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The Great Me!
Okay so it's been a LONG LONG LONG while since I've been on these forums but I became kinda interested in getting back into the TCG.

Anyway, I'd like to try out a Fairy-type deck or any kind of deck that involves Fairy-types. I know. Doesn't exactly sound specific. Well, here's the catch: I wish to try out a Fairy-type deck or any kind of deck that involves Fairy-types but, more specifically, ONLY composes of cards from the XY expansion onwards. Oh and the higher the tier, the better. I know there are a couple of pretty good cards like Xerneas EX, Xerneas, Slurpuff and Aromatisse but I wanted to see what's the best-possible Fairy-type deck one can build using only XY-era cards.

So, any ideas?


since X&Y official english card list is not out yet, here is an idea of a deck which follows the japanese X&Y card list. Feel free to fine tune the deck as it is just a concept without play test.

pokemon: 13
4 x Xerneas
3 x Xerneas EX
3 x Spritzee -> 3 x Aromatisse

Trainer: 30
3 x Fairy Garden
4 x Muscle Band
4 x Hard Charm
4 x Professor Sycamore
4 x Shauna
3 x Tierno
2 x Evolution Soda
4 x Super Potion
2 x Red Card

Energy: 17
13 x Fairy Energy
4 x Double Colorless Energy

Xerneas is used for energy accelerate your Xerneas EX and as your sub attacker against anti-EX like suicane and sigilyph, in which both are 1HKO.
Xerneas EX will be your main attacker, use the first attack to aim at those benched EX pokemon and attached an muscle band against 180HP. So, when they come in play, you use the second attack and 1HKO them.
Aromatisse is to move the energy accelerated by Xerneas as Xerneas can only attached 1 per benched pokemon and not 2 to 1 pokemon. Also, the new super potion text in JP make it such that it can still heal even if the pokemon has no energy attached. Hence, you can use it in conjunction with its ability also. The english text for super potion might be different so you might want to replace it if it cannot heal without discarding energy
Hard Charm is mainly used to protect the Xerneas you use to charge other benched and also to protect the benched Aromatisse or active Spritzee which you might be forced to be active in first turn.
Rest is used based on situation.

slurpuff is not included because adding it will mean a minimum of another 2-2 line if you want it to constantly appear in your play. Also, some special condition can be recovered by retreating and retreating is free due to fairy garden in conjuction with Aromatisse ability which you can just move an energy, retreat and move the energy to others again. If future X&Y expansion has cards like level/ultra ball, you can consider moving spritzee to a 2-2 line with a 1-1 or 2-2 line slurpuff and replace some energy or trainer with those balls.
and yes, double colorless is in X&Y. its under the Y collection is JP pack while rainbow energy is in X.
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Kanto Region Champ
^ the list you offered didn't seem to offer a lot of technical options, or ohkos, which is what a deck needs to do to create some kind of an impact in the format right now, this is a skeleton list, so I'm not 100% on the deck total, however every card mentioned should be in the list.

3 xerneas
3 xerneas EX
2-2 Aromatisse
2-2 slurpuff

9 fairy energy
3 prism energy (insert tech pokemon cards that give you're deck an edge for the format you play in)

3 shuana
2 N
4 juniper
3 skyla
2 colress
2 evolutionary soda
3 muscle band
3 lasers
2 virbank
2 fairy garden
2 switch
1 super rod
3 max potion (super potion is okay, but you have to discard an energy, if you fairy trans you're energy you lose nothing and heal everything)
3 ultra ball
2 level ball
1-2 tool scrapper


^i would put things like N or laser in the deck also but requester specified only XY expansion onwards. so i cant include more usable trainer/supporter like N instead of tierno or ultra/level ball as they are all B&W /plasma series.
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Kanto Region Champ
noobacc@ You asked us to feel free to tune it so I did exactly that. To make a deck from one booster set isn't going to give the deck a lot of options, w/o search cards this deck is going to struggle to get going and will consistently flop more then it will succeed, but if that's what you want there is nothing to really suggest.


totally agree with you as im just following requester as he requested single set. nothing much can be done since it restrict too much so im just working within restriction. if we follow set rotation, your skeleton will make more sense since deck which have evolution will require search card and draw to get them inplay asap and both the trainer in deck and xerneas energy accelerate is quite dependent on the spritzee ability to be useful. so, its quite crucial to get them out asap. also, xerneas EX 140atk with laser and muscle band is very deadly as it ohko any 170hp ex and forces 180 to either retreat and die next turn with xerneas first atk or get an atk and die after their own turn and you get to atk another of opponent pokemon. so i actually totally agree with your skeleton if we work within the possible set rotation instead of single set only.

only thing i might change is that i will most probably either choose virbank or fairy garden and not both indeck and instead go for 4 laser and maybe 1-2 escape rope as fairy garden can also be use in sync with escape rope and the additional laser might come in hand sometime/ ;)

p.s. super potion got an upgrade in xy expansion. the new super potion now heal 60 instead of the old 40 and its text follows that of max potion, meaning it can heal without energy also. max potion is still overall better.
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Kanto Region Champ
Oh I see, just tell them it's just not worth it, the extra cards they need for the deck really only total 20$ tops, it's kind of really worth it, just considering that we probably won't have a x and y -on format for a year or more. There's possibly going to be a decent amount of stadiums wars, being flexible on what you can do with both in various ways.

