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Have you ever won the Pokemon Lottery?

Have you ever won the Pokemon Lotto?

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Pokemon breeder
Have you ever matched all the ID numbers and won the grand prize? I personally have matched all but one number, so I've only won second.

Pokeman Man

The Real Slim Shady
Closest I've ever gotten is missing two numbers. Maybe I should wonder trade more :eek:


Momentai, bro.
Yeah I've only ever been 2 numbers away and never won. Kind of sucks >_> *its so close I can feel it creeping up my thighs*

Ditto B1tch

Well-Known Member
No, because I don't waste my time in these stupid lottery and corner games.

I already got Pokerus, which is much better.


Old User: OtakuGamer
Yes, it was in Pokemon White 2. It must have been luck of the draw considering the fact I only had two boxes full of pokemon. It was a long time ago so I don't quite remember what I won.....

Then again, I never actually tried using various Pokemon to increase my chances.


Never Say Forever
I have never won any of the regular ID-based lotteries, but I did win a Master Ball in one of my Rank 10 lotteries in Join Avenue once.

Murder Doll

Button Presser
I have won it numerous times, granted I wonder trade away all of my breeding rejects so I got a lot of ID Numbers to work with.


Well-Known Member
Yes, once in Pokemon Pearl, I have many Pokemon transferred from multiple saves of previous games and used to frequently win PP ups and occasionally the other prizes


yes I'm back
More than half my pokemon have different OT numbers (since I switch them from version to newer version and use the GTS a lot) so yes. Numerous times, in fact.


Hi remind me to change this
I won once in Black 2 and then before I could save my Dsi shutdown :(