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Have you gone to a real, live Pokemon event?


I went to the August 2015 Symphonic Evolutions event in Boston. Insanely awesome, highly recommended to those who get a chance to attend!


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I have gone to real life Pokemon events many times. My first one was the Pokemon Rocks America event, the one with the Aurora Ticket. I forgot to bring my wireless adapter for the event though, because that's how the Aurora Ticket was distributed. My second event was the Journey Across America event and that one was special because I live close to mall it was held in and I got Celebi. Finally, there's also the Black and White Tour and I saw the Zoroark movie there. I've also been to some Toys R' Us and Gamestop events.


Vampire Slayer
I haven't gone to any official Pokémon event :'( I'm not sure if we have official events here in the Philippines tho. Or I'm probably just not aware... LOL

I do know there's a Pokémon Go launch next month. Might go there now that I have so many friends who are into Pokémon as I am <3


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I went to the Pokemon symphony here in Los Angeles. It was amazing being among so many fans just sitting back and enjoying the music and occasionally singing along. I highly recommend it if you get the chance!

Poke Maniac Eddie

Embrace Eternity.
Yeah, actually. I went to a Mall Tour a long time ago..there was no Mew's being given out, which was a rip..but it was still fun to battle with all the other kids at the time. I also used to go to this Pokemon Card Game league that was at Toys R Us here about 16-17 years ago. They gave out badges and everything. It was alot of fun.


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Not until Gen V, where they finally didn't limit live events to like four countries. Though my first event ever was the Shaymin item for Gen IV.


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Update: I was holidaying in America, and heard of an event for Deoxys. I had never gotten that Pokemon before, as I live in New Zealand. The kicker? The Deoxys event was released the DAY after we were going to go back to New Zealand


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
I go to stores to get game codes or download mons from Wi-Fi.

A loooooooooong time ago when it was only Red and Blue that were out, I went to a pokemon tournament at the local mall.

The brackets were set by level instead of by age. It was like level 80 and above or something like that for the top bracket. I won my first match because the poor girl entered the wrong bracket her pokemon were level 50 and mine were all 100 (thanks to rare candy missing No glitch). I might have played a second match after that. The third match I lost. It was down to his dragonite versus my articuno. I thought for sure I would win but he must have EV trained or something (I only knew about vitamins) because he survived like 3 ice beams from my articuno. The only pokemon banned was mew because mew was never released legally in the US. Also they had to mention that missing No was banned as well because everyone knew about the glitch.


Badge Collector
The closest event I have ever been to was a Pokemon Trading Card convention in my town back in the 1990's. You could buy cards, trade them, battle etc.

I've never been to anything else apart from that since most of them are distant from my town. I haven't even been to my local gamestore to collect the code for event pokemon.

Archangel Azazel

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I guess the closest to a Pokemon event I've been has been this years Special Cards Distributions on Target and Toys R Us. <.>

Also I do go out of my way to go and get the codes when they are from Gamestop. *^*


Resident Genwunner
I went to the 10th-anniversary celebration at my local tourist attraction. I honestly don't remember much. I remember that I got a Deoxys (that I still have) and that was pretty cool. I'm going to assume that that's where I got all these pokemon in my Emerald cart with OTs I don't recognize, as well. I also got an Emerald strategy guide, even though I didn't have Emerald (and at the time, didn't plan on getting it. I don't remember how I wound up getting it, but I have it now.) I got rekt at the TCG by some dude that brought his kids I think. There were some live shows featuring a very unconcincing Ash and I think either Misty or May, and some sort of exhibition on the history of Pokemon, too, I think.

Honestly the coolest part was the unrelated dog show that was going on outside. They had the dogs do all these tricks that ended up splashing in water. After some googling, I'm reasonably sure it was this thing. It was rad.


Island Challenger
When X and Y came out and Nintendo World had their midnight release, I wanted to go so bad being that I literally live 8 miles away from NY... the fans there were looking like they had a blast but my dumb___ had to work 5am the next day...

I got Hoops through McDonald's tho
I remember when I was very, very young going to a Pokemon trading card event at the local Woolworths (UK). It was only Gen 1 back then - I think Gen 2 had just come out in Japan as there were some of the cool kids with Japanese cards of Umbreon and Espeon.