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Kanto Region Champ
Darkrai EX/Sigilyph/Mewtwo EX/Darkrai FA... ok a skeleton

2 darkrai bw73
3 darkrai EX
2 sableye
2 sigilyph
1-2 mewtow EX
1 keldeo EX

8 dark energy
3-4 DCE

3-4 N
4 juniper
3 bianca/skyla
2 Random receiver
4 ultra ball
3 e switch
4 dark patch
3 catcher
1-2 super rod


Well-Known Member
Ore-sama@, I have bad news and bad news, to make a format deck with hydregion is currently very iffy as energy trans hydregion might be going out of rotation very soon (the deck is darkrai EX/hydergion, darkrai EX is one of the top tier cards so even just making a deck with darkrai might be a good idea). As for dragon type decks, the only one that comes to mind outside of using TDK would be rayeels, however when September 9th rolls around we will no longer be able to play rayeels as it's engine will be rotated out. And that sums it up. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the truth must be said.

This. Post is so backwards.

1) For Hydreigon to rotate out darkrai must also rotate out. as it is one set behind.
2)Hydreigon is from DRX which either itself or DEX will be rotated to. If they follow the closest "pattern" we have.
3)You couldn't play Rayeels if Hydreigon was rotated out because it would ALSO have rayquaza rotated.

Just making facts facts. Qwaa ;195;


Comes out of Nowhere
I want to make a deck based around Klinklang (plasma storm) and Terrakion ex. (Basically a deck to defend against ex's like Darkrai)


Kanto Region Champ
klink doesn't work with terrakion because it's ability only works on steel type pokemon, IE klingklangs ability plasma steel reads "Prevent all damage done to your metal pokemon by attacks from your opponents pokemon-EX", if you want decks to auto win darkrai there is quad snorlax, it's ability shuts down darkrai's ability, play 4 HTL, 3-4 shadow triad (to get back the HTL),2-3 virbank, dowsing machine, sableye?, there is also quad sableye, 3 buffolant with buffor, where you use ultra ball, e.swtich, DCE, + htl for 150 turn 1 (would have to use juniper to pull it off, 4 HTL, 3 virbank, but I'll put down an interesting list at the request of terrakion EX

1-2 Terrakion EX
2 victini EX
2-3 terrakion NV (we have shinny terrakion so it will be playable after rotation)
1 white kyurem EX (150 +htl/virbank for 180, pretty beefy for an end game or to shut there only attacker down)
(I'd suggest adding in 2 buffolant to deal with the EX wall much faster, but terrakion shuts down darkrai so, it depends on what you're facing more of, in tournament I'd suggest it against all kinds of decks if you do)

6 fire energy
8 fighting energy

3 N
3 juniper
3 Bianca
2 skyla/colress

3 pokedex
4 ether
3 heavy ball
1 victory piece (speed), computer search (setup)
2 virbank
1-2 max potion
2 super rod
2 e. switch
2 max potion
4 switch
2-3 catcher
2-3 e. switch

Please note that this is a skeleton. If you want a klink list with various techs I can put that up as well. Klink does have a good matchup against darkrai, however this deck is made for a fast setup against darkrai to shut down with basics for the win w/o the use of EXs, use victini to pump energy to the basic terrakion NV (the ones with retaliate so you can deal a consecutive 90 w/o using the 3 energy all of the time, minimalizing you're loses if the retaliate terrakion is taken out the turn afterwards), then use terrakion EX to pump up heavy energy burn cards like white kyurem EX or even rayquaza EX if you wanted to (you would have to put in an electric energy or blend/prism though).

Janice Quatlane

helloooo ladies
I want to make another deck. I have 3 of the Pokémon decided, but I need more help.
The theme is....
'I hate EX's!'
This deck is solely built around murdering EX decks.
The three Pokémon:
Latias EX (For the ability...)
Bouffalant (Gold breaker + ability)
Sigiliph (Ability. Immune to EX Pokémon)
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
Does anyone have a basic setup for a Team Plasma deck? I'm thinking I might have best luck making a Dark/Fire build, but a basic setup to get me started would really be appreciated.

