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*Heirs of the Nether Realm (Rated-R)*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Crown Prince Alistair Duchannes Harkon II (Vampire)
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    The orcish woman replied to Alistair in an overly casual manner, as if she had never been to a fancy event like this before. It was a breath of fresh air in the ocean of prim ladies and stuck up nobles, and Alistair let his guard down ever so slightly, while still on the lookout for that siren. “The name’s Shura, by the way — hey, you wanna go outside and spar?” she then said, gesturing toward his sword. "Oh, no no, this is purely for aesthetic purposes" Alistair then said. That was a lie, but he didn't want to, and he didnt feel like this woman was the kind to take no for an answer. Besides, he didnt need his father to yell him out because he heard rumors that he was swinging blades with a degenerate at a lawish establishment. Rumors tended to hold greater value than truth in the royal circles after all. "However, i did spot a rather combat-ready-looking siren wielding a trident somewhere around here.." he then began to say, but was cut off by a sudden loud thundering sound.

    All of a sudden, it's as if a switch had been turned on. An earthquake switch at that, and following that, a chaos switch. Everyone paniced over the span of maybe 3 seconds, and ran towards the exit, towards the windows, towards the center, towards the bathrooms... what? Seems like everyones sense of direction gets a bit altered when in panic mode. Luckily for Alistair though, he was of royal birth, and had several classes on how to behave in an emergency. Remaining calm was on top of the list, and while he couldn't exactly see any exits anywhere, the huge blue man he had spotted earlier made for a good checkpoint, and if he remembered the floor plan of the grand hall correctly, he was moving towards the exit. Alistair got up and gestured to panicing guests to move and follow the blue man to the exit, making sure everyone was doing ok and that nobody's ridiculously large ballgowns was stuck inderneath rubble. That would've been the real controversy.

    However, standing still and gesturing to people was no easy task. Being ragdolled around, it would take time for him to find his footing, and once the crowd managed to peter out, he could see a lavishly dressed woman stuck under some rubble. She was alone, and cried her pretty makeup off, revealing her to be.. hm, not that attractive. Regardless, she was in need, and it was the noble thing to help her. Before he could, however, he heard a strangely alluring voice in his head go "Move! Make Way!", and while he was on his way to the woman, he stopped, turned in place and proceeded to push people aside like a maniac, becoming just another paniced guest in the crowd. He couldn't move, at all. It was as if he was being controlled by.. magic? Oh no, is this necromancy? Is there a necromancer among the guests? Don't they know how unethical it is to just assume control over someone like this?

    fighting his way through the crowd and usnig his strength to physically throw people out of the way, he managed to, against his will, find his way to who he assumed was the spellcaster: A pale elven man of slender body build, with... an unsettling face to say the least. "Not quite the finale I imagined for the ball," he mused to the man, "though I can't say I mind terribly." the els said as he casually strutted amongst his newly created personal circle. "Unhand me you fiend!" Alistair shouted at him as he threw away a child, fairly certain he threw it into a broken chandelier. the rest of the crew was equally discomforted, with some crying, some swearing and others just being awkwardly quiet. It was outlawed in many realms to use necromancy on "living" people, and it was treated as a severe breach of both personal space, character and morale. Nevertheless, it seemed like this was happening, and Alistair could only bite his lips in embarrassment as they fought their way out of the crowd.
  2. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Shura Deadeye
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    “Oh, no no,” the man said, evidently less than enthralled at the idea of a friendly little tussle, “This is purely for aesthetic purposes. However, i did spot a rather combat-ready-looking siren wielding a trident somewhere around here.."

    Before Shura could laugh and show him the trident — she’d already forgotten what the Siren said about keeping it hidden — the entire ballroom began to shake. Everything descended into chaos as people ran around, some attempting to flee, others to protect themselves. Shura herself was more excited than terrified, and as the sound of a chandelier slamming down into the floor provided a little flourish above the screaming and shaking, she gave the man with a sword a nudge. "What are you waiting for?" She grinned, starting to walk in the direction of the exit, “Let’s get out of here.”

