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Having Audacity problems again (help; details inside)

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Yeah... I'm having Audacity problems again on another new computer.

This computer, though, it way different than my laptop.

It's Windows Vista and I can't get it to record what I hear even when I use a Line-in device. Where I plug in one to the headphones and the other to the microphone. I really don't know what to do, and, unfortunately, I can't explain it better than that. I'll try to explain it more if you guys need me to, but, it might be hard to.

So... can someone help me out here? Thanks.


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In the Windows version, there's a pulldown menu that determines what source you're recording from. You'll find it on the right side of the toolbar across the top (to the right of the playback/recording volume controls). Make sure it's set to record from "Stereo Mix".

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Sometimes there is no stereo mix and you have to muck around with Realtek audio control panel (If that's what you're using.) If got it to work on XP but I have no idea about Vista. I'll post if I find something.
It's got a solution down the bottom.
From another site:
"1. Start > Control panel > Sound. 2. When the sound dialog displays, right-click and select 'Show disabled devices'. Typically, this will display Stereo Mix - Realtek High Definition Audio or something similar. 3. Right-click that icon and select Properties, then ensure that the device is selected as enabled. That is in the Device usage section on the drop down list."
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