Cards I have/am thinking of using:

Team Plasma Ball
Frozen City
Shadow Triad

Team Plasma Energy

Heatran EX


Kanto Region Champ
kyle72686/Shayminslicker@ I figured that this would be easier to respond to both then just one at a time, after testing both decks TDK and genesect/virizion, the engines are fairly universal, there is some things different like the fact that genesect runs 2-3 shadow triad with 2 skyla, or TDK is more of a technical deck into running HTL, catcher, and bangle respectably. This is a list from the rate my deck, after testing the trainer engine is very universal, I always encourage testing.

4 kyurem
4 deoxys EX
1 thundurus EX

4 plasma
4 prism
6 water energy

4 juniper
4 N
2 shadow triad
2 Bianca
1 colress
3 plasma ball
4 colress machine
2 virbank
4 switch
3 catcher
1 super rod
1 computer search
1 tool scrapper (2-3 of this should be run since silver mirror is off so you can deal the 200 with G-booster)
2 max potion

Janice Quatlane@ wait you mean a troll deck right, because I've been testing the mofo mecha of all troll decks (I think), it revolves around the new suicune and silver mirror so EX+team plasma lock with keldeo EX to shutdown status lock, hehehe they're gonna hate me at league today. So I like to start off with suicune with the silver mirror and shell shield squirtle on the bench (so they really can do anything unless they catcher, even still they can only deal dmg to squirtle.

4-0-4 blastoise
2 suicune PLB
3 keldeo EX

14 water energy

4 juniper
3 colress
3 Bianca
2 skyla
2 silver bangle (if you're in an area with lots of garbo/darkari, take this out for tool scrapper, also run 3-4 tool scrapper)
2 silver mirror (If you want to run a true troll deck you could run 3-3 bangle-mirror just by removing the 2 max potion
3 catcher
2 max potion
2 e. retrevial
4 rare candy
4 ultra ball
1 scoop up cyclone (the card that makes the 3-3 tech even easier to run in this deck w/o max potion)

1) For Hydreigon to rotate out darkrai must also rotate out. as it is one set behind.
2)Hydreigon is from DRX which either itself or DEX will be rotated to. If they follow the closest "pattern" we have.
3)You couldn't play Rayeels if Hydreigon was rotated out because it would ALSO have rayquaza rotated.

0. You asked for this, I swear to god you asked for this.
1. Darkrai is a tin promo that is under a year old, even if we we're dragons exalted on we would still have darkrai
2. 4 sets per usual rotation to make up 1 year (every 4 months we get a set), dark explores is the 5th set and dragons exalted is the 6th set that doesn't make any sense per usual rotation.
3. Are you serious, like come on, read you're posts or check sets, because I'll admit I'm never on my mark all the time about sets which is why I get corrected "alot" at league a lot of the time, but still that's just stupid.
4. Next destines - on so none of this matters
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Kanto Region Champ
I want to make a deck with Toolbox Sigilyph and Tooldrop Trubbish.

I have tested this engine, I find sableye/trubbsih is the best way to go so you can stall with garbo and the enhanced hammer against plasma decks with nothing but special energy lines (deck really shuts down DK as it only use's special energy). So I'll give you a darkrai garbo engine, it's really the same thing, sigilyph is well, for a short term use, really easy to shut down and not worth play at all (so many top tier thing's and even low tier things shut it down, and you really need to keep it on the bench to make things happen and that's where people just like to take advantage of it, you could run mr.mime but catcher will really destroy it over all).

