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Headcanon Links?


New Member
ok, i'll try and explain this as best i can.

there's a certain story i want to eventually post on here. it's set in an AU of sorts, and on both one of my (many) tumblr blogs AND on an ao3 work, i've posted headcanons, lore, and other tidbits about this AU.

what i'm asking is this: is it ok to link to these when i get to posting my story? or should i just put all the info in the thread itself?

for reference, these headcanon bits have some diagrams to them, and kiiiinda go on a bit long. plus, these postings also have character bios (tho if its allowed i might put those in the first post in the thread anyway. but still)

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
The great thing about forums is the ability to put up pictures (if they're mainly visual), so you can dump them in a spoiler tag in the author's notes if you wish, or you can find a way to incorporate them into the story itself. If they need to be known for context in the fic putting them in a spoiler tag as a guideline is the way to go. If they're going to be too long to put in the post itself, then link it.