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Headphone Recommendations?


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Hello! So, I’m trying to find a pair of audiophile (read: nice headphones for listening to and/or producing music) that are $100-500 and Bluetooth compatible. I have an iPhone SE 2nd gen that I would connect the headphones to. Do you all know of any headphones in that price range and would work with my phone?

Most of the articles I’ve read (like this one: https://www.headphones.com/communit...e-dynamic-driver-headphones-under-500-in-2020) are confusing, as I’m not familiar with terminology like drivers and planars.

I primarily listen to electronic, dance, rock, and metal music, but I’m not sure if genre plays into headphone quality.
Thanks so much!
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I would recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. They are very well-built and have great sound quality.


I like my Marshall Major IV headphones. Great quality and sound. But they are pretty big, so currently, I'm looking for smaller headphones. And it would be great if I could run and do workouts wearing them. I've checked the Aarons reviews here and found several variants, though I have doubts. What headphones do you guys use when doing sports?
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Sony Extra Bass noise-canceling headphones. I bought them about a month ago and I'm more than pleased with them. The sound is great, the price was affordable, they charge in minutes, and are Google Assistant and Alexa compatible. Also, there is a carry case for easy traveling.
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I'm thinking about buying new headphones, so it is great that I've found this thread. Thanks for the recommendations!