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Have you ever wished you bought the other version?

Have you ever had regrets over the version you bought in a pair of games?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • No

    Votes: 11 55.0%

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Well-Known Member
I think this should be a simple enough question. When you buy one of the two versions when a new main-series game comes out, did you ever come to regret your choice and wish you'd bought the other version instead?

I'm not talking about wishing you'd waited to buy the third version, as those are intentionally designed to be a more complete version then the previous games within that region. What I mean is when you bought one of two paired, theoretically equal quality versions of a game did you come to wish you had bought the other version?

I have experienced this only once, with the first fifth gen games. I bought Pokemon White version for reasons I cannot remember and I was already regretting my choice halfway through the game. I'd discovered halfway through that Black and White had a technology and nature theme respectively, and I've always preferred technology and the indoors over nature. I'd initially preferred Zekrom's design but later come to like Reshiram more. I'd also just learnt that Solosis and Gothita were exclusive to White and Black respectively, and due to always considering myself part an admirer of the alternative subcultures, I'd much prefer a Gothic Lolita chick Pokemon on my team as opposed to a cell division.... thing XD

I didn't have any pokemon playing friends to trade with at the time, so i was really stuck with my choices.

Anyway, what about the good people of serebii forums, have you ever wished you bought the other version?


Event Collector
Same as you really, when it came to BW. I bought White then realised how I was missing Black City and how awesome it is. The regret sank in.

I made up for it with Black 2 :p

I bought OR this time, although I'm tempted to get AS just for the second steelbook to add to my collection, not that I'd see it as 'better' than OR, mind. :)


Well-Known Member
I played Black because I liked Reshiram more, but I didn't know I was supposed to play Black 2, too, as I think Black Kyurem looks really stupid.


Well-Known Member
Well, I wouldn't call it regret because I did it on purpose, but I would've preferred white over black I think. That's the version I originally wanted to get, but my brother really wanted white so I figured "well whatever, I'll just get black then nbd" just so we'd have alternating versions. Black City was really empty and boring imo. Funny you guys are saying you wish you got black - maybe I was better off after all? xD I didn't put many hours into the game so all in all it didn't matter much.
I usually come in to possession of both versions at some point anyway, so I don't have that problem.


Momentai, bro.
I wish that I had gotten Black 2 instead of White 2 because I find that I really like Zekrom over Reshiram and that carries over to the Kyurem forms.

Right now I'm looking to potentially get Y version as well though I don't necessarily regret getting X., I just kind of wish I'd gotten Y first. As for the new games, I don't have either and I'm really debating on which to buy. I'm sure that my other half wants AS so I'll probably be going with OR.

Ditto B1tch

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No, because I'm smart and I use emulator and roms, so I play both of them. Then I save money to spend on other stuff.


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No, because I'm smart and I use emulator and roms, so I play both of them. Then I save money to spend on other stuff.
But you can't really trade and use stuff like the GTS on Rom's right? I feel like that takes half the fun out of the games, considering trading is kinda Pokemon's gimmick.

Anyways, my answer on the topic is a very recent "yes". Without really trying to, for whatever reason I always picked the "blue side" versions of the games, and by that I basically mean how all the games are separated into warm/cool colored versions. Red to blue, Gold to Silver, Ruby to Sapphire, etc.(interestingly sales wise, the warmer color version always sells better)

So I've done that until this most recent generation, where I picked OR, and I regret it. Because up until then I've always had the lesser picked version, meaning it's easier to trade with people because you have the "rarer" pokemon. Now it's not a big deal, but I feel like I ruined my streak.


Mild Monk
I really wanted to buy X, but because both my friend and my sister bought X, they pressured me to buy Y, so I caved. Xerneas was always my favorite out of the two, and now I have to wait for the theoretical Z/Y-2 version to collect one with my own Trainer ID.


Well-Known Member
In reverse i regret buying black and black 2. I barely played Gen V so the White and Japanese White 2 were really all i needed.