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Hello, a new member rollin' on through


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Hello all, I'm Jay and I r lik Pokamonz (oddly enough). Joined up for Pokemon games discussion, help and trading. and ofcourse general chat with new people.

I'm not new to the games. I've been happily playing them since the good 'ol days of Red and Blue, and have been following the main games through the years to this rather funky 4th Generation. However I've only ever really been a casual player (i.e, beat the E4 and collect all the 'mons) but now that the WiFi opens up lot's of different and exciting oppotunities I'd like to become more involved in the 'scene'.
I know about EV's and IV's but thats as far as it goes. I'm a complet n00b when it comes to actually building competitive teams and trading. I've already traded a little; I've got pretty much all the legendaries now that were event-item needed but I wouldn't know if they would be legit or not as I know alot of hacking plauges the scene, but would be nice to find some 'untouched' Poke's that I can raise myself. But I guess you guys will be nice enough to help me through my n00bness.

Anyways see you around and hope I'll enjoy my time here.



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Yes Go Block of Text

Have Fun and Try not to get yourself owned in those threads

Have Fun, Enjoy yourself and Follow Rules.

Never Trust users under the age of 17, You can never trust them


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Hi Jay I'm Exenzel, I'm new here too. Hope we can be buds.

And if you have any high IV legendaries I can evolve them to their super secret stages for you.

Never Trust users under the age of 17, You can never trust them

Not true at all.


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Nah thats alright ;)


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Welcome to Serebii! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. I'm looking forward to having wi-fi battles as well, as soon as my team's ready.

Never Trust users under the age of 17, You can never trust them

omg hey! xD I was 17 once too! And so were you~ =P


I srsy am a Shinx
Hi there. Don't forget to read the rules.