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Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Golden, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Golden

    Golden 2010

    *Zephyr Flare approved*

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    In anticipation of the new Pokemon games, HeartGold and SoulSilver, we are having a one shot contest in honor of them. In this contest, your story must be set in Johto and their can’t be any Pokemon or people from later generations. The only exception to this, is that you can use later generation evolutions of native Pokemon in Johto.

    I apologize to those who wanted a mix contest with a non-pokemon portion, but this is a Pokemon based contest, obviously.

    The theme for this contest is incredibly open and simple -- the Johto region. You can write a one-shot about the history, myths, culture, legendary Pokemon, organized criminal syndicates, canon-based characters, people of interest, and areas of interest in Johto. There is so much that you can write about with this theme. The sky's the limit.

    When it comes to the genre type of the one shot, anything is allowed as long as the one shot takes place in and is connected to Johto.

    Deadline: July 25, 2009 Midnight EST

    Basic rules for entry:

    You can only submit one entry.
    All entries must agree with the forum rules.
    It must be a one shot and related to the topic.
    It has to be your own piece of work. Plagiarism = Ban.
    You can’t post the one shot anywhere; though your beta can see it.
    It can’t be an earlier work that fits the criteria.
    No people from later generations.
    Has to be set in Johto.
    Has to have correct spacing.
    Has to have good grammar and spelling.
    Have fun.

    Please PM me your entry and I will add you as an entrant in this tread so we can keep track easily. Then, please post here saying that you already PM me with your one shot. Also, I have the right to disqualify your entry if it doesn't fit all of the rules. I'll notify you by PM if your entry was disqualified, I'll tell you why, and you won't be able to participate in this contest. So please, follow the rules and if you have any questions ask me in this thread.


    Golden - Main organizer/me.
    Breezy - Talented writer since 2004. Amazing reviewer.
    Bay - Best established writer of 2008.


    Aura Master
    Dramatic Melody
    Umbreon Ruler
    Draco Malfoy
    .Bright Side.
    Air Dragon


    How do I submit my entry?

    PM me the one shot and I will add you under the entry list.
    Post here saying that you PM me with the one shot.

    That’s all; it’s quite simple and easy to adhere to.

    How long should my one shot be?

    As long as you want, but please keep them short.

    What is the maximum rating for this contest?

    R is the rating maximum, with the usual warnings from the fan fiction rules, but please try to stay away from R. There’s nothing wrong with PG-13, PG or even G.

    How many entries are allowed?

    Only one entry per person. But, if you would like to switch your entry with a new one shot before the deadline, that is allowed as long as you follow the entry rules.


    Contest is closed. We are judging the entries now. We should have the results up by September 12.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2009
  2. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    Oh yay.

    Another one-shot contest. You know I'm entering.

    I just need to think of an idea.
  3. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    Cool, a new one-shot Contest. And about Johto? Count me in.

    I've improved in my writing since the Tragedy Contest. <shudders at the thought of his entry to that> My entry was not that good.

    But like you said, the sky's the limit, and now I need to think of a topic...
  4. Aura Master

    Aura Master Smell of Success

    I'll enter this one. Hopefully I'll get better over this but, yeah I'll try it.

    Heart and Soul? When I first saw this, I had an idea for a One-Shot, so I'll use that idea.

    And anyone who has read my horrible attempts at a Fic, will defiantly need to read it. (If it's good)
  5. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    Just a quick question.

    You say we have to write pokemon from first and second gen ONLY. But where does that leave fourth gen evos of second gen pokemon?

    It would seem weird if we weren't allowed to include natural evolutions of native pokemon.
  6. Golden

    Golden 2010

    You're right; that makes sense. I'll change the rules, you're allowed to use later generation evolutions of native Pokemon.
  7. Aura Master

    Aura Master Smell of Success

    Don't you think July 25 is a bit much for a One Shot contest?

    Just wondering.
  8. Golden

    Golden 2010

    Well, I looked at past one shot contests and realized that the deadline was two to three months after the contest started, so I thought only a month and a half would do well since we're in summer. But, if a lot of people think I should change it, I gladly will.

    So everyone, do you think I should change the deadline?
  9. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    I think the deadline is fine as it is.

    a month and a half is a good amount of time to write a one-shot. And after all it IS a competition.
  10. Aura Master

    Aura Master Smell of Success

    Yeah, with like only 3 or 4 people so I agree now.
  11. Golden

    Golden 2010

    Great. Then, the deadline is staying as it is.
  12. katiekitten

    katiekitten The Compromise

    I am more than entering. x333 I haven't entered a competition in what seems like years - I miss it! And the deadline is good - helps beat back procrastination. I am very much a victim.

    Now for an idea. :x
  13. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    Great idea for a contest, I will be entering! I'm already writing mine, hoping it won't be an epic fail too bad.

    Question: Must we include gender differences? They were not made at the time, but many Johto Pokemon have them, so do we need to include them?
  14. Golden

    Golden 2010

    Thanks and no you don't need or have to include them. You can if you want, but they won't make a difference in your one shot.
  15. pepperedfox

    pepperedfox who's this n00b??

    I'm definitely entering :D I have this great idea for Professor Elm~
  16. I'm definitely joining this time. I was too late for the Tragedy One-Shot and I had "Writer's Block" for the Fantasy One-Shot. And it's Johto, which offers millions of possibilities. =D

    I hope I could think of a good idea! =)
  17. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Eh, I'll enter. Been a long time since I entered a contest. Hope my entry won't suck.

    Question: Is there any specific minimum length the one-shot has to be? (4-5 pages, etc.)
  18. Aura Master

    Aura Master Smell of Success

    When do we send you it? I'm finished with mine as it's supposed to short.
  19. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    IDK if I'll join - does depend on whether I get a decent idea, and also if I have time for it. Seeing as here, it's not the summer break but rather winter with school and exams and all... >_< But eh, we'll see. I do like Johto a fair bit...

    At any rate, good luck to you people who do enter.
  20. Golden

    Golden 2010

    You can send it whenever you want to me.

    Nope, the length of your entry doesn't matter, but what does matter is if it has the basic elements of a short story and such, which is easier to possess in longer pieces of writing.

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