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Have an idea for a deck but don't have a decklist? Click here!


Don't use my avi -_-
Yup... ven is usually on 7-8pm CST. Even pokebeach is slow.

Anywayz... am not TOO familiar with magneboar BUT I do know mewtwo EX will have great synergy. Maybe a tech?

How about hydreigon?


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lol no im talking bout hydreigon in its own deck. maybe with kindra prime and jirachi? SWEEEEEEEET.


Don't use my avi -_-
archeops is unplayable: almost impossible to get on bench and ability dosen't work on rare candy.


Kanto Region Champ
I got 4 cobalion today and a million ideas on what to do with them, but no plan, so I'd like to hear some outside opinion's, so....

What would you do if you wanted to make a deck with 4 cobalion?

I've got 3 evolite and 3 rocky helms so be sparse.


RNGer, haters hate.
Am I the only one that can see a big win with the 'Sear's from Noble Victories and the Heatmor, since the Heator can get rid of Pokemon Tools (Rocky Helmet and Eviolite go away!) and the 2 'Sears have insane strength. They could be put in a deck with maybe Golurk for a fast take down, put some energy finding cards in it (take energies from your discard, look in your deck for a basic energy card), and get yourself some Rocky Helmets on your own Pokemon or even some Plus Powers for fast take-downs. I might be the only one that sees greatness in this, but what do you guys think would go with this? And when I said 'Sears, I meant Pansear and Simisear.


Hoenn Trainer
Golurk is insanely slow, and will always be catchered before he's set up, due to his massive retreat cost. In addition to that, the water weakness is not very good because of Kyruem.
Also, Simisear has a decent attack, but its really flippy for a high energy cost and low HP, making it unplayable except in decks that would only run Noble Victory cards, for some reason.


stop trying to be god ☆
I'm trying to build a deck based on EX Delta Species Salamence (EX Dragon Frontiers) and Charizard (Base Set). I've been collecting for quite a while, but I'm fairly new to competitive card playing. Thanks :D


RNGer, haters hate.
How about a Steel and Water Deck. You could have Kyurem as a Water and Cobalion as Steel. I also thought of Dialga and Palkia Legend to keep adding prize cards when needed. This deck could cover the two BIG decks right now (Victini and Kyurem decks), I thought of Steel for Kyurem and they actually have GREAT moves, then Water to cover Victini and just that Kyurem is beast!


Kanto Region Champ
cobalion kyurem deck:
3 cobalion
3 kyurem
2-1-2 feraligator prime
3 cleffa (stall both of these cards are slow to setup)
4 special metal
2 dce
4 water energy
plus power, communication, dual ball and pont, everything else is extra
(if victini is a big deck right now, I'm laughing, and all you need to deal with that midget is outrage)


to be honest for the salamence ex charzard idea, you might as well juts run typhlosion prime, which does the same thing as the first attack but as a power from the bench, then ask you get rid of charzard for reshiram as it's faster to play then a stage 2 like charzard, a.k.a. just run reshiboar or ploshion.


An idea for a deck list that use's something useful from nobel victor's, check my deck list idea for black and white on I'm putting up this evening.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Ok, I just recently started playing the TCG and I'm in a league. (I joined it because they were supposed to play the video games too, but they haven't organized that yet.)

Anyway, I bought the Green Tornado theme deck which is Grass Psychic. Right now, It's terrible. It's just a bunch of random Grass and Psychic mons, their resepective energies, and trainers thrown together without any strategy behind it.

How can I make a playable (HG/SS on) Grass/Psychic deck that actually has a chance of winning.

I don't know what the good Grass/Psychic Pokemon that I can build a deck around are. I'm new to this.


Bringer of woe...
JUst mulling on a silly/fun deck.

I call it: spray and pray.

Basic idea, Hydregion goes all out, scattering damage across as many pokes as possible.
Have a few setup, so as they get knocked out, you can step up with another.

Then you get a Darkrai/Cresselia ledgend in play, give it a psychic, switch out and scatter the damage as needed to either KO their hard hitters, or trash a bunch of support on the deck to grab lots of prizes and hopefully win.

Kyurem is a possibility here too...

This could be good when the dark cards start hitting UK/USA, but of course we lose the ledgends then, so is there another way of redistributing damage on mass yet?

Also, does DCE become 2x dark when placed on Hydregion. I say so, but I could be wrong...

Any ideas/feedback, this is in the planning stage, and is not really designed to be top tier, but it could be fun and I'm bored of my reshi/emboar deck.

This is a fairly slow deck to get rolling, I kinda like slower decks due to my play style.


Always flyin'
I've been thinking of a deck based primarily around steel and a way of countering Gothitelle decks. I was thinking Ferrothorn since I could force the switch with Gyro Ball and Cobalion with Metal Horns. Any other ideas are great. Thanks!