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He'll Always Be There PG-13

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Absol6028, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Well, this story was a request for Jonman721. I'm not going to say what it's about. You'll just have to read on and figure it out :D. Also, Please leave reviews guys. I need to know what to improve on! Last thing, I'm taking requests on stories so let me know if you have a request! Just drop me a PM or a VM and I'll get back to you! Now, hope you enjoy and LEAVE REVIEWS PLEASE!

    P.S, Pokespeak = ('
    Human speak = "

    I looked around the night sky and listened to the rain pound against the trees; wishing it would stop. I hadn't eaten since morning and I couldn't find Gastly anywhere. ('Come on Gastly! Where are you! If you don't show up soon, I won't be able to get food for you!') I thought to myself. I sighed and stood up and looked around to make sure no trainers were near before stepping into the open.

    ('So far so good.') I thought to myself as I ran into town. People were running by with umbrellas, to busy trying to keep themselves dry to notice me as I ran in the sliding glass doors of the town gym. I slowly crept along the gym wall then sat behind the waiting room chair.

    I looked around, yet again, to make sure nobody was within sight and when I was sure nobody was, I ran towards the kitchen door and tried to bust through it. Just as I ran into it, somebody on the other side pushed it to my direction and I ran literally face first into it. Some say it wouldn't have hurt but I can guarentee that it did; quite a lot actually.

    As I regained my composure, I quietly walked through the door and looked around for my prize. After a quick minute or two, I saw what I had come for; food! I quickly ran up to the counter and jumped up but my carelessness was something I should have tried to fix. As I jumped up, I knocked over a glass and got the attention of the entire kitchen.

    It was like somebody had gotten killed it was so quiet! I looked around at all the wide-eyed chefs and bolted for the door. ''Stop it!'' Somebody yelled. As I was running, I looked back to see if I could see who said that but it was to much hassle so I turned back and as I did, I ran into his arms.

    I tried to break free of his grasp but he held me tightly and tried to calm me down by saying, ''Hey it's ok. Calm down girl.'' I ignored him.. well atleast until I looked at him. ''See? I'm not going to hurt you,'' he said as he carried me back out to the waiting area where he sat down with me in his lap. ''Trixie!" He yelled.

    ''Sir?" She answered back.

    ''Go get me something to feed this poor Eevee! And a towel too! She's soaking wet!'' He demanded. She nodded and went back into the kitchen for just a moment before returning with what he ordered.

    (''Eev Eevee Eev!") I said. I know she couldn't understand me so she smiled at me and gave me a gentle scratch on the head before going back to work.

    He placed the bowl of Pokemon food in his lap next to me so I could eat then wrapped me in the towel. I looked up at him and smiled as he gently stroked me to dry me off. "So you're the one who's been taking our food aren't you?'' He chuckled. I felt my heartbeat pickup and he chuckled again.

    ("Eevee..") I answered.

    "Haha It's ok girl. That's what it's for." He continued to gently dry me off before speaking again. "So do you have a trainer?" He asked. I looked up from my empty bowl and sadly shook my head no. I expected him to get a sad look on his face but he got one of those 'Oh my god!' looks on his face.

    "Why don't you come with me?" He offered. I perked my head up in excitement and gave him one of those 'Are you being serious?!' looks. He smiled and I jumped up on his chest and gave him what we Pokemon call kisses but from a humans point-of-view, they'd call a lick. Either way, I'd get to go with him! How could this get any better?


    It's a little short I know but chapter 2 will be better. Please leave comments and any critisizims (I have no idea if that's spelled right) you may have.
  2. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    this is amazing and i cant wait for part 2
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