    It appeared that most of the exits were blocked, but that didn’t bother her too much. She made her way along with the man — they were heading the same way, after all — and watched as he ushered people along, directing them in what she could only interpret as a princely fashion. Grinning, she pointed the way with the trident, but soon realised that it was more unnerving than helpful, and promptly stopped. “Well then,” she said, giving the man a wave, “It was nice meeting, you, but I’ll go on ahea — ”

    Before she could finish her sentence, the man, as if suddenly possessed by some sort of… demonic rage, began running into the crowd, throwing people aside like rag-dolls. Unable to contain her laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation, she followed after him, snickering as she helped up a few of the people he’d knocked over — as well as catching the baby he threw and setting it into the arms of a nearby woman, who probably wasn’t its mother, but was definitely more fit for taking care of a newborn than she was (given that the baby, upon looking at her warpaint, had started bawling).

    Help,” A childish voice floated up to her ears as she felt a tug on her clothing, “Please.

    Shura looked down to see a bird-creature with black feathers, looking up at her with pleading eyes. “You looking for your parents?” She asked, casually looping an arm around his shoulder and guiding him through the crowd. Even though she wasn’t exactly short, this ball seemed to be quite densely populated by very tall people, so she couldn’t do a great job of looking for a pair of probably-undersized bird-people. On the other hand, she knew someone who could, and that someone definitely towered over the crowd. “Hey, hey, blue boy!” She called, pushing through the crowd as gently as she could, “Have you seen any bird-people around?”
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Sweet Justice

    Prince Sky Sparkledust
    Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    "Weeee!" Sky exclaimed as the blue haired woman took him off her shoulder, and carried him in her hand, held him close to her chest. He went on quite ride. The ground shook, and the girl had fallen a few times in the ensuing chaos. The girl had summoned some wind at their backs to get the people ahead to move out of their way. Serious stuff was happening.

    In the middle of all this, they were approached by a really creepy looking elf. At least... he thought he was an elf. His eyes were weird... and he had horns... He had never known elves to have horns before... He also accompanied by an entourage of zombies. That was was odd choice of company in an of itself, but among them was the vampire prince that he had shared a dance with earlier. He didn't seem to be acting like himself.

    The blue haired woman also seemed to be terrified of this weird man. Sky himself couldn't stop himself from shuddering. He knew what he had to do next. He grew back to a six feet, and blew some fairy dust in her face, hoping to calm her down. "Don't be scared. We'll get out of this. I know we will!" The Prince was beaming with enthusiasm that fairies were known for.

    Then he flew up to the scary looking man. He was even weirder up close. "Hey mister! Um... what'cha doing to my friend over there?" He asked gesturing to Alistair. "Would ya mind letting him go?"
  4. Dragalge

    Dragalge Countey

    Princess Millefuille Mist II
    Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    During the festivities that partook in the Grand Hall, the ground began to shake the establishment all around the premises. Screams scattered throughout inside the ballroom as cracks began to appear under everyone. Millefuille panicked, calling out for her retainers and their platoons to help guide the people out in this turmoil. Millefuille saw Camille to the north from where she was at, making her way towards her but lost her footing due to the immense crowds trying to flee.

    "AH" shouted Millefuille as she fell on her face. She got up before more people would potentially make Millefuille lose her footing once more. Scurrying towards Camille in the rumblings, bits of the roof began falling down in front of her. Between this and the crowds, going to Camille increasingly became difficult to where she lost sight of her. Granted, Millefuille was barely able to keep an eye on Camille in the first place, but the roof beginning to come down had just made things harder on herself.

    Millefuille lost her footing again and when she got back up, she noticed more rubble scattered on the ground with various guards injured from the debris. One of those was Pierre who had been hit hard by a medium-sized chunk from the roof on his back. She moved through the crowds as fast as she could towards Pierre only to notice that he was in severe pain.

    "Please, princess. You have to go without me. Your life is more valuable then...some retainer...AH." screamed Pierre in agony.

