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Have you ever recruited a Pokémon that's an NPC in the game and pretended to be it?

Have you ever recruited a Pokémon that's an NPC in the game and pretended to be it?

You know how Wigglytuff is the Guildmaster in PMD 2? So it's like recruiting a Wigglytuff and walking around in the Guild pretending to be him. So have you ever done something like this?

I know I have. Back when i got PMD 2 and saw a wild Bidoof, I really thought it was him and tried to recruit him. I was disappointed when I found out he wasn't an NPC lol


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Um, actually, you can only walk around as someone who isn't the starter you chose at the beginning in dungeons, except in the first PMD games. In other words, you cannot be a Wigglytuff while you are in the guild.
But that doesn't stop you from being Treecko, evolving, and pretending to be the Grovyle from the future. And, like I said, you can walk around as different Pokemon in the first PMD games, so you could run around as Gengar or something. Or even Persian, who evolves from Meowth, a starter, so you don't even have to recruit him.
And, to answer your question, I never have, but I'm going to. ;D


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Back when my sister watched me play PMD2, I would take a Bidoof to a dungeon with me and we would pretend that it was the annoying Bidoof from the guild. :p


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Tyranitar's team was with Charizard and Alakazam, right? That was team ACT, wasn't it...? I don't remember xD But I'm about to find out, seeing as I've restarted Blue.

As for what you're saying, I did change the leader in EoT to Chatot so I could run around and pretend to be doing the morning chant xD


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I AM Grovyle ( I evolved )right now and i showed my brother and He said:
OMG HAX!!!!!1111!!!

Your brother is kind of stupid, then :p Treecko -> Grovyle -> Sceptile, isn't it..?