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Have You Ever *GASP* Whited Out?


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Plenty of times in the elite 4. And only once on the the way to fortree city.


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i did once, not counting delebrate (sp?) whiting outs. In FR, I was an idiot and did't heal after facing brock, and the first trainer i saw ended me (it was a freaking lass to, imagine the embarrasment >.<)


From Zero To Hero
Well I couldn't find a "Weird thing that happened while playing a POKéMON game" so I wanna post something here related to Whiting Out.

One time I was getting off my couch, as there was a really staticy blanket on me, so when I got up and touched my GameBoy, after 2 hours of work, I static shocked it and it reset itself!! I was so ******, but forgot about posting about it until it happened again yesterday, but luckily it happened 2 seconds after turning it on, so I didn't lose much ground. GOD I HATE STATIC!!


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many times.....-___-


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Yes at the part where you face your rival by Trick Master's house.

Oh, yeah! I did, too! I had completely forgotten about that time. I remember I made some stupid mistake because I wasn't paying attention to what was happening in the battle (I think I used Ember, or something like that, on Marshtomp, when I could've very easily used Double Kick on him to finish him off).


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Yeah, I've also gone down in the battle tower a few times by mistake. My DS reads pressing A as 2 times and made me use a fighting move on a Dusclops to end the battle. -_- I was at around 60 too.


They best be trollin
Lots of times in every pokemon game.
Me too. 8D
I faint here and there. :B
This one time in Victory Road, I only had my Blastoise left and I was fighting a Lapras.
I had Ice beam, Surf, Rain Dance and Bite[?]
Yeah... He had another pokemon, Perish Song and rest.
Nuff said?

Forretress Fan

Let's Go
It happened to me quite alot in FireRed
The pidgeys were at lv 11 for some reason on the road to Virdian City~
Nope, I blacked out.
The last time I had it was in R/B/Y.
Now I'm smart enough to save before big battles, so I can turn the game off if I see that I'm not going to make it.


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GASP yes I have alot!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm not kidding!
I can't name them all! I can't name any


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When I was doing my all-blaziken run, I whited out only once.
It was against Drake, the elite four dragon trainer.
Wallace was easy. Sky uppercut pwned him.


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I whited out tons of times, mosty in my first games (red and gold) but I still do sometimes.


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Never, I've only blacked out (while playing Pokemon Blue) ;)


a few weeks ago in the battletower at the battlefrontier, i accedently choose open level instead of lv50 which kinda whiped me out mercyless._.