    "I won't allow it. What would my parents say if-" Millefuille replied but not before she could finish with Pierre interrupting her.

    "What would your parents say if you were gone." Pierre speaking back to Millefuille. Before Millefuille could say anything else, more debris came falling down on Pierre and in front of Millefuille. Taking her retainer's advice without hesitation, Millefuille ran off without Pierre, fearing for his retainer's safety. Millefuille looked up and around the area to make sure she could avoid any debris and bumps from crowds as much as she could.
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Laun (Jötunn) & Muninn (Falcon)
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    With Tassie on his arm, Laun continued to carve a path towards the door. He was big and people didn't want to be in his way. Magical effects such as wind whipped around the group further encouraging exodus. During this time he was vaguely aware of a fairy landing on her, then totally aware of it's complete obliviousness to the situation. He looked down as she cradled the fairy to her bosom, “Tiny Man, we are in obvious danger, the building is liable to collapse at this rate!”

    Around them people cried, and looking Laun he could see an armored man and others making a violent path for what kind of looked like an elf? Laun would like to have stopped such an injustice as this, but he was kind of trapped at the moment, and as such his only goal was very clear; get out, preferably with as many of his new friends as he could. His eyes met those of the demon possessed elf with a glare, “But you, are clearly a coward.”

    The fairy seemed like minded on the subject, not only trying to calm Tassie, but calling for the demon to release one of the undead he'd taken control of. Laun couldn't say he knew a lot about necromancy, but it was his understanding that controlling the undead against their will was considered bad form.

    The crowd surged forward, and Laun could see that the people exiting just ahead of them were splitting off in all directions, but they seemed hesitant to actually run. There was also some bright source of light. He squinted, “What is going on out there?”

    But then someone was shouting to him. Even through the panic, he recognized the voice and the name she'd given him, it was the orc he'd shared drinks with. She appeared to be practically carrying a small bird-creature, and asked if he'd seen any others. Laun took a quick confirmatory glance around before shouting back, “No, not for a while now!”

    Soon after their whole group was swept outside, the princess of Nexus being swept up with them, to where the panicked crowd was milling. And Laun could see why now. There were cracks in the ground, glowing white-hot with hints of blue and violet. It was almost beautiful until he saw someone on the edge get pushed too close and explode in a flash of bright white. Still others were trying to hop over the terrifying cracks, some succeeding, but others exploding.

    ~ He did not notice the dark robed figures on the outside, dissolving into ash on the wind.

    Laun felt a fear he'd not yet experienced as he pondered if they should try to jump. There was a caw, barely audible over the din of the crowd, and something grey dropped down onto his head. Was his Falcon, Muninn, somehow trapped here too? So it seemed like jumping was the only way out, but it also appeared to end quite poorly for many that attempted it. Summoning up his courage, Laun suggested the obvious to the others, “Guys, I don't think we have any choice by to jump that,” he turned his attention to the fairy, “Muninn hasn't flow out for some reason, so I don't know if you'll be able to either.”

    But as their turn to attempt to cross came, an elderly wizard suddenly threw himself in front of them. He pulled a large glowing blue crystal from his robe pocket and thrust it into Laun's free hand. The old man's voice was shaky and cracked as he insisted, “Young ones, it's too dangerous. You heirs are the future of our realm. You must find a way to re-stabilize reality.”

    “Re-stabilize reality?” pondered Laun aloud as his vision became a brilliant field of blue light.

