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Healing Moves


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For an Umbreon, which health restoring moce is the best?

Wish, Rest, or Moonlight?

How much health does Moonlight restore?

I do have an aromatherapy Roselia to cure Rests sleep, but its generally not on my team.

Or Wish... Even though I dont have a togetic, so i dont think I can breed it onto an Eevee.


Furret rocks
Wish, although I think it's more in character to have Moonlight.


yeah wish is better than moonlight!

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Moonlight heals 1/2 normally, 2/3 in sunlight, and 1/3 in any other weather. Same for morning sun and synthesis.


You should only use Rest if you have no other healing options. Umbreon does have other options. So...Wish is the way to go for the most part.