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Have You Ever?

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Paladin of the Snow Queen
Only once or twice since I have a medication to take every day that's annoying to pack.

Have you ever gone to sleep in a dream, had another dream, realized you were in a dream, and then woke back up in the first dream?


Canada Connoisseur
I don't think so.

Have you ever built a sandcastle?

I think I did, when I was really little, during one of our day-trips to the seaside. Luckily at that time Sandygast and Palossand weren't yet invented, so I didn't have my soul swallowed up. :D

Have you ever caught a Legendary Pokémon in something other than a Master/Ultra/Timer Ball?


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
Nope :3 Would be scared to, as well XD

Have you ever tried to eat a candy with the wrapper still on? xD
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