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Have you had any luck with the GTS negotiations?

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Link Jokers!
I traed a Lv.100 Reshiram for Any Darkrai, and I ended up with a Shiny Japanese, Lv.100 Darkrai! All legit! Whoo! :D


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I got a bunch of legit shinies for regular pokemon once '^' I occasionally go on there


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
It's a hit-and-miss, annoyingly; sometimes the target (i.e. the person you're trading with) is actually there for trading and you end up getting what you want.

Other times (and this REALLY irritates me) the target is only there for bragging purposes and shows you his/her Pokémon with no intention of trading (this also seems to happen on Global Trade).

Me? Personally? Yes, I've traded with some really kind people and some braggers, but like I said, it's pretty much a hit-and-miss situation, but I tend to stick at it and I recommend everyone does too :).

Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!
A level 28 cubchoo for a level 100 haxoaurs
I dont have much luck because all they want is a LV 1 Reshiram or Zekrom and it's gets really annoying .-.


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I rarely used the GTS Negotiation feature in Black/White. However, I did get some newly-hatched Starter Pokemon once which I really needed and was glad to obtain.


Xenlon Cavalier
I haven't had much luck myself. I'm sure I speak for many when I say the communication system (of 4 measly symbols) is less than satisfactory.

Wishmaker Latias

All Bridges Burned, All Lessons Learned
UT Manaphy for a Lv. 100 Latias with a Rowap berry.
Shaymin for a Lv. 71 Lugia with Rowap berry.

A bit of bad luck with hacks and the Pokemon getting traded away to someone else.
The sheer frustration of all Lv.9 and Under Rayquaza.
And some good version exclusive trades.
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