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Have you tried to recruit Keckleon?

I've managed to recruit a Keckleon in both the MD1 games, but none of the forth gen ones. It's just so tough because, unlike the first MD games, all of the Keckleon that come to battle you in these games are uber-powerful. However, I keep trying.
I'd like to know how some of you have tried and/or succeeded at recruiting Keckleon, including how long it took you if you succeeded.
I have a new strategy I've been working on, but the Pokemon I plan to use is still in its mid 60s in level so I need it to level up a lot more before it is even eligible to recruit a Keckleon:
I have trained my Palkia for the mission because it is the only Pokemon that can have the IQ skill "Absolute Mover," which lets it move through walls by smashing them in its wake. It has maxed IQ now, and its moves are Spacial Rend, Earth Power, Flamethrower, and Blizzard. I figured that because the Keckleon come in swarms it will be good to use moves that are all-consuming. In addition, I have acquired the Air Blade, Palkia's species item, which makes the power of all its moves multiply by 1.5. Also, when I go in for the battle with Keckleon, I will bring the Blue Silk, Water Dust, Dragon Dust, and Royal Silk items instead of the combined forms of those items. The Blue Silk raises Special attack by 10 and Special Defense by 7; Water Dust boosts Defense by 7 and Special Defense by 7; Royal Silk raises Attack by 10 and Special Attack by 7; and Dragon Dust raises Defense and Special Defense by 7 each; with all four of them working at once, Palkia will gain an extra 17 Special Attack, 10 Attack, 21 Special Defense and 14 Defense. With all that extra power, the boost from the Air Blade, a movepool filled with devastatingly powerful attacks, and of course a supply of Reviver Seeds, this should work.

So, what grand plans have you tried in the past for recruiting Keckleon?


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In my old copy of Time, I had Torterra and Umbreon with me. I can't remember my exact strategy but even they couldn't do it... I own all five games and have yet to capture a Kecleon on ANY. However, my biggest Kecleon achievement was in Red Rescue Team, when I killed a few.
Yeah, I get what you're saying. The first time I recruited it I was using Swampert and the second time I was using Blaziken, so that's why I'm working with Palkia now. Complex strategies have not really worked for me in the past, all that has worked was raw power, especially since the Keckleons are much stronger now. I've tried using Darkrai to recruit him countless times, always relying on Darkrai's ability to walk through walls and his time-tripper ability. Time-tripper seemed very likely to help, because it doubles my speed and, as such, means I can keep up with the Keckleons, but there were just too many of them and I couldn't beat them fast enough.
Also, I just taught Palkia Draco Meteor, so all of his moves are all-consuming attacks that can work well with Color Change. Spacial Rend and Draco Meteor are both all-consuming, very powerful Dragon-type attacks, so they will end up turning the Keckleons into Dragon-types, which is of course one of only two types that are weak against attacks of their own type, which means that their Color Change will for once make them more susceptible to me using the same move repeatedly; also, whether I use Earth Power, Draco Meteor, or Spacial Rend, it will be guaranteed that following up with Blizzard will be super effective.


I tried recruiting Kecleon several times on Blue Rescue Team, but it wasn't until about a year ago that I finally succeeded in adding a Kecleon to my team. I mostly spent time in dungeons, stealing from the Kecleon and battling them whenever possible. I've leveled it up all the way to level 100 and I often use it on missions. I still need to recruit a Kecleon in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, but I'm really not in the mood to try and get that done anytime soon.


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Me, I don't try to recrute. If I find a Kecleon shop in a dungon I search for the stairs, stand close to them, use a trawl orb to bring all the items to me, grab all the items, then get the hell down the stairs. Works great unless you have a full bag.


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I tried once to recruit all pokemon in Sky. Once I got to Kecleon in pokedex order, I tried so many things to recruit one. I brought a friend bow and would go with Blaziken, my main pokemon, since his stats are all maxed out, except HP, sitting at 500. I'd bring tons of Oran Berries and Reviver Seeds, since even high stats couldn't last forever. I'd just sit in a room with one entrance and fight them off. Still no Kecleon, and I'm not trying again anytime soon.
Me, I don't try to recrute. If I find a Kecleon shop in a dungon I search for the stairs, stand close to them, use a trawl orb to bring all the items to me, grab all the items, then get the hell down the stairs. Works great unless you have a full bag.

Here's a better way to do it; it's worked for me numerous times:
I find the Keckleon shop and sell Keckleon all of my most valuable items. Then I head back to the stairs and trigger the Trawl Orb. That way, I get the merchandise and the money. And, of course, it means I get my own items back at the same time.


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I used to try to recruit Kecleon on MD Blue every time I came across a shop in a dungeon. I used my Lv. 100 Venusaur that was holding a Friend Bow. I would just stand in one place and wait until a Kecleon approached me, then just killed it and hoped it would join.

I have beaten many Kecleons, but none have joined me. ;_;


aww. actually i don't want to evo me and my partner. my partner and i are level 65 and above. i like them cute.

somehow i don't bother recruiting kecleons. i prefer lv1 kecleons recruited from missions or newly hatch if possible.

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No. I would NEVER do that. Even though I stole from a Kecleon in a Dungeon and beat the living crap outta me, I still won't. I choose Pokemon that evolve 2 times. In my latest progress with PMD Darkness, I am a Torchic with my partner Totodile. So far I'm at the part were you fight Dusknoir and his cronies (Sableye). I'm painstakingly playing the game constantly to get to this area called the, "Luminous Spring" that way I could send some recruits in for evolution.

Sorry for making such a documentary out of the question, but no. I won't recruit Kecleon nor will I ever try.


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Yeah i did.
And failed too. I got Keckleon only once and that was in Red Rescue Team, never bothered to recruit him in Time, Darkness or Sky.


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I'm currently trying to get him in Red but it's tough going (1 in 1000!?!). I just have to ask, for the those who've recruited him is he worth it?


I'm currently trying to get him in Red but it's tough going (1 in 1000!?!). I just have to ask, for the those who've recruited him is he worth it?

In my opinion, not really. I used Kecleon quite a bit after I recruited him, but he wasn't remarkable or anything. I'd say that Kecleon are just average, and I only really went after the species since I wanted to have all of the Pokemon in the games.
Well what I did is, I got Palkia and then i gave it a lot of gummis untill it learned all its IQ skills! Then purchased a bunch of proteins and all that, gave it the energy drinks! So I went to a Kecleon shop and killed the living color out of them but they still wouldn't join! I plan on trying again soon after I train the pokemon I have like surskit, and Lotad! ;)


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I did, but that was the biggest mistake of my life...I will never forget what that pokemon did to me...