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Have You Ever?

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Satoshi & Touko

Peanuts aren't just a nut.

Have you ever said no to ice cream?

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
Of Course. My major was Veterinary technology in college.

Have you ever designed your own version of something because you thought you could do a better job?


Petal Blizzard
I have. One or two vids showcasing some creations I made in a game editor. About 7 years ago. And that's it.

Have you read an entire book trilogy in one week?


Yes, I was bored so I read through this series in a week.

Have you ever managed to talk your way out of a school assessment?


telekinetic Trainer
yes I have , unfortunately it was in my dominant hand my left

can you sing any of the Japanese Pokemon opening themes


Fairy Tailer
I've had my sister lock me out, but never for more than an hour...

Have you ever broken something at a friends house and not said anything?


Smart Cookie
Nope. Too careful and too honest.

Have you ever doodled in an actual book with words in? Like a novel or textbook, not a sketchpad.


I am Shadow the Pup!
Um... I hope not... Please let child me be smart D:

Have you ever seen a cat jump onto a roof (my cat did just then XD)
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