3 Sableye DEX (grabs tools back from opponent's that are using tool scrapper)
4 Trubbish (tool trubbish PLS 65)
3 Garbodor DRX (ability lock)
2 sigilyph (I still added it in just in case you want to run it)

Trainers - 39
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
3 Random Receiver
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Dark Patch
4 Float Stone
2 silver bangle
3 Pokémon Catcher
3 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
1 Tool Scrapper
2 Enhanced Hammer
1 Computer Search
2 Virbank City Gym
x level ball (whatever you have remaining)

Energy - 9
9 Darkness

You could take out cards to add in darkrai but it's not really needed, if you have elesa, which isn't that common of a card since it's in Japanese only, it's a really key card for this deck grabbing 3 tools from you're deck, however you could just run the regular supporter line and get a chance of drawing more then 3 per turn, if you do want to add elesa just take out the RR (random receiver) or the skyla (preferred) just so it doesn't destroy the decks synergy.
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Almost Done
Im looking to make a deck using the newer cards from the X and Y sets. Looking at the cards that we know to be in them currently, i am thinking of playing a greninja, kingdra, empoleon spread using cradily to bench them. My issue is that it takes a few turns to set up. How can I solve this problem. Knowing that Evolution Soda is coming in play I will be able to play that in order to get cradily out faster. Should I stick with the ultraball and root fossil combo to get lileep on the bench or do you suggest the lileep twist mountain method. There are so many decisions that need to be made here.

Im also thinking about Delphox/Emboar combo for energy acceleration. Also a greninja/ Dusknoir type deck with chandlure also.

Suggestions would be much appreciated. There is still time before the sets come out but I want to be prepared


Kanto Region Champ
Yes you should stick with being able to discard lileep turn 1, don't take out the ultra ball, twist mountain is a. only works for one card in you're deck overall, doesn't bring much in terms of universal synergy for the deck, b. to easy to counter with other players playing stadiums, c. to flippy to use successfully where as discarding it with ultra ball is far more consistent if you where to play 3 of each ultra ball and lileep. it is possibly better to run some piplup, use the evolutionary soda for empoleon and discard the lileep that way.

Not everything for X and y has been released its hard to make a list for something we don't know because we haven't seen, there could be better cards to make this list with.


New Member
I'm thinking of playing Salamence. I have two Scornful Storm and one Breakwing, but I'm not sure what else to run with it. I'm thinking something with Ghetsis and then start forecasting XY with what's been spoiled. Any ideas?


Comes out of Nowhere
I'm thinking about a deck that requires Damage swap Reuniclus along with Mew EX and the Gardevior from Legendary treasures.



Hi i like to try a grass deck but not the tipical virizion ex and genesect ex

and more like mewtwo ex, virizion ex, genesect from legendary treasures .....i need some ideas


Kanto Region Champ
Shayminslicker@ Reuniclus, mew EX and dmg gardi (hmmm, could.....

3-3 cradilly (basically faster setup for techs, this does work out to getting rid of a lot of dmg with serperior 100 per turn in theory, with enough bench sitters)
2 reuniclus
1-2 serperior (this is just to deal with excess dmg
2-1-1/3 (1 dual energy gardivoir, 3 LT gardivoir
1 mr. mime
You could put in mew EX, but you could end up losing the prize trade off in a big way and having the ability to just use super rod after the ko, switch to cradilly and blamo new gardi, attaché the 1 psychic, switch etc, instead of yes you candy a gardi, play mew, they get 2 prizes, versus they probably only manage 1 maybe 2.

2-3 super rod
3-4 ultra ball (possibly 4, just to get the turn 1 lileep).
4 N
4 juniper
3 skyla

LordDenn@ virizion genesect is the best way to go for grass decks, the 200 pretty much gives it that, catcher effect and no status effects. You could however go

2-3 virizion EX
3-4 buffolant
1 mr. mime
1 munna

3 bangle
4 laser
2 virbank
3 skyla
4 N
4 juniper
4 ultra ball

Or virizion mewtwo

3-4 virizion EX
4 mewtwo EX

4 lasers
2 virbank
4 n
4 juniper
3 skyla
2 enhanced hammer (mewtwo start against yeti is terrible


PKMN Master Chad
I have a Shaymin EX/ Genesect (BW Promo 99) Deck, It works decently well, I recently bought Ian whiton's World Championship Deck and I really like the Accelgor in it, I have no idea what to make a deck around. I need ideas. I have a 60 Card Grass Deck which kinda sucks, I mainly use Laser/Virbank for knockouts, Help anyone?