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Have You Ever?

Pink Harzard

So majestic
Yes, it doesn't taste well.

Have you ever been so unaware of the weather, tat you wore clothes that didn't suit said weather?


your wish is my strong recommendation
Yes, all the time in Grade 5. I would wear jeans in June.

Have you ever had one of those mugs that show things like pictures when it is heated?

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
No, they are very cool.

Have you ever read a good book?



Have you ever hung out with a band?


Nope (thankfully).

Have you ever helped an elderly person cross the street?


Gesshin Powered

Have you ever drew fan art of your favourite character?


Yes, I used to be obsessed with Toph from TLA. Drew lots of beyond awful pictures of her. I think I shredded all of them after coming across them about a year ago. It was a sad sad time for my art skills.

Have you ever accidentally blurt out the name of a Pokemon to someone who is not a fan?


Shiny Hunter
Sort of. My dad convinced my cousin once that a fat lady used to live in our house but she got so big she died cause she couldn't move, but she loooooved food anyways. At that second, a bowl of ice cream on the table moved. It was really just condensation under the bowl and it suctioned and moved, but it was hilarious to see him and all his tough guy friends freak the eff out.

Have you ever pranced someone really well?
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Pink Harzard

So majestic
A guy at school forgot his mobile phone and a schoolmate made a picture of me with it, and replaced the background picture with the picture of me. So instead of his girlfriend he saw me on his phone.

Have you ever been doing charity work?