    ***Mysterious Mountaintop***

    As the light faded, and the glowing stone in Laun's hand grew dark, the group found themselves now standing on a chilly slate grey mountaintop, surrounded by finely carved white pillars, that held up a high vaulted ceiling. Near each pillar was finely carved marble basin of crystal clear water, and just beyond the other end of the pillars was carved a rough cave entrance, leading down into the the mountain. In the middle of this open building floated a glowing white four-armed figure in flowing pure white robes, their features and physical gender nearly impossible to make out. The figure's head lifted slightly and a feminine voice it made it's awareness of their presence known:

    “With me now nine stand tall,
    but before the end at least one will fall,
    to prove their birthright is real,
    each one must now accept fate's deal,
    to set right again what is wrong,
    these heirs must seek out what is gone,
    all will have to play their part,
    but temptation looms from the start,

    For the daughter of the seas,
    these temptations come in threes,
    handsome as though choices may be,
    the truth is plain as she will see,

    For the spirit of light and air,
    he'll have to decide what is fair,
    since justice cannot go unaided,
    we'll see his choice when joy is faded,

    For him who reigns over night,
    there will be an uphill fight,
    we shall see if he can stand any longer,
    when he finds the enemy is stronger,

    For the one born into loss,
    flightless despite his feather's gloss,
    when he spies a great reward,
    he's to hold himself like a lord,

    For the child dual in nature,
    her fate hangs on a filature,
    she may find that she thinks twice,
    when she is expected to sacrifice,

    For the student of all magic,
    there shall come something tragic,
    in finding what mankind has lost,
    something precious will be the cost,

    For the roughest of the bunch,
    she may have always had a hunch,
    that destiny requires greater,
    than one who'd become a traitor,

    For the warrior skilled shaping ice,
    not every choice will be so nice,
    in finding what one needs to lead,
    he'll have to choose a path and creed,

    For the body doomed to fail,
    he must find himself a new jail,
    for where fresh power is found,
    they'll find victory starts to sound,

    When this all has come to pass,
    and those left hear sounds of brass,
    then one final action is to be taken,
    which may leave both worlds shaken,
    but the balance then will be restored,
    and these heirs will be all adored.”

    When it had made an end to speaking, the figure floated lower, hanging it's head and folding it's arms over it's chest. Laun stared at her for a long while before realizing that a short hooded figure was gesturing for them to come from near the cave entrance. He looked at the rest of the group, then took a curious step towards the stranger. After a moment's hesitation, he started forward.

    Up close he could see it was dwarven man, somewhere around middle age, with a ragged scar down his right cheek. He whispered gruffly to the group, “The oracle must take her rest, but our settlement knows well her prophecies. Come. We'll take care of you this night, and prepare you for the trials ahead.”

    The dwarf lead them down a dim winding passageway. The tunnel was roughly carved, lit by the occasional wall-mounted torch, and crude carvings of different species preforming culturally relevant rituals are scattered across the walls. In some places the floor was angled down, while in others it was carved into steps. Then they are led through a few better and better carved passageways, the surfaces getting smoother as they went, and the wall carvings became more regular and more dwarf exclusive. Finally they were lead into a fairly large room, not like the ballroom, but decently sized, with a high intricately carved ceiling. In the middle of the room was a large table where a few dwarven women were setting out platters of hearty food, meats, dense breads, and root vegetables, as well as pitchers of mead and ale. The grizzled middle age dwarf then invited them warmly, “Please, come and eat while we prepare a room for you to rest in. Be sure to get your fill, you will need your strength for the trials ahead.”

    And with that the dwarf took his leave.
  6. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Garnet Culture-CouncilSon-Scholar
    Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    Garnet definitely chose the correct person to approach. The tall, green-skinned woman put her arm around his shoulder and started to guide him. From his first impression, the size, skin color, and eye color implied she was an Orc. This was his first time personally meeting one and part of him was incredibly excited to learn anything from her. Were it not for the terrified crowd swarming around him, he would be overcome with all the questions he wanted to ask. At the moment, his survival was at the forefront of his mind instead.

    “Hey, hey, blue boy!” she called out, “Have you seen any bird-people around?” They approached a tall, blue-skinned humanoid, a Jötunn if Garnet recalled correctly. He had met their kind one time as the Frozen Wastes were decently close to the Craggy Mountains. The excitement of meeting new people from new places was helping distract him from the chaos. People shoved them around, but the Orc held him close. Garnet was racking his brains to remember all he could about the Jötunn and Orc people while he was led along. If he stopped thinking for a moment he might panic considering he was separated from his parents in a disaster situation. He sqwacked nervously and waved to the Jötunn.

