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Having to re-start

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Cool Trainer Okami, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Cool Trainer Okami

    Cool Trainer Okami Cool Trainer

    Recently the Pokemon pearl i was prepping a team on was destroyed by a puddle. Yep there goes all that hard work, plus my pokemon in pokemon ranch cant be retreived. So I have decided to re-start my pokemon training from the GBA carts, then buy a new diamond or pearl and get into platnium. So I start my pokemon team off again with a Charmander ;004; in Fire red. Any one else ever have something like that happen?
  2. Penguinist Trainer

    Penguinist Trainer Well-Known Member

    No, but that REALLY sucks. The only time my games have ever been restarted is when my little brother wanted to play and didn't realize there was only 1 game file, but I wasn't very far. It sucks even more that you can't retrieve the pokemon from the ranch either. i really hope you didn't lose any rare/shiny pokemon.
  3. Cool Trainer Okami

    Cool Trainer Okami Cool Trainer

    Yeah I lost all my event pokemon, all my legendaries, my army of Bagons that know hydro pump (lol) and pritty much almost everything in the pokedex I had a complete one
  4. Penguinist Trainer

    Penguinist Trainer Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this helps at all, but is it possible to restart Pokemon Ranch? If so, you'd be able to get a Mew and Phione again. Also if you have Ranger 1 you could get Manaphy. With the Regigigas event coming soon, you'd be able to unlock the regis from platinum.

    It may take some time, but I'm sure you'd be able to get most of your collection back again.
  5. BlitzBlast

    BlitzBlast Busy with School

    The only way to reset Ranch is to delete it, and buy it again.
  6. Cool Trainer Okami

    Cool Trainer Okami Cool Trainer

    I think Ranch will accept a new game. Im pritty sure multiple games can use it but only the game that deposits is the one that can withdraw.
  7. pokemonmaster2200

    pokemonmaster2200 Well-Known Member

    dont understand but its a ----ing feeling lol of course u can restart pokemon ranger
  8. muumajii23

    muumajii23 Well-Known Member

    ^ Dude, A) Learn the english language. Trust me, it helps.
    B) It's RANCH they're talking about, not Ranger. Totally different, go look it up.

    ANYWAYS, there is probably some way to hack Ranch, and you might be able to get them back, but you're gonna need to figure out how.
  9. UmBRe0n

    UmBRe0n TH®Ä§HéD Y0Ú

    I was playing my pkmn pearl, was at a party, left the ds in a room whislt going to the loo, came back, gone. about 20 legit shinies some UT's and loads of my good pkn from emerald and fire red GONE! STOLEN! God bless you green jolteon. ='[
  10. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    Really? I accidentally dropped my Pokemon Ranger in the toilet (best place to play the DS :p) and it was still perfectly fine. I went all OCD trying to dry it off, though. Maybe you should keep trying to get your Pearl to work?

    So... Your $130 DS was stolen, and you're worrying about your $40 game?
  11. UmBRe0n

    UmBRe0n TH®Ä§HéD Y0Ú

    Nope it was £100 Ds, but forget my crappy jokes, just the cart was gone. Seeing tht the party was at me cuzes house i only didnt know 1 person who came, and the fact that all me cuzes there were like 9-11 they probly bragged to this kid idk and he took it. ah well, got me out of addiction for a good year or two.
  12. ninjaboy00

    ninjaboy00 TYPE Wild

    not exactly i had an emerald with a complete pokedex (trading between collusseum XD and fire red) beat the battle frontier, became master coordinator the whole 9. the game and my DS was stolen. My friend found my DS in the trash broken by a GameStop she bought an emerald and her exact works were "this guy was insane" she told me this guy beat everything and had a complete pokedex and used the same name i used for my games but she had restarted it. That was my Emerald. now im starting over with the collaboration of Diamond and my Emerald
  13. Silent Conversation

    Silent Conversation Formerly SinnohChamp

    It's never happened to me personally, but my cousin's Diamond entirely glitched up from Action Replay (well, that's what you get for cheating).
  14. Cool Trainer Okami

    Cool Trainer Okami Cool Trainer

    I tried to re-boot my Diamond and no luck the thing is totaly shot looks like sand that was in the puddle got into it and permently damaged the card.
  15. Spartan061

    Spartan061 Collector

    I recently lost my Pearl too. I will probably find it soon (Hopefully). Im angry, because tons of my Pokemon are on my Ranch, Including my 3 legit deoxys, my darkrai, all my legendary, shinys, and my lvl 100's. It sucks. But hopefully Ill find it.

    Hopefully youre game will work out this time! Good Luck!
  16. Cool Trainer Okami

    Cool Trainer Okami Cool Trainer

    I just bought a new Diamond and Perl. It is driving me crazy though to go through the Advance cartridges to have pokemon to transfer to pal park. I also have no idea how to EV train :-(
  17. COKTAL

    COKTAL <-Newest Shiny!!!

    Yeah, I (well my sister) lost my Saphire game and I just recently found out once i could migrate on my Diamond. See, I had been borrowing Colloseum and XD from friends to get Ho-oh and Lugia. So once I could, i traded over all my lv. 100's over to help the game go by a little quicker. And for some reason I traded them all back onto my Saphire (I think I made another lv. 100 base) that I used for reseting. It's missing, and I'm hoping I can find it. Either it's on Saphire, or they were on XD when my memory card got permanently corrupted :( .
  18. fschulze47

    fschulze47 Mighty Marvo

    i played my game ALOT and i dont know if this has happened to anyone else, but the swarms stopped changing, so i feared it was glitched and started over.
  19. shadowkami

    shadowkami Internet Hustla'

    Oh noes. I'm a bit OCD to play my ds above water. Near it is one thing.
  20. Arsel

    Arsel Well-Known Member

    I traded over the GTS when the saved file became deleted...
    I've recently found the motivation to start over again
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