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Have You Ever?


A Trickster and his Not-Cat

Have you ever fallen asleep while playing a video game?


Pokemon Crystal is my happy place
I've come close to it, but I don't think i've ever truly hated someone. Thankfully there is no one horrible enough in my life to hate. Though I do hate certain people in power in my country at the moment :')

Have you ever lost something really important?
many times, the last one was my wallet
couldn't drive (my driver's license inside), couldn't buy anything either at a long work day as my bank card is in my wallet, that day gotten paid so didn't have spare change either, couldn't ask family to drop me off as they had left for work
good thing work location was only a 30 minute walking distance

have you drawn something you hated, others seem to love?
might have couple of times

have you ever forgotten to save a game, before shutting console off or running out of battery on hand held?
(loosing lots of progress - I did once, in Pokemon X, even caught a shiny Luxio in Friend Safari... went to work forgot to put the 3DS XL to charge, when I came back, out of battery)
yes, in 2015, I went to the hospital a day before, on my actual birthday I spent it in the hospital, it was early symptoms of a heart attack, I went home the day after my birthday
aside from that - the only other one time was in 2008 when I had the common cold

have you ever skipped a class in school?


once for like a few seconds, IDK what even happened, I stood up to turn on the TV, but apparently I stood up too hard, so I started getting dizzy and then I think I tripped

Have you ever completed the pokedex?