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Have you ever cried PLAYING pokemon?

Commander Pluto

Paradise Kiss
Yes, I did.

You just can`t hold yourself in the Hearthome Church or in the Pokemon Tower!

In the Church, there is a boy who says something about friendship, and it is so Beautiful!! T_T

So, post the moments where you cried in pokemon! : )


lol. No, i haven't

I don't get that much into a game. There are times when I get frustrated but I never, ever cry when playing games. I doubt that many people cry as well................


Back in MY day...
I have a few times, when I released a few pokemon. And they were useless, like Oddish and Magikarp. I had like 5 Oddish, a Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. I had a Gyrados too.

Yea, I'm weird like that lol. But it weas only once, I released them all one after the other.

I've released pokemon since and I haven't cried, so I'm rather proud of myself lol.

And this should be in Pokepolls or something.

Edit: Well, Erik got to it before I could tell someone. Erik is rather efficient, isn't she?


Active Member
I dont beleive i ever have. lol i have gotten a little mad :) before if something i wanted to happen in pokemon didnt haha


gone gently
I don't recall ever crying during a main game, but the Mystery Dungeon series has brought me to tears a few times.


Well-Known Member
i have when in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games when the player turns back into a human and the partner is sad

mystic gallade

Mystic Leader
in the mystery dungeon games i cried when my character had to go
call it babyish but the things that the partner says moves you then he starts crying
i just couldnt help myself


Pokemon Prof.
No not really, I mean I thought I lost all the Pokemon on my ranch once, but it didnt make me cry. No pokemon game has, ever!


Come to me...
When I was younger, I used to cry out of frustruation when I reached a hard part. But that hasn't been for a long while.


don't pee in my lake
I also cried at the part in mystery dungeon when you have to leave your partner. Emotionally moving stuff gets me sometimes.

During the actual pokemon series? I don't think so about the game itself, but sometimes I am playing to take my mind off of my real life problems and might be crying about that while playing. It depends how awful the issue.