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It's a picture of Heatran.Yeah.Go Heatran.
Hope you like it.^-^~~~my scanner didn't.(that's why the colors look so light.)



I like this drawing, it would be amusing if Heatran actually used this method to fly in the anime.
I think you need to work on the posture of Heatran as it looks alittle strange, but the colouring is wonderful, good job.


I like the way you imagined up Heatran. The legs look a little strange, but the coloring is amazing. ^_^

Who Said Pikachu?

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Well this is really quite nice. I know too little about the newer gen of mons to really comment on how accurate it is to what the 'real' thing looks like and whatever, but he looks quite good to me. You've got very solid/consistant colouring going on here too with no real obvious pencil strokes.
Hate me for this, but here ya go. Colour harder! Stronger! You want the colours to be almost flat in their strength even with pencil and yes I know this is both a hand and pencil killer and that unless you've got real nice pencils it's even worse.. There's also that ever so horrid fear of stuffing up the colours and not being able to fix it, but it's the risk you take when you use such mediums! So basically what you did for the eyes, but over the entire image! It'll take you like three times as long to finish, but you'll have nice shiny picture as result good enough to frame, possibly! I dunno, it's your picture and you could probably frame it now anyway ^^

Anywho, it's a nice pic, interesting pose, well coloured and you should be well proud. Cheers to you and death to scanners that wash out colour!


kiss my greens
I like the colors, but the head looks a bit distorted...

nonetheless, I like it ^^