60 and discard 1, not worth it, might as well just throw in 1 more switch and something for the engine so I can ko them before they can ko me, or cassius.
I was wanting to make 3 decks using cards from Base Set through Neo Destiny (basically all cards before supporters, poke powers, and poke bodies were made). One pokemon I wanted the deck to be based off of was Base Set Alakazam. Another one would be Base Set Blastoise. The last one would be Neo Genesis Typhlosion (the one with the fire recharge pokemon power). Basically I want to build the best decks possible including one of these pokemon in each deck. Thanks in advance.


Kanto Region Champ
I'm just going to write stoise right now.

Feraligator 5/111 riptide/downpour was known throughout that format as one of if not the best cards in the format, combine with stoise and energy flow, you could bill and oak half you're deck for up wards of 15 energy energy flow, discard 13 energy and deal 130 on that turn, a cycle through it 1 oak at a time

Skeleton for this list.
3-1-3 feraligator
2-1-2 stoise

20 water energy

4 prof oak
4 bill
4 recycle
3 energy flow
4 pokemon breeder


Kanto Region Champ
Cont... for stoise/feraligator, 4 energy amplifier, it basically searches the deck for 3 energy on a flip.

For alakazam (dmg swap), This possibly ran best with a simple deck like basics/haymaker where playing down a basic, getting hit by 50 dmg, no big deal, dmg swap to a benched chansey, pokemon center, ect, so.

skeleton list
4 hitmonchan
3 scythe
2 electabuzz
2 chansey
2-1-2 alakazam

4 bill
4 oak
4 recycle
4 pokemon centre (just so you know, this card is slightly dangerous as in it's a max potion for everything on the field, so make certain of who has the dmg on what before you use it)
2-3 breeder (one less for more tech options, 1 more for the use of alakazam if you favor it more then techs
2 computer search (ignore the acespec rule,

For typlosion, This one was rather hard to figure out for matchup to stoise (just take the auto loss once it's setup, there is nothing you can really do), but can still technically deal good dmg for a hit and run.

For basic pokemon you can run Blaine's moltres which has 90 hp and for 5 energy deals 90 dmg, but goes back into the deck on a flip or rockets which deals 40 and if it gets hit (even if ko'd) the attacking pokemon takes 10 dmg, if this pokemon also gets knocked out (60 hp, so yeah), goes right back into you're hand, or dive bomb moltres which has 70 hp and deals 80 on a flip, the other 2 will deal dmg and make great use in a combo to take out pretty much any deck uber fast. Or my fave, a very much so stand alone card, dark charizard with continuous fireball which deals 50 dmg x the number of heads, so you can deal upwards of 200 dmg on the flip (you could run dark typhlosion but 2 things, frist you need to run a dark version of the build, but you discard the fire energy, takes up space of the recharge, and loses energy and typhlosion takes a lot more dmg then charizard does on the flip side. Otherwise moltres and typhlosion are possibly better ran together.

the skeleton
3 blaines moltres (4 maybe, but it's kinda better to run mirror to typhlosion so you don't start with it more so then a cyndaquil start)
2 rockets moltres
4-1-4 typhlosion

4 bill
4 oak
4 recycle
4 breeder


Kanto Region Champ
Uhh you could, but unlike moltres which goes back into your deck and denys you're opponents of taking prizes either based on the amount of energy and or dmg counters on your active pokemon, charzard does not. Charizard is a strong card hitting for the 100 yes but has some down falls on those fronts, you could be safe and play both just in case.


Comes out of Nowhere
I want to make a fairy deck with Xerneas EX. And Balloon barrage wigglytuff. (Not a lot of options for fairy cards)


Kanto Region Champ
Uhhh, so you just want to make a fairy deck? I won't offer just fairy pokemon cards in this list as just the attackers, there needs to be something else that helps it out, xerneas's big 140 attack for 4 energy is a big problem for xerneas, yes it can deal a lot of dmg but then the turn after something such as deoxys and yveltal can then come in and for deoxys 2 energy and a muscle band or for yveltal 3 energy and a laser or a muscle band steal an OHKO and put you back to square 1 at assembling all of those energy you worked so hard on. I think its wise that if you want a pure fairy deck to wait 1-2 more sets to see what else there is until that time, this is all I can offer.

