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Have you ever thought of restarting one of your pokemon games?


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I may restart HeartGold and Diamond. But, Platinum and SoulSilver are off limits.

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The Lazy Trainer
Actually, Today was the first time I Restarted a game. I'm doing a monotype water challenge on my Fire red. Probably not gonna restart any of my 4th gen games anytime soon though.


Rox your Sox
Thought? I have restarted games, like Platinum and Diamond. BUT. I shall never ever restart my Pearl.


I've restarted my emerald game at least three times over, I've restarted leaf green once or twice, and I've restarted both Gale of Darkness and Colosseum once each. Mostly, it was because I had really enjoyed the games and wanted to play through the story mode again, trying out different teams that I hadn't tried before.

I've never restarted any of my gen IV games though, and I doubt I ever will. I'll certainly never restart HeartGold or Platinum. The only reason I restarted my Gen III games was because I was able to gut them of the rare pokemon and items and store them on another game. Or in the case of XD and Colosseum, I just needed a different memory card to start a new game. If I had an efficient way to move my pokemon from Pearl, I'd think about restarting that one too. But, alas, I have only the one DS, so transferring pokemon and items is a royal pain. :p


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I really really wanna restart SS, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't beat Red first.
But yeah, I've restarted a few times. Usually when I forget about the game for a while, come back and have no clue where I am.
Did anyone have a friend 'accidentally' save over their game before? I did. Pokemon Ruby was never the same. *aannngrryyyy face*


Fear the Deer
Oh, all the time. Many of my games are restarted constantly. However, some I'll never restart.


Breathe Deep
I restart all of my games frequently. I'm a control freak and a perfectionist, so if something happens that I don't like, I restart.


You will evolve too!
Never to be honest. I put so much effort on them so i do not want to lose all that. At least willingly. My Gold is dead because of the battery, so as soon as i fix it i will restart this (a real pain to be honest, i had more than 700 hours of play time in it -__-)

No way i'm gonna restart Platinum though. I'm really attached to this save file (as attached as a human person can be towards graphics XD)
i've never started my platinum over, but i've started diamond over numerous times, and then i've restarted emerald many times. Before that, I used to start my gold and red over about once a month
I've only restarted my older games...like Yellow, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, etc.
Any DS games I have, I haven't restarted.
I have too many Pokemon that I'm attached to do that. x]


Think Magical!
just restarted my platinum
i was kind of IDK about the decision due to the fact i had a ponage battle video but whatever


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wow i didn't know people didn't restart, i do it ALLLLLLLLL the time, not even just to ship masterballs and stuff to other games, i just get bored easy once i beat the E4 and remember that i suck at the battle frontier


Haters Gonna Hate
Everygame I restart once, the first playthrough is to learn where the best training spots are, and where to find my favorite pokemon. The 2nd playthrough is like a revamped version of my 1st, I use my favorite pokemon now that I know where to get them, ad I'm usually on par with my opponent's levels.


Back in the USSR
Obviously. I've restarted every game I have at least once, other than HeartGold. But that's why there's SoulSilver :p Yeah, it does hurt to see all that hard work getting wiped back to zero, but it's always fun starting a journey anew. As of 4th gen, I'll keep HG as my main game, which I won't ever restart, and transfer Pokemon which I want to keep from the other games there.