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Have you had any luck with the GTS negotiations?

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Ah okay, but I think it is hacked due a few things my eye caught on was the fact it said Faraway place when I thought it is suppose to say Entree Forest if it is any DW pokemon, its level is at 41 when I thought Ho-Oh's level is suppose to be at between 50 and 70. Better go to the hack check to confirm this.


Easily Lost
when i used gts negotiations for the first time i was offering a lvl. 1 archen a,lvl 1 tirtouga from a friend, and a lvl. 1 pansear. many sad faces and disconnects later somebody traded a charmander for my pansear. immediately let charmander breed with ditto. then traded a charmander for a cyndaquil and traded another charmander for a lvl. 50 arcanine,my trades were slowly getting better. on a lvl 51-100 trade with a japanese girl i offered my now lvl. 70 arcanine and lvl. 70 ninetales, person shows a sad face and offers a shiny latias, i offer my untouched lvl 50 zekrom, she shows a happy face, and we traded that person was so nice :)


El Psy Congroo
I like offering three eggs, then my partner will sometimes offer three eggs and we can trade eggs :p

... A Lillipup just hatched

Fabulous Ampharos

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I traded my latias and got a shiny spiratomb.

the ash man83

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I think I got a DW Phanpy and Houndoom (both Male) for a Snivy and a Pansear once. Both legit so far as I can tell.


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Im pretty new to the game my Party pokemon are Lv. 60 im wanting to get a mudkip to replace my Samurrot. Please tell me if intrested in trading. i dont hve much through.
i have awful luck with gts negotiations, people just keep showing me stuff then bouncing out

Fabulous Ampharos

Pokemon Breeder :3
Yes, I got a kyurem with pokerus :)


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I've actually had pretty decent luck with Negotiations. I got all the starters for breeding, by starting with breeding mine I picked in the game and trading them for the others. Also some foreign Pokemon for MM breeding.

Not to mention some female Dream World Pokemon, which saves me getting them myself.

I've gotten a few Legendaries to fill in my Pokedex from people who wanted things like starter Pokemon I'd bred in return, which was pretty sweet.

Overall I tend to get people with interesting low level Pokemon, and other breeders wanting to trade.

Then again, there will always be those buttmunches that disconnect from you for no reason after making a bunch of offers. :I
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