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Have I Missed Something?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Torchwood, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Torchwood

    Torchwood Beginning Trainer

    Today being the 26th September, and D/P coming out in 2 days, I am confused by the fact that so many people have D/P already. Did importing sites ship early or has the release date changed?
  2. The carter

    The carter Marsh Trainer

    never heard off the word: pre-order?
  3. Google Guru

    Google Guru Longtime Pokemon Fan

    Lol, I was wondering 'bout that too, 'till now. :p
  4. Awstin

    Awstin Well-Known Member

    they could have preorder
  5. Grass Guardian

    Grass Guardian Rags to Riches

    Well keep in mind that Japan's time zone is way different from ours. Although I'm not sure if they're ahead or behind, but I'm thinking, if they're ahead, it might already be early morning 28th. Not sure though. It could just be that the pre-order people just decided to ship out early in hopes that the games make it to their owners on the 28th. They're shipping all over the world.
  6. Brocko18

    Brocko18 Training telekinetic

    OH!!!!! LUCKY PEOPLE!!!! (excuse my lack of knowledge of release dates and such for I have not visited serebii in a month) If Japan is getting it in 2 days, then when the heck is the US getting it? I want one!!!!!!! :(( anyway, doesn't pre-order mean you order one, and get it the day it comes out, but you're just guarunteed a copy?
  7. Zoids11

    Zoids11 Nintendo Believer

    Along with PBR, we only know that P/D launches in Spring 2007. *hopes for sooner*
  8. Zee-V70

    Zee-V70 Well-Known Member

    I believe it's -14 Hours. I was wondering about it, too.
  9. Munchlax 357

    Munchlax 357 DUR DUR

    because ther lucky ~.~ and they pre ordered it lol :D
  10. whonext360

    whonext360 Renegade Trainer

    well serebii is in england so if japan is like 14 hours ahead it is really ahead in england.
  11. ilabb

    ilabb omfg hax

    Places like Play-Asia will send their pre-order orders out as soon as they recieve the game itself. This helps them be able to send out the games as soon as possible for the people who don't pre-order after the official release date rolls around.
  12. dabattousai

    dabattousai Hikozaru Trainer

    Sadly I pre-ordered from Play-Asia and my game is still in Preparing Order and then the money is credited back to my debit card...WTF!?
  13. Hukuzo

    Hukuzo Beginning Trainer

    I just assumed that Nintendo sent it to them early because they own this site.
  14. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

  15. D.andthe.K

    D.andthe.K Pocket Monster

    Or people have been using roms and flashcards..I think the roms showed up late last night/early this morning
  16. TooCoolScyther

    TooCoolScyther Sea Ruby Trainer

    Official Release date: Sept 28. If you work with sites or business... whatever. You have hookups. You can get games earlier to test it out/play with it.

    I had a cousin who had a video game site before. Companies send him games for free like a few days or a week ahead of the release date... so that he can play it and post a review. This case is no different.

    As for those who have no idea how far ahead Japan is... seriously. Not to be mean, but they teach that in school. No city/country is ahead by 24 hours +. Common sense people.
  17. Rafear

    Rafear Shadow Tamer

    I dont think Serebii would use ROMs arent they Illegal? (If so I dought that he used one)
  18. pwn3d91

    pwn3d91 Munchlax is greedy

    personally I go about the "R" word.
  19. Randu

    Randu Beginning Trainer

    The world has 24 timezones, an Japans is around GMT +10-12, I don't remember exactly. And 'cause there is 24 timezones, in Japan can't b 28th when in America is 26. When in America is 27th, in some point in Japan is morning of 28th. Here in FInland, it's around 9pm when in Japan is 8am.
  20. AuroraDark

    AuroraDark Active Member

    That has nothing to do with anything. Don't try and act sarcastic when you don't even know what you're talking about yourself.

    The reason people have received copies "before" the release date is that this game actually came out on the 26th in Asia (outside Japan). It's very common for games to be released a few days earlier there than the official JP date.

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