Orthodox fairy list
3 Xerneas xy
3 xerneas EX
2-2 aromatisse
2-2 slurpuff
1 mewtwo EX (not optional, if you have yveltal EX, you can play that instead, rainbow energy and prisim)

9 fairy energy
4 prism/DCE

Something else that does well
1 Xerneas xy
1 xerneas EX
2-2 aromatisse XY (the engine)
2 thundurus EX (raiden knuckle
3 Deoxys EX (power connect, ohko anything with a lot of energy attached to it
1 yveltal EX (evil ball, ohko anything with a lot of energy attached to it with psychic weakness
1 kyurem PLF (frost spear
1 terrakion LT (retaliate, ohko darkrai
1 palkia EX (optional attacker, can OHKO a Rayquaza EX with 1 muscle band and deoxys benched
1 virizion EX

4 fairy energy
4 prisim energy
4 rainbow energy
2 plasma energy

(from here it'll look the same)
4 N
4 juniper
2 shauna
2 skyla
1 colress
2-3 max potion
3 ultra ball
1 plasma ball
2 tool scrapper
1 super rod
2 muscle band
2 plasma badge (this is for the secondary list so xerneas EX can hit for 170 per turn
3-4 switch
1 computer search or dowsing machine
2-3 fairy garden

Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
I'm working on a water deck based on the new Greninja. I have a list of cards I've been playing around with but I don't know if it's the right direction to go in. The idea is to have a couple Greninja on the bench to dish out damage every turn while someone like Keldeo, Mewtwo, or Blastoise is out as my active. I don't know if Deluge and Water Shuriken fit in the same deck together, but I have no intention of running Blastoise and Blastoise EX in the same deck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Froakie Bounce
Greninja Water Shuriken
Keldeo EX
Mewtwo EX
Squirtle Shell Shield
Blastoise Deluge
Blastoise EX
M Blastoise EX
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Kanto Region Champ
^ what are your amounts on cards to play? As in how many of each? this really helps on consistency counts.

Personally I would rather not worry about using EX's to hide behind my basics, most times they will try and KO the EX's for an easy win, You'll find overall you'll last longer if you don't play them in a deck full of basics, versus just play stoise is a completely different story as all of those cards rely on stoise to work the strategy, this doesn't need to and can take a better prize trade off then the latter where as you take 2 prizes and they only take 1... usually (lugia EX), if you want a list for stoise, below this list is a very basic run at the list.

4-3-4 greninja
2-0-2 dusknoir (dmg manipulation, this is how you make the dmg work much more effectively, having 10 dmg on everything versus 30 on 1 just means they'll potion the 1 and your back to square 1
2 or 4 suicune (safeguard)
(optional but kingdra with dragon vortex so you get the discarded energy back in the form of an attack, 3-1-3 or 2-1-2 line)

4 N
3 juniper
2 colress
4 skyla

Xx silver mirror (GG plasma
Xx tool scrapper (GG garbodor
2 evo soda
3 ultra ball
3 level ball
4 rare candy
2 profs letter (this is so you can consistently use the attack when you want to
4 energy retrieval (you could use SER, but you want to minimize on what you discard if possible)

Xx water energy (17 max on all energy counts is fine

As for that blastoise list I mentioned......

4-0-4 stoise (EX)
1 baby BK
2 keldeo

8 water
2 electric

4 N
4 juniper
4 candy
4 ultra ball
3 beach (which I'm using as OP out of date stadiums, so proxy if you can't afford, or 3 stadiums to counter plasma)
3 skyla
2 profs letter
2 catcher
1 level ball
1 max potion
1 dowsing machine
= 1 OP list.... minus scrapper.

It is always best to rely on simple things for an effective strategy, you could add slight changes, but as long as they don't compromise the consistency, good luck and have fun.
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Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
Thanks for your input, ven?

I didn't list amounts because I usually don't have a problem obtaining cards and if I don't have the quantity suggested I should be able to get them.

My friends and I don't play competitively. What do the following mean:
BKEX (Black Kyurem?)
Baby BK


Kanto Region Champ
BKEX or Black kyurem EX (black ballista)
Beach (Tropical beach)
baby BK (Black kyurem promo, the one that deals 100 dmg for 4 energy, kind of the same as BKEX, works wonders against, palkia EX, rayquaza EX, and BKEX
SER (superior energy retrieval, discard 2 search for 4 from your discard pile, works wonder for black ballista


Hi, I could use your guidance, totally new to the game but have a long TCG background.
Here is a deck I am doing and I intend to make at least to start 4 decks that can compete at that level. As you saw I have some sort of custom rules similar to some I've read in the 150.

(can't post links yet): Forum -> Trading Card Games -> Pokémon TCG Discussion -> Keldeo Unlimited Deck

I have another Darkrai deck 9will post decklist soon) very similar to the brew nowadays.

The other decks.....I want to do the Team Plasma Psy and not sure if Water or Electric which I think could be very strong with Deoxys and Metagross.

And then a lost Zone deck.

I have not cycled through all expansions yet, so I am not sure of what other cool archetypes be made....thou I am sure most will be based since EXs arrived as sets from the beginning had good Trainers but (now) bad Pokemon aside a few. Then in the middle...there was this era of balance....now the new ones are completely overpowering the old ones. Is my assessment correct?

Thanks for your time.