    Looking up, Garnet saw the end of the entryway and knew they had arrived outside, but stopped making progress. The sea of people and creatures made it impossible for him to see further than ten or so feet so he clung to the Orc and peeped quietly to comfort himself. Something felt very wrong. He thought he saw some black feathers and his heart soared, but they only belonged to a Harpy. Garnet was completely dependant on these people for getting through the crowd safely. He feared if he strayed too far from them he could be trampled or pushed out to some greater danger. He noticed a falcon from above land on the Jötunn and a moment later his vision was engulfed in a bright blue light.

    Mysterious Mountaintop

    Garnet shivered and groaned. He peeked his eyes open, now adjusted after the impossibly bright light. Around him was a group of people, including the Jötunn and Orc. They appeared to be on the top of a mountain with a beautiful grouping of carved pillars in front of them. His eyes wandered to the center where a white body floated; it had four-arms and glowed, clothed in white robes. Garnet felt a mixture of awe an anxiety at the sight. How was this creature here? How did they all get here? Why were they here? Were his parents alright, left behind?

    Before his thoughts could spiral out of control, taken over by fear, the figure spoke. The voice was so pure and angelic. Immediately Garnet reached for his notebook, the less organized one, and started scribbling in his shorthand every word he could. It said such strange things in such a lovely voice. Garnet wanted to remember every syllable. When it finished speaking, he looked down at his notes and started mumbling little bits.

    Nine stand tall… play their part… expected to sacrifice… destiny requires…” He said this all so quietly that none of the others should have heard, but he also barely noticed that they were moving as a group until nearly everyone had moved towards the doorway. He squeaked and jogged to catch up with their longer strides. Sticking close to the Orc, Garnet pulled out his spare robe and placed it on over his ceremonial vestments. Mostly he wanted the comfort of his familiar cloak, the clothing he bonded with and could use as camouflage if he needed. It would also protect the important outfit. He wondered if his parents would be upset if he got them dirty at all and had to stifle the rising fear yet again. This would be a recurring theme, but so far Garnet was too filled with adrenaline to notice himself denying his fears.

    “Please, come and eat while we prepare a room for you to rest in. Be sure to get your fill, you will need your strength for the trials ahead.” The robed figure who had led them down through the mountain had made it to their destination. It was an expansive cave; extravagant in it’s own way and not too dissimilar from the ballroom it seemed to him. Dwarves sat at a large table in the center of the room having a big meal. Garnet looked out at them and scowled. He didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to mingle with different people, didn’t want to be here. He wanted to know his parents were ok and he wanted to be back home with them. This whole Inter-Kingdom Ball had been wonderful to start, but clearly something had gone wrong and now Garnet had wished he and his family had never been chosen to attend this year. Bitterly, he couldn’t ignore the fact that someone else of his species would have been in danger instead, so part of him was glad no one else was in his place.

    Hmph, not hungry,” Garnet announced in a gruff, female voice. He was still practically attached to the Orc, standing as close to her as he could without actually touching her. “I’m scared,” he said with a shaky, youthful man's voice. The phrase was learned when they happened upon a half-dead human in the Infernal Desert. It was an incredibly sad sight, so Garnet picked something he said and promised himself to use his voice again. There was no way he could have been saved, but Garnet could save his voice. He wrapped himself in his arms and pulled his cloak tight, following the group as they moved but mostly refusing any offers of nourishment.
  7. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Princess Tasoula Kasiani Eliades
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    Sky squealed in joy as Tassie found herself jostled around by every failed attempt to push through the crowds. The only one of them capable of escaping at the moment was thrilled to be in this situation. Fantastic. Laun scolded him for it, but Tassie didn't want to encourage him to leave. Maybe it was just her siren instincts talking, or maybe it was genuine fear that she'd be persuading him to his death.

