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Have you ever not used a pokemon of a certain type in your teams?


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I think

Poison (but currently playing USUM with a Salazzle)
Normal (they always end up being in the box)
Dark (i think? but will change when the time is right, i just didn't happen to use a dark pokemon ever SURPRISINGLY)
Bug (but currently playing with a Charjabug in USUM)


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I’ve used every type but I’ve only used a Steel Type once


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Weirdly, I was thinking about this very topic earlier today.
I think of all the types out there, the one I've definitely used the least is Ghost. It was only in Let's Go that I used Gengar, but I can't think of any other time I've used that type in my playthroughs.
Following that, my least used types would be Normal (as a primary type at least), Poison, Steel and Psychic.


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As far as I can remember I've used every type, but I think Dragon is the type I've used the least, Flygon and Altaria are the only Dragons I remember using off the top of my head.


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I've used every single type, although some types like Bug and Fairy are less common on my teams than other types. When it comes to Bug-types specifically, I just find most of them to be weak unless they have a good secondary typing.


I have used every type but it wasn't until gen 7 that I used a normal or ghost type on one of my elite 4 teams, (Thought I did have a Smeargle on my HGSS team and a Bidoof on my Diamond team, they both got swapped out for other pokemon pretty early on.)


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I've tried just about everything, but I almost never use Normal type Pokemon by virtue of the Normal type having no type advantage.


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I don’t think a type I’ve used a lot is Rock type besides HM slave. I can’t remember ever using one on my team.


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I have used every type, but the one i probably used the least was Ground.

Even though it is the only type effective against Electric, there aren't that many species to chose from and most of them have designs that i find it too basic.

I think the only ground pokémon that i have used is Gliscor.

Poison types are a close second.

Steel types aren't that common, but i have already used Empoleon, Aegislash, Magnezone, Lucario and Excadrill. Also, i wouldn't mind using a Scizor aswell on my next playthrough.
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Probably the only type I have never used in a team is ghost, that's just a type I've never had an interest in training or mastering. Steel has mostly been limited to the magnemite family and empoleon, bug to Dustox up to the first two Hoenn gyms (and vespiquen for sweet scent in X), and rock to golem.


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I don't use Ice-types much, mostly because they're horrible defensively and Water-types (which I love) usually learn Ice Beam anyway.

I also rarely use Rock, simply because Ground-types do their job better.


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From Emerald until the last months of generation 4, so about five years my team structure was usually 4 Pokemon that were at least water or ice, a steel Pokemon and a Dragon/flying Pokemon.
Vaporeon, Crawdaunt, Kingdra, Suicune, Registeel and Rayquaza was the most common combination I used against my friends. We made up fictional (villain) teams that only used certain types
and most of us stuck to our teams for years. By the end of gen 4, the friend group had fallen apart and I really started getting into online and I introduced other types to my teams again. I still had my collection of water, ice, steel and dragon Pokemon until generation 5, but sadly I lost most of that when my first copy of Black broke. After that I diversified my collection of good/decent Pokemon for online use very extensively.


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I often tend not to use poison types, but at this point, i may of used a few. Mostly really cute ones probably.

EDIT: Same with ghosts probably.


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Since I've never played any of the Generation VI+ games, I've yet to use a Fairy-type on my team.


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I think I’ve used every type but I’ve only used 2 fairy types Gardevoir and Azumarill in oras.Only used like three steel types Aggron,Aegislash,and Magnezone


My memory might be fuzzy, but I don't think I've ever used a Poison-type Pokemon on my teams, at least not as a permanent team member. I used a Nidoking for a few days when I played Red version, but it didn't even know any Poison-type attacks, nor did I keep it on my team long enough for it to count.


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Let me see: I've used... Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Water...

That leaves Ice and Rock. I never took any Ice-types because there's almost none early-game except for really terrible ones like Smoochum, and none of the Rock-types like Geodude appealed to me, even with the wide variety at Ten Karat Hill. I also just left my Mystery Gift Rockruff in the PC for all of Ultra Moon.

I've also got my all-Galar team planned out for Shield, and I don't plan on using any of the new Ice and Rock-types like Rolycoly or G-Darumaka. Maybe on my second playthrough I'll pick up a Coalossal.


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I never use Rock, Steel or Ice types in my playthroughs, since I think they have too many weaknesses. I did use a Bug-type once, though, and it was Leavanny in Black 2.