is seprate from this (mainly and only used in decks that contain lost world), so in the end absol GX would be your only main line attacker and even absol GX isn't that effective so you're going to have to consider absol prime in this deck along with G. Then again this is just my advice, these four cards together isn't overly effective nor solid.


New Member
I am attempting to build a Gardevoir, Venusaur, and Eevee deck. I don't have that many cards. I just started playing to game. I have a deck semi-built but i keep losing by deck out. Any suggestions would be nice.


New Member
Hey everyone I am trying to get into competitive battling but I hate playing meta decks and such so after a while I came up with a crazy (I think so) deck idea.

Core cards
Nidoking from Triumphant
Nidoqueen from Rising Rivals

Tech pokes
Pidgeot Call of Legends
Spiritomb Arceus
Expert belt

The Idea is to get a belted nidoking up as a tank/main attacker and have nidoqueen heal. For the techs pidgeot is there to combat the gyara weakness and be a pain and spiritomb is for a faster setup in a slow deck. And do I realy need to explain Uxie?

Please help I don't know much about which trainers I should have or any other cards.
Thanks in advance
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Kanto Region Champ
Um, sorry buddy but that is a meta strategy. Best idea would be to just run the nidos for stage 2 pokemon, anymore and you won't be drawing what you need unless you stack your deck with communication and bebe's to avoid drawing the wrong cards. Consider using the combo regirock LA and stark mountian, regi's power allow's it to put a fighting energy on it, from the disco, while stark mountian moves it to king. peace


Well-Known Member
i want a charizard/metagross deck but i only have 1 metagross (steel type) and 1 metang (psychic type) and 2 lines of charizard (fire type)