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Have You Ever?


Have you ever watched the TV show Scrubs?
Fox and Jackal, yes, but not the others.

Have you ever been caught cheating in a public exam?


it's about the CUBES
Nope, I don't cheat. Too busy freaking out that I won't have enough time to finish that when I burn through all the questions there's 30 minutes left in the exam.

Have you ever been outside of your home country?
Yes, multiple times.

Have you ever travelled waterways?

Kung Fu Ferret

The Great Dreamer
Took a ferry while on vacation in New York, felt nauseous for an hour even when I was back at the hotel.

Have you ever been to your country's capital?


I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
yup I hate snow

have you ever seen a tornado with your own eyes?
Maybe, not quite sure.

Have you ever been caught in a hailstorm?
No, because I can't swim.

Have you ever gone rollerskating?


No, I'm quite clumsy, so I would probably just end up injuring myself.

Have you ever won in a lottery?