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Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

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Hydro King

The Water Master
I lost to him the first time, but that was before I started EV training my Pokemon. Now I beat him every time!:)


Well-Known Member
ive sen the first one but i havent beat him..

Ultimate Glalie

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Yeah, his first team was quite easy. I pwned his Pokemon with my Max Attack + Speed Garchomp. Then his second team pwned me. >.< Hmm... Maybe I should try a Starmie and a Weavile...

E4 Edo

Well-Known Member
I beat him with no EV pokemon i got really scare i use a team of


His rypherior and my electivire knock each other (well i beat his ryperior but it had 15 hp left and milotic killed it)

Alakazam half Milotic hp and then died

Rampardos nearly die with milotic and one hit KO his last pokemon, dragonite with a stone edge


Pokémon Trainer
I've always beaten him, even though the first time I faced his Rhyperior I was caught off gaurd, but I only lost one Pokemon to his surprises =D


Active Member
just beaten Tycoon for the first time, using my BL team consisting of Toxicroak, Lopunny and Ludicolo.

Rhyperior was taken down with a couple of cross chops from toxi, his milotic took a while with consistent use of recover, but i managed to leech him with ludi, with the help from a handy iron ball switcheroo from lopunny.
my toxi switched into the battle with milotic with 10%, and leech seed coupled with dry skin recovery he came out with 100%, eventually poison jabbed milotic to KO.
Dragonite dragon rushed toxi taking him down to 10%, i thought "meh, will sacrifice toxi as i know ludicolo can own this dude" so i poison jabbed a couple of times when dragonite obviously thought it would be funny to aqua tail (or something, it was a water move anyway) my toxi, letting my little poison frog recover lost hp. one last poison jab and he was down.

proud of my non generic, BL team for competing just as well as any OU generic team. go go switcheroo!


Time Traveller
I have beaten Palmers first Team several times with only one Pokemon: Milotic (moves: Hydro Pump (Rhyperior), Toxic (Milotic) , Ice Beam (for Dragonite) and Recover) but I've never made it to the second Battle as everytime I'm in the last battle before going to Palmer again my Team gets killed by OHKO moves (which of course do always hit). Since then, I've hated Seaking from my very core and banded it out of my PC boxes. Really I could take that guy cut of his stupid horn with whom he always horndrills me away and then fry him and give him to my real fish for food. :mad:


<Insert Title Here>
i beat his second team with my garchomp (obliterated heatran with earthquake (4x effective)) then used lucario's fighting attacks against regigigas (focus blast) and finally beaten cresselia with salamence's crunch


Oh god! The imagery!
Yep, i beat him first time with just my Venusaur :D

Still Trying to get to his second team though, i keep losing in the 7th streak before i get to him, it's so annoying!


Well-Known Member
Aww...I met Palmer at first time and he beat me...My Blastoise take out Rhyperior with Surf and Dragonite with Ice beam slightly,but when he uses Miloic-Hypnosis,Hydro pump,Blastoise fainted/Hydro pump,Blaziken fainted/Hypnosis,Dragon pulse,Salamence fainted.......I "have lucky..."


Rather Odd...
I haven't reached him yet...
I don't really know if I want to either
Is there really a purpose?
I don't even like the battle tower, lol
Except for the two-person double battles
But that's about it

E4 Edo

Well-Known Member
I beat im the first time but second time he pwned me


Light Ball Collector
I haven't been able to face him for a long time.....
I don't intentionally want to break my current record just to face him
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