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Have you had any luck with the GTS negotiations?

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Toa of Ice
After the first couple times on the regular GTS I realized it was too cluttered with requests for hacks for cloning. But GTS negotiations has done me well, when I first started all I had was my Black version and I was able to obtain seven different starters. I think what might be interesting was if the developers put level caps on the pokemon you attempt to put on the GTS or request. e.g. you physicall could not request a Zekrom/Reshiram under level 50. Heck, they could put random checkpoints in the game, like when you attempt to use a pokemon center, and if your party and/or box makeup was different from last time it would run a check on your pokemon, making sure that all of them were catchable on at least one game. for example like if you tried to trade a lv 1 zekrom it would be like, "you have attempted to trade an illegitamate pokemon. deleting..." I would love to see the look on their faces. but yeah, gts negotiations hasn't been as bad for me as it seems it has been to some of you other guys

Master Ask

I am your Greninja
I have gotten a lot, and I mean a loooot of shinies through GTS negotiations :p I have checked and they are all legit


Golden Sun 4?
I do OK I guess, today I traded my Chained Shiny Magnemite for a Regular Registeel. I only did it as I love Hoenn Pokemon, and it was 1 of the last 4 I needed to own all of them. The 3 I need are: Regirock, Latias and Deoxys.


Well-Known Member
I usually use GTSN to give away random pokemon i don't want and dex filling.

This. Although, I did get a fantastically raised, level 74 Drapion for a Steelix with a terrible nature that I caught on Iron Island, never used at all, and transferred to BW. I was real surprised. I feel a little bad, because that piece of crap Steelix definitely wasn't worth that Drapion.


Traded a starter to a newer trained for a Mincino who I think is an uncloned shiny, also got a DWF off-spring Dratini with very nice IVs for my Single battle team, didn't know it was DWF was just giving the guy something he wanted (I had many Dratini from when I transfered my pearl to my white)


Cobalion's Champion
I tried to use GTS negotiations but none of my pokemon are worth offering up and without being able to talk to the other person I have found it a pain. Though my legions and legions of charmanders seem to do ok.


I smash your Boxes.
I traded one of my tens of Phione away... for a Shiny Surskit. My favorite Pokémon, Shiny. It was so rare.

Another Phione, I got an Oshawott :p I had no Oshawott yet in my Games, and I nedded the dex.

So, yeah. I had some good Trades, I guess.


Well-Known Member
I've had the most luck with simply using standard GTS and offering pokemon that have a similar value to what I'm asking for.
I've had pretty good trades on GTSN. Someone traded me their lv.50 Milotic for my lv.10 Tepig (I breed heaps of them). I hate it on GTS how everyone requests a Reshiram or Zekrom lv.9 or under! :mad:


Master of Darkness
A pretty good trade I got was Lv.40 Shiny Entei for Lv.38 Raichu... I once also got a trade where I traded a Lv.1 Elekid for a Lv.100 Shiny Milotic. It was a nice Milotic...

the ash man83

Avid TCG Fan
Yesterday I received a legit (as far as I can tell) 2009 movie giveaway Regigigas (Spanish) for a Bagon. Pretty good if you ask me.

Mr. L 500

I've been able to use it to gather some Pokemon from previous generations (especially the starters).
My best trade would have to be when I traded a Lv. 1 Tepig for a Lv. 100 Pikachu. I kept thinking that the guy was trolling when he offered it, but when he actually went through with the trade, I was shocked (and incredibly excited). I didn't find anything that suggests its a hack and neither did anyone in the hack check thread. Best trade ever!


New Member
I've had:
(All shiny)
(Not shiny)
So far, people have been really unreasonable, at least for me. I'm not asking for legendaries, I'm looking for some simple Pokemon. I'm not going to give you my Lugia in exchange for your Camerupt, and no amount of smiley faces is going to change that.

mudkip master

Surf's up Mudkip
Personally I haven't but my brother has had a lot of trades for Legendary and starter Pokemon.

Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!
A few days ago I met a girl who looked like she just started the game all she could were level 21 Pokemon.
So I gave a level 40 Deino level 30 Buffalant and a level 33 Pawniard. She sent 10 straight smiley faces.
Not lucky for me but lucky for her.


Active Member
someone gave me a lugia for a trecko! :D i checked it up on pokecheck.org seems pretty legit all greens i think
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