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Having problems with my laptop (Help)

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I'm going to apologize beforehand. I'm sorry... but... this is going to take awhile to explain. Bear with me.

As you can tell... I'm having problems with my laptop. But there's more to it then just that.

It all started last Friday....

I wasn't doing anything I don't normally do every week. Then... all of a sudden... a pop-up appeared in the lower right hand corner saying that I was running out of hard disk space!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't doing anything I don't normally do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm done yelling.

Anyway. I quit what I was doing, and restarted my laptop. Still the same. So... I got rid of some programs... then... downloaded a virus program thinking it would help. Oh yeah... that worked... (/sarcasm) It helped out a bit... but not much. I cleaned up my hard disk and I got my memory back and more... but... geez!!!! Like I said... it was something I did every week. No different than any other week. Yet it did it anyway.

The memory I had before it happened I think was 1.16 GB or so. Then... after it happened... it went all the way down to 100 MB or so. After these fixes... it got back up to 800-900 MB after the virus software download. After the cleaned hard disk... I now have 1.21 GB.

But now... my laptop doesn't load as fast as it used to. Ugh... I don't know what to do anymore. I'm at a loss.

So... any advice? Oh... and can someone tell me what happened? Because I sure as hell have no idea, whatsoever, what happened to my laptop. Also... if you know what happened... can you tell me how to prevent it from happening again? One last thing, I swear. How can I get my laptop to load back at it's regular speed again?

Someone help me out here... please... I'm desprit....



<- It was THIS big!

The Low Disk Space warning isn't fake, it's Windows telling you have low disk space. You have two options, get rid of some of your crap, or get a bigger hard drive. If you choose the first option, don't go through your word documents and get rid of your old assignments, that will do next to nothing. You have to delete whole programs, movies or songs to make a big difference.

And since the popup wasn't caused by a virus, you should get rid of the virus remover you downloaded since it is doing absolutely nothing except taking up space.

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Nothing happened. I guess... I'll just start being more careful with my laptop and being more careful about what I do on the internet. Instead of being reckless. Which is probably what caused this issue in the first place.

Topic closed.

Although... if it happens again... unfortunately... I'll have to come back. ^_^'

But until then... see ya... I guess... ^_^'