    Speaking of fear, she heard a commotion and glanced over, her eyes instantly falling on a tall... Tassie froze, her vision transfixed on the man's eyes - or, rather, lack of eyes. Somewhere in the back of her mind her mother's voice echoed: 'See that one? Rumour has it he's the new de facto heir of the demon kingdom. Now I would never discourage you from trying your luck, but maybe... break some rules and use your voice for that one? Better to be safe, my dear.' He wasn't so scary from the other end of the ball, but now she felt her anxiety skyrocketing as he approached and started talking to them. She took a step back, unable to retreat further than that due to the crowds. Her flight instinct was denied, and her fight instinct was clashing with her siren instinct to look nice and cute and pretty for the strange strange man who was staring at her suspiciously hungrily.

    She felt Sky wriggle out of her grasp, and out of the corner of her eye noticed him shooting up past her own height. She turned and instantly earned herself a face full of sweet smelling dust. She couldn't avoid inhaling it and coughed - but then her fear instantly dissolved and she smiled dopily at the beaming fairy prince. "Don't be scared. We'll get out of this. I know we will!" he said, and she cooed at his positivity, not even noticing people now brushing past them on their way to escape the collapsing building.

    "You are so sweet, handsome fairy prince," she giggled, brushing up happily against him and holding onto him for support as another tremor ripped through the building. "Wheeee, oh I like the shaking floor, so very fun~" She heard another voice calling to Laun, and vaguely recognized the orc from earlier - and her trident! "Eee!" Tassie exclaimed happily, waltzing over to the orc woman and embracing her in a hug. "You kept my trident safe! You are so very kind. Thank you very much!" She kissed the orc on the cheek and pried the trident back into her possession. She hugged it like it was a lost friend and shifted it to her right hand as her eyes fell on the little kenku. "Aww, hello little one!" She cooed and tried to kneel down to his level, but was nearly knocked over by a screaming ballgoer, so she straighted and smiled at Laun instead, holding out her trident victoriously. "I have my trident!" she announced unnecessarily with a wide grin and skipped back over to him.

    Tassie grabbed Laun's arm again - he seemed to be moving awfully fast through the crowds now - and Tassie made the mistake of glancing backwards: straight into the eyes of the demon. Her face fell, and she waved the trident in front of her. "Move or I blast you!" she screamed, her eyes wild with terror. Fortunately they made it out with no blasting needed - which was good, because Tassie didn't technically know how to blast people. The ground was splitting with white hot light, and Tassie nearly collapsed as she saw somebody be disintegrated in front of their eyes. Laun suggested they jump, and Tassie didn't need the demon's influence to feel horror at that notion. "No, no, no, no," she repeated, trying to pull Laun back, but also prepared to let him go and run should he actually attempt it. No way she was doing that.

    Just before he would have crossed though, an elderly wizard suddenly appeared in front of them. “Young ones, it's too dangerous. You heirs are the future of our realm. You must find a way to re-stabilize reality.” A flash of light, and then -

    Location: Mysterious Mountaintop

    The light faded, and the temperature dropped. Tassie rubbed her bare arm with her free hand and stared around her new surroundings. Was she dead? She hoped not - though it looked like a lot of the male heirs had survived, so maybe the afterlife wouldn't be so bad -

    A strange four-armed figure started speaking, and Tassie furrowed her brow as she tried to make sense of what it was saying. It dawned on her halfway through the speech that it seemed to be talking about each of them individually. She couldn't remember what it had said about her - maybe she would need to ask the little kenku, who was attentively taking notes.

    After the speech was over, a little dwarf arrived to take them to a room to "rest". They had prepared a grand meal, and the scent of meat caused Tassie's stomach to growl. The kenku bleated that he - no, wait, she? - didn't want any food, but Tassie was not in agreement. She broke away, keeping a wary eye out for the demon, and followed her nose to a plate of lightly seared tuna and began helping herself. She didn't usually eat fish cooked, but she enjoyed the taste none the less. She found water too, her throat still burning from earlier, and once again nearly gagged at the bland taste. She recalled her etiquette classes and sought out the little white cylinder that contained salt and shook a generous amount into her glass. Much better.
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  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Crown Prince Aeon the Feared
    Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    Before the group Aeon had addressed could dignify him with a reply, another voice called out to him from somewhere to his right. Curious as to its origin, the demon turned. He found one of his newly acquired henchmen looking his way with displeasure and defiance - even as he dutifully threw away another humanoid obstacle. Aeon chuckled.

    “Unhand?” he spread his hands out, continuing as if genuinely unaware of his own transgression. “As you can see, I’ve not laid a finger on you.”

    With a dismissive gesture at the man’s complaints, Aeon continued: “Rest comes after work. Do continue as you were; you’re doing a splendid job so far.”

    Forbidden or no, he could get used to this power.

    As he turned back to the trio he’d spotted earlier, his eyes met with the Jötunn’s. The man met his eyes with a glare and accused him of cowardice, of all things. If Aeon could’ve blinked, he’d done so in confusion. He couldn’t guess at what the man had meant by his comment, but then, Jötunn were not the brightest of creatures out there from what he’d seen. Perhaps the man misunderstood the meaning of the term.

    Before Aeon could offer a reply one way or another, the two’s eye contact was broken by a... rather peculiar sight. The siren, previously so gripped with fear, was stumbling around in what looked like drunken stupor, marveling at the joys of the shaking floor.

    It... was quite concerning. But also somewhat mesmerizing to watch, in a carriage-wreck sort of way.

    The source of her ecstasy became clear soon enough. Out of nowhere, Aeon’s necromantic ways were brought into question yet again. This time by a bright pink fairy with mismatched eyes - the likely culprit behind the siren’s state. As if devoid of fear himself, the creature flew up close to him - an act he hadn’t seen anyone do willingly in decades. How curious. Perhaps it took a while for his powers to have an effect on a creature made up of so much positivity? No matter, the longer the fairy lingered in his presence, the faster that would be rectified.

    The man had manners when it came to speech at least, requesting the vampire’s release rather than demanding it. How precious. Were he someone else, he might’ve just felt obliged to comply. Unfortunately, he was not a man known for his benevolence. And considering this flippant creature had just denied him the siren’s fear with his powers, he did not feel particularly generous towards him in turn.

    “I’m afraid I would mind,” Aeon replied simply, tone chillingly formal - though the usual, hellish echo that accompanied his words made even polite speech sound, well, demonic. “I’m quite fond of the current arrangement, you see. Unless you would like to take your friend’s place?”

    His mouth twisted into an unnaturally wide grin at that.

    They reached the exit before the fairy could give an answer.

    Out there, they were quickly faced with an issue far more pressing than the morality of his powers; the ground was breaking apart. White light spilled from the cracks, disintegrating whatever - and whomever - dared touch it. The accumulated fear out here was perhaps even greater than it had been inside. People were clustered on the corners of the cracks, some trapped and fully aware of the fate that would soon befall them. Even the Jötunn produced a sudden burst of fear as he contemplated jumping over a crack.

    Aeon didn’t want it to end.

    But it did, as abruptly as it had started.

    An elderly man appeared out of thin air and, with a few enigmatic words, whisked them away.


    Mysterious Mountaintop

    Aeon was quite glad he was resistant to cold.

    When the offensively bright light faded, a silent chill greeted them instead. Gone were the delightful screams and the sea of fear he’d feasted on but a moment prior; all that remained now was what emanated from the eight others that accompanied him. The biggest supplier of it was a small kenku shivering in the wind, a poor little thing indeed. Even his little entourage of servants was gone-- save for the vampire prince himself. Oh, and Famine, his--- ‘bunny’. He seemed to have made it out of the ball unharmed as well. Aeon didn't try particularly hard to care.

    The demon looked around in search for the wizard. In his place, he found a strange, four-armed figured floating in the center of the area. What... was that? He had never seen a species quite like this.

    Before he could ponder on that further, the figure spoke. It--- she, he supposed, spoke in rhyme, and at some point it dawned on him that she was addressing each of them in turn. Aeon listened idly, only truly perking up when he recognized himself in her words. He did not like what he heard.

    New jail? Was she suggesting him to get rid of what he had now?

    A funny creature, this one.

    The figured offered no further explanations. Instead, a dwarven man begun to lead the group down into a tunnel. Aeon was not a fan of being tossed around for no reason, yet he had little desire to remain alone at the mountaintop - and the lingering fear that still persisted within the group was enough to entice him to follow.

    An assortment of food awaited them ahead, but Aeon found no interest in it. He had filled himself on enough terror to last him a while, and regular food offered him very little nutrition anyhow. He wasn’t really hungry - but he was curious about his new companions. Hmm, but who should he get to know first?

    His eyes caught sight of the siren, keeping her distance as she made for the food table. If he hadn’t known any better, he would have sworn she was specifically trying to stay away from him.

    He grinned.

    Aeon had managed but a step after her when he suddenly remembered the vampire. He found him among the group, then addressed him with a nod. “You were quite helpful, my little bat. Until I’ve further need of you, do enjoy yourself as you please.”

    While you still can, was left unsaid - but certainly implied.

    “As for you,” he glanced at Famine, who was staring intently at the food laid out for him. The dwarves, that was, not the dishes. “Touch nothing.”

    With that, Aeon joined the siren. He walked up next to her, pretending to peruse the food for a moment with a low hum. Arms folded neatly behind his back and form bent slightly forward as to cast a shadow over her, he went from looking at the food into staring right at her in absolute silence.

    After a while more, he finally broke the silence. Though he had not touched anything himself, he spoke as if having a casual conversation over dinner. He even had a smile, be that it wasn't quite a normal one. “Delicious, isn’t it?”
  9. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Sweet Justice

    Prince Sky Sparkledust
    Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    “I’m afraid I would mind,” The other man replied. Though, now seeing him up close, Sky could see this wasn't an ordinary elf. There was only emptiness where his eyes should have been, and there was a scary echo to his voice. He cringed. “I’m quite fond of the current arrangement, you see. Unless you would like to take your friend’s place?”

    Sky was suddenly gripped by fear. He let out a high pitched scream, and flew off in a hurry. "Nooooo! Don't eat meeeeeee!" He shrunk down to Fairy size, and hid in the blue haired girl's hair. Hoping he would never have to see that frightening creature again.

    They managed to make it outside, where things became even more crazy. The ground beneath their feet was beginning to split open, as white hot light burst out. The light disintegrated whoever it touched. The Jötunn suggested jumping over it, which for Sky was not that big of a deal. He had wings, he could easily fly over it. Although, the The Jötunn seemed to think he wouldn't be able to for some reason...

    Fortunately, no one had to jump, and Sky didn't need to fly over anything. A mysterious old man said a few words, and magically whisked them away to parts unknown.

    Location: Mysterious Mountaintop

    The next thing Sky became aware of, was that it was suddenly cold. Sky was not dressed to deal with this. He wrapped his arms around himself and shivered, before remembering he was sitting on the blue haired girl's head. He wrapped some locks of her hair around himself, hoping for warmth. It only helped a little...

    A strange four-armed figure started speaking, and Sky couldn't make heads or tails what this thing was talking about. It seemed like this thing was talking about each of them, but that still didn't make anything clearer.

    After the speech was over, a little dwarf arrived to take them to a room to rest and prepare for whatever was going to happen next. They had prepared a grand meal for them. Sky took the dwarf's advice, and flew up to the food and took small samples of everything available as well as a tiny class of ale. Since he was in Fairy size, it was actually quite large portions of food and drink from his persepctive.

    He was about to sit on the blue haired girl's head again, but that creepy man from before also decided to talk to her. Sky was in no mood to have a conversation with him again. So, he sat on the head of a small bird person. They were completely covered in feathers, making a nice soft seat for Sky to sit on. "Congratulations you lucky child. You have the fairy prince on your head!" Sky chuckled.
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