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*Heirs of the Nether Realm (Rated-R)*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Crown Prince Alistair Duchannes Harkon II (Vampire)
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    The orcish woman replied to Alistair in an overly casual manner, as if she had never been to a fancy event like this before. It was a breath of fresh air in the ocean of prim ladies and stuck up nobles, and Alistair let his guard down ever so slightly, while still on the lookout for that siren. “The name’s Shura, by the way — hey, you wanna go outside and spar?” she then said, gesturing toward his sword. "Oh, no no, this is purely for aesthetic purposes" Alistair then said. That was a lie, but he didn't want to, and he didnt feel like this woman was the kind to take no for an answer. Besides, he didnt need his father to yell him out because he heard rumors that he was swinging blades with a degenerate at a lawish establishment. Rumors tended to hold greater value than truth in the royal circles after all. "However, i did spot a rather combat-ready-looking siren wielding a trident somewhere around here.." he then began to say, but was cut off by a sudden loud thundering sound.

    All of a sudden, it's as if a switch had been turned on. An earthquake switch at that, and following that, a chaos switch. Everyone paniced over the span of maybe 3 seconds, and ran towards the exit, towards the windows, towards the center, towards the bathrooms... what? Seems like everyones sense of direction gets a bit altered when in panic mode. Luckily for Alistair though, he was of royal birth, and had several classes on how to behave in an emergency. Remaining calm was on top of the list, and while he couldn't exactly see any exits anywhere, the huge blue man he had spotted earlier made for a good checkpoint, and if he remembered the floor plan of the grand hall correctly, he was moving towards the exit. Alistair got up and gestured to panicing guests to move and follow the blue man to the exit, making sure everyone was doing ok and that nobody's ridiculously large ballgowns was stuck inderneath rubble. That would've been the real controversy.

    However, standing still and gesturing to people was no easy task. Being ragdolled around, it would take time for him to find his footing, and once the crowd managed to peter out, he could see a lavishly dressed woman stuck under some rubble. She was alone, and cried her pretty makeup off, revealing her to be.. hm, not that attractive. Regardless, she was in need, and it was the noble thing to help her. Before he could, however, he heard a strangely alluring voice in his head go "Move! Make Way!", and while he was on his way to the woman, he stopped, turned in place and proceeded to push people aside like a maniac, becoming just another paniced guest in the crowd. He couldn't move, at all. It was as if he was being controlled by.. magic? Oh no, is this necromancy? Is there a necromancer among the guests? Don't they know how unethical it is to just assume control over someone like this?

    fighting his way through the crowd and usnig his strength to physically throw people out of the way, he managed to, against his will, find his way to who he assumed was the spellcaster: A pale elven man of slender body build, with... an unsettling face to say the least. "Not quite the finale I imagined for the ball," he mused to the man, "though I can't say I mind terribly." the els said as he casually strutted amongst his newly created personal circle. "Unhand me you fiend!" Alistair shouted at him as he threw away a child, fairly certain he threw it into a broken chandelier. the rest of the crew was equally discomforted, with some crying, some swearing and others just being awkwardly quiet. It was outlawed in many realms to use necromancy on "living" people, and it was treated as a severe breach of both personal space, character and morale. Nevertheless, it seemed like this was happening, and Alistair could only bite his lips in embarrassment as they fought their way out of the crowd.
  2. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Shura Deadeye
    Location: Ballroom of the Grand Hall in Nexus: City of Magic

    “Oh, no no,” the man said, evidently less than enthralled at the idea of a friendly little tussle, “This is purely for aesthetic purposes. However, i did spot a rather combat-ready-looking siren wielding a trident somewhere around here.."

    Before Shura could laugh and show him the trident — she’d already forgotten what the Siren said about keeping it hidden — the entire ballroom began to shake. Everything descended into chaos as people ran around, some attempting to flee, others to protect themselves. Shura herself was more excited than terrified, and as the sound of a chandelier slamming down into the floor provided a little flourish above the screaming and shaking, she gave the man with a sword a nudge. "What are you waiting for?" She grinned, starting to walk in the direction of the exit, “Let’s get out of here.”

    It appeared that most of the exits were blocked, but that didn’t bother her too much. She made her way along with the man — they were heading the same way, after all — and watched as he ushered people along, directing them in what she could only interpret as a princely fashion. Grinning, she pointed the way with the trident, but soon realised that it was more unnerving than helpful, and promptly stopped. “Well then,” she said, giving the man a wave, “It was nice meeting, you, but I’ll go on ahea — ”

    Before she could finish her sentence, the man, as if suddenly possessed by some sort of… demonic rage, began running into the crowd, throwing people aside like rag-dolls. Unable to contain her laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation, she followed after him, snickering as she helped up a few of the people he’d knocked over — as well as catching the baby he threw and setting it into the arms of a nearby woman, who probably wasn’t its mother, but was definitely more fit for taking care of a newborn than she was (given that the baby, upon looking at her warpaint, had started bawling).

    Help,” A childish voice floated up to her ears as she felt a tug on her clothing, “Please.

    Shura looked down to see a bird-creature with black feathers, looking up at her with pleading eyes. “You looking for your parents?” She asked, casually looping an arm around his shoulder and guiding him through the crowd. Even though she wasn’t exactly short, this ball seemed to be quite densely populated by very tall people, so she couldn’t do a great job of looking for a pair of probably-undersized bird-people. On the other hand, she knew someone who could, and that someone definitely towered over the crowd. “Hey, hey, blue boy!” She called, pushing through the crowd as gently as she could, “Have you seen any bird-people around?”

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