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Headphones shopping!

Discussion in 'Technology Discussion' started by PokeLys, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. PokeLys

    PokeLys Since Red version'98

    I would rather buy one $20 pair of earbuds every year over 10 years (=$200) than one $200 that will most probably not live 10 years.
    Prove me wrong.
  2. aquadrop13

    aquadrop13 Chocolatier

    @PokeLys Well, just because you want a debate, I'll give it a shot. XD

    The $200 headphones would (and i'm just assuming this) have much better sound quality, and you would have more satisfaction in using them than the $20 headphones.

    The expensive headphones would also most likely come with a lifetime or a longer warranty than the $20 headphones, so if you break them they may be able to be repaired without extra cost.

    Lastly the expensive headphones may come with extra features that may matter to you, such as: Bluetooth connectivity, more comfort, different aesthetic and colour choices, battery life, etc.

    And that's about all I could think of... You probably already made a decision considering when this was posted lol